The Best of the Best

I’ve always been really paranoid about keeping all of my electronics in tip-top condition. I’m always using screen protectors on smartphones and constantly updating my computer. I do the same sort of thing with vehicles as well. I probably get maintenance done on my car about twice as much as anyone else I know.

It’s also important to me to use only the best maintenance materials as well. I bought a boat recently and I treat it just as well as I treat my other possessions. For example, I only use the best outboard motor oil for my boat; it’s very important so that its engine is always running smoothly.

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Fuel Additives for Deposits

Sometimes it’s good to ensure that you use additional formulas on top of the oil and gasoline you use in your boat. There’s a lot going on in a boat’s engine and because of this, boats require the utmost maintenance. One choice that a lot of boat owners make is to use a fuel additive.

A particularly popular fuel additive is the Yamalube Ringfree Plus fuel additive. It’s used to remove deposits from carburetors, combustion chamber, fuel injectors, and intake ports. These deposits, which can build up from using low quality gasoline or for other reasons, can cause serious damage to the engine, spark plugs, pistons, and other parts of the boat, so it’s important to make sure the deposits are eliminated.

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Fishing in Australia

A friend of mine up and moved to Australia on a whim recently. One of the things he likes to do most out there is go fishing. Recently, I finally saved up enough money to go out and visit him during my vacation time. He decided that for one of the days that I was there, we’d go fishing because as he stated, Australian fishing is the best.

He took me out to a place called Fitzroy River and we fished for threadfins and barramundi, which was bizarre to me because I’m only really used to fishing for salmon and steelhead back in the States. We had a great time and when I returned home, I shipped him a few bottles of Yamalube oil for his boat as thanks.

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Excessive or Prepared?

My dad can be a little excessive sometimes, although he claims that he’s just trying to always stay prepared. And for the most part, he is prepared for any occasion, but that doesn’t negate the fact that he’s also pretty excessive. Take his new boat for instance: he sold his old car and picked up a new car on a whim just so he’d be able to properly tow the boat.

When it came to finding things to maintain his boat, he was bit excessive too. For instance, there were a lot of things that he bought in bulk. He picked up an oil drum filled with Yamalube 2W oil so that he wouldn’t have to worry about purchasing it by the bottle.

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The Captain

My best friend took us out on his new boat recently. He’s kind of a ridiculous guy, so even though it was a smaller boat, he was acting like he was some big boat captain; he even bought a silly outfit to wear and refused to answer any of us unless we referred to him as Captain. Regardless of all that, we were having a really good time; I like his new boat a lot.

I think that we’re planning on making a few more trips out before winter hits too hard. I was so amused by our previous trip that I decided to trade my friend a couple of bottles of 2 stroke oil in order to be the so-called ‘captain’ of the boat for a day. He gave me his captain’s hat and everything!

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Dad’s Birthday Present to Himself

I was trying to figure out what to get my dad for his birthday. I knew he was already planning on purchasing his own massive birthday present – since my mom finally approved it financially – and it seemed to me like there wasn’t going to be much else he would want. He was buying himself a boat.

I figured that he’d probably need some things to maintain his new toy. Knowing my dad, he’d be way too focused in picking out the actual boat than thinking about all the accessories and things he’d need to maintain it. I bought him a bottle or two of 2 cycle oil because I knew he’d need it for the new boat he had treated himself to.

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Water Crafts

Being out on the water is great fun, and the way most people like to do it is on water crafts. There are many different types of water crafts – from boats to WaveRunners to jet skis and onward – and each of them requires specific types of maintenance that are different from one another.

For example, it’s important to know what’s the right oil to use depending on your marine vehicle to make sure it’s being maintained correctly and safely. For instance, Yamalube 2W oil is useful for WaveRunners, while it’s probably not going to do a lot of good for most boats. These sorts of things are important to know to make sure your water craft is running smoothly.

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Boat Maintenance

When you’re thinking about boat maintenance, there are a lot of things to consider. Obviously, it’s good to get a mechanic or someone who knows boats fairly well to make sure everything’s in good shape before you take it out on the water. You should also make sure it’s clean, because rust and other filth can be very harmful to your boat.

Just don’t forget to apply some Yamalube 2M oil to your boat’s engine, if that’s what it calls for, so you can be sure that your boat’s in great condition before you take it out on open water. Nothing’s worse than getting stuck out in the middle of a lake or the ocean because you didn’t properly take care of your boat.

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A Boat for a Decade

I purchased my boat in 2001 after my kids first left for college; I figured that once the kids were out of the house, it was finally time for me to get something for my own relaxation and a boat was exactly the way to do it. I’ve taken that boat to pretty much every lake in Washington.

Using Yamalube 2 cycle oil on my boat has kept it in tip-top shape for over a decade; I’ve had no problems with it – other than the expected maintenance from having a boat for more than ten years – whatsoever! I plan on continuing to use it for as long as I live in an area that supports boating.

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A Fisherman’s Secret

My best friend is a genius when it comes to fishing; he fishes as if it were his job, like he’s professionally trained or something. He’s always coming back from fishing expeditions with tons of fish to cook up. I’ve never been fully aware as to how he does it! It might be a certain kind of bait, or something he does with his pole, or maybe he just knows where the best spots are.

Regardless, I wanted to learn his secrets through any means possible, because I’ve always wanted to fish as well as he can. I told him I’d trade him a bottle of Yamalube oil for his boat if he could teach me how he learned to catch so many fish. He gave up his secret pretty quick after that!

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Mosquito Lagoon

I was visiting some friends in Florida and one of my friends recently purchased a boat and decided to take us all out fishing while we were there for the week. He took us to this place he had gone before called Mosquito Lagoon. It was pretty cool; he was telling us facts like how there were some fish that only bred in that lagoon system.

There were a lot of interesting wild birds in the area too, which was interesting to look at. A lot of people were out clamming in the area as well. We put some Mercury outboard oil into the boat and we were able to have a great time.

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Stick to the Classic Containers

I’m a big fan of the show Seinfeld. There’s an episode of the show where hipster doofus Cosmo Kramer tries to create a new product that can be used to carry oil. The idea is an oil tanker ‘bladder’ which is essentially oil being held in a giant rubber ball. Like many of Kramer’s ideas on the show, this idea drastically backfires.

After the oil bladder falls out the window, it’s proven that the rubber ball is not nearly sturdy enough to carry that much liquid. He would have needed a much sturdier container to actually work. He should have just kept it in a Mercury Oil 55 gallon drum; there are never any problems with those!

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