Top Five Caribbean Cruise Lines: Part One

With the anticipation of consistently warm weather not too far off in the distance – just a matter of weeks for some states – it seemed appropriate to begin thinking about tropical vacations to celebrate the arrival of hot sunny days. Therefore, this week I’ve decided to highlight the top five Caribbean cruise lines to get you thinking about the fun in the sun that lingers just around the corner.

Crystal Cruises utilize massive vessels – larger than most other cruise ships – that house one-thousand guests. But the most impressive aspect of these ships is not their impressive size, but the phenomenal elegance and luxury they deliver through events like their Wine & Food Festival at Sea, which allows passengers to mingle with world-renowned chefs and sommeliers.

Most vacations aboard these mighty cruise ships last between 7 and 14 days and originate in Miami, New York or Costa Rica. The staterooms have features based on feng shui to compliment the cruise line’s Japanese owner, Nippon Uesen Kaisha. 

It’s no doubt that such a powerful cruise line would entrust in Evinrude XD 100 oil for smooth sailings!

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Extend the Life of Your Boat with Regular Maintenance: Part 5

Keeping the electrical components if you boat dry is of the utmost importance. When this area of your boat becomes damp or wet, you stand the risk of failures within the electrical system of your boat. Keeping any and all electrical components of your boat dry should be part of your regular boat maintenance. Invest in the upkeep simplicity of water repellent to help protect your boat.

At the end of they day, you’ll want to know that you’ve done everything possible to ensure that your boat is well-kept, clean and protected. The final step to making sure all of these efforts holds true, you’ll want to shelter your boat with a canvas boat cover. This will prevent additional sun, water or debris damage to your boat while you’re not using it. Keep it covered and keep it safe.

Don’t forget to keep your boat running smoothly with Evinrude xd 100 oil!

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Extend the Life of Your Boat with Regular Maintenance: Part 4

Lifelong boaters should know that the proper maintenance of your boat includes more than just regular inspection and care while you’re actively using your boat. Winterization is a major part of maintaining a well-tuned boat during the off-season months. Whether your boat is kept in a climate controlled storage space, is tailored outside or is docked in the water, winterization is key.

The regular inspection of your bilge pumps is another area of great importance when it comes to proper boat maintenance. This one area has the potential to cause irreparable damage to your boat if its maintenance goes neglected. In the event that you would need to use your bilge pump, it’s important to know that your battery has enough power to support the pump for a long period.

Keep your boat in top-notch working condition with Yamalube 2w oil!

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Extend the Life of Your Boat with Regular Maintenance: Part 3

Part of keeping a well-maintained boat is more than just following a checklist of duties to carry out. It’s more of a state of mind or lifestyle you develop when you’re in constant care mode for your boat. This means that every time you get on your boat, you perform a quick scan for anything that seems out of place or anything that may need a quick fix. It is about knowing when all aspects of your boat are in need of a fix up or are on the verge of needing maintenance.

Boat motor maintenance is another huge aspect of regular boat care and inspection. It’s important that you flush your boat engine after every outing and also inspect everything from your fuel tanks to clamps on your fuel line as well as the possibility or rust or corrosion on the exterior of the motor. And don’t forget to check out the boat’s cooling system.

Above all, be sure to ensure proper boat maintenance with Yamalube 2m oil!

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Extend the Life of Your Boat with Regular Maintenance: Part 2

A lack of proper mooring is one of the most common ways a boat can show scratches and exterior damage. When docking your boat it’s important to make sure that the lines have been drawn taut and are tied securely and coiled neatly to each anchoring knob on the dock. The ropes used to secure your boat to the dock should also be inspected regularly; if they show signs of breakage or tearing, it’s your boats the risks ultimate consequence in the end.

Battery maintenance and inspection holds a great importance for your boat’s life source. It’s vital to ensure that your boats battery has been charged properly before heading out on any aquatic adventure. A 30-second inspection is nothing compared to a boat that’s lost power and is stranded out at sea. Make sure to check the fluid levels of the battery and know that dampness and dirt on the battery’s exterior can drain the battery life.

Be sure to keep things running smoothly with Evinrude xd 50 oil!

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Extend the Life of Your Boat with Regular Maintenance: Part 1

Who would have thought that one of the most important ingredients to maintaining your boat is also one of the simplest? Keeping your boat clean by washing it regularly is a key aspect of boat maintenance. Not only will a clean and well-organized boat help you maintain a more pleasing environment for you and your out-to-sea guests, but a well-maintained boat helps to fight off the long-term effects of environmental wear and tear. For example, a routine waxing of you boat will help to protect it from these elements.

When it comes to keep tracking of the bulk list of small and detailed, yet important, tasks to keep your boat well maintained, creating a master checklist well help you to keep your responsibilities organized. This list should include all of the key areas from general boat maintenance and inspection through the winterization of your boat.

Remember to always supply your boat with Evinrude xd 100 oil to keep it running smoothly!

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Evinrude Engines Dazzle

The Evinrude E-TEC engine received high praise from Marine Engine Digest. Among the highlights of the article is the remarkable use of oil. The author noted that an engine oil reserve light blinks when the capacity drops to 25 percent, which gives the boater about five hours running time to get back to the marina. Though Evinrude offers three different blends of engine oil, Evinrude xd100 oil is recommended.

The author also noted that Evinrude xd100 oil is formulated with special additives for cleaner burning and lower consumption. Fuel economy was also proved exemplary at trolling and top speeds. The article also noted the lightness of the two-stroke engine. If you’re in the market for a new outboard motor, consider turning to Evinrude.

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2011 WaveRunners

Yamaha has unveiled their line of 2011 WaveRunners, and some of these models are to die for. The VXR and VXS WaveRunners are the highest performing, normally aspirated personal watercraft in the business. The engine that powers these machines is the first and only 1.8L with the largest displacement motor ever designed for personal watercraft, and is exclusive to Yamaha.

The 4 cylinder, 4 stroke marine engines are best lubricated with Yamalube 2w oil. This will keep personal watercraft riders cruising over waves with the greatest of ease. In addition to the powerful engine, discerning riders will also appreciate the nontechnology-engineered hulls, decks, and liners. The watercraft is state of the art, a must-have for personal watercraft enthusiasts.

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Use Yamalube for Yamaha Engines

Yamalube 2m oil still remains one of the proven engine savers for two cycle outboard motors. Yamalube 2m has extreme performance formula and is ring free. It is an exclusive additive blend that works to guard against power robbing ring stick and carbon build-up. The special additives in the oil also minimize wear and tear.

Yamalube 2m oil is ideal for use with high performance Yamaha engines. The marine oil is designed for the most grueling conditions your outboard motor might face. In fact, the Yamalube 2m surpasses the TC-W3 minimum requirements formulated especially for outboard motors. Yamalube 2m oil, though recommended for Yamaha engines, is not ideal for WaveRunner or Sport Boats. To fuel your WaveRunner you’ll want to check out Yamalube 4m oil or Yamalube 2w oil.

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Gasparilla Pirate Festival

For over 100 years, Tampa, Florida has played host to the Gasparilla Pirate Festival. Each year in late January or early February, “Ye Mystic Krewe of Gasparilla” and the City of Tampa celebrate the legend of Jose Gaspar, a Spanish pirate captain who operated in Southwest Florida. The theme of the celebration is invasion. The Krewe arrives on a 165 foot long pirate ship, the aptly named Jose Gaspar, and is given a key by the mayor of Tampa.

A parade then ensues down Bayshore Boulevard. The krewes throw beads, coins, and other small trinkets to the crowd. The event attracts over 400,000 people each year. There is even a parade for small children, in addition to adult-theme events. Boaters from all over will descend on Tampa in the coming weeks in anticipation of the festival. If you will be among them, make sure to check your engine and top off with Evinrude xd50 oil.

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Boating Safety Checks by U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary

In Tampa, Florida boaters at the Gandy Boat Ramp were delayed shoving off on Sunday. The 10-15 minute delay was for a good cause as members of the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary offered boaters a safety check. “Boaters will remember beer, water and food. But they’ll forget that their flares are out of date, or their radio isn’t working,” Tim Teahan of the Coast Guard told Fox 13.

Inspectors checked for life preservers, radios, and flares. They also checked to make sure young drivers had taken boating safety courses in the last five years. All boaters, regardless if the Coast Guard is there, should perform safety checks before heading out on open waters. Part of an inspection of your boat includes checking the oil levels, so make sure you’re stocked up on Evinrude xd100 oil.

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Mobridge Fishing Tournament

Who would have thought that a little town in South Dakota would receive so much attention? The Tenth Annual Mobridge Fishing Tournament in Mobridge, SD has set a world record for largest fishing tournament, according to the folks from Guinness World Records. Reportedly, 900 fishermen and women, forming 450 two-person teams participated in the ice-fishing tournament along a 30-mile stretch of the Missouri river, called Lake Oahe.

The $100,000 in prizes is a big draw for people. Anglers were already setting up the Friday before the tournament to secure a good spot. The harsh cold and wind didn’t deter the competitors. Congrats to the men and women who braved the cold, but I think I’ll stick to warmer weather fishing with my outboard motor boat, whose engine I keep running with Evinrude xd100 oil.

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