Finding Yamalube 2 Cycle Oil to Meet Engine Requirements

domo online blog 5 8-25-14When it comes to buying oil, my father is obsessed with doing a lot of research so he is certain that his engines can handle the type of oil that he uses with them. He has engines in his cars, boats, and ATVs that use entirely different types of oil. There are certain brands that he trusts more than others, just because he knows the brand and has used it for a long time.

He always uses the same oil for his car as the oil that was first recommended to him by the car dealership. When it comes to his boats and his ATVs, he is careful to use Yamalube 2 cycle oil that can meet the requirements of these different engines. He always takes great care of all of the engines that he has by making sure to get them oil that he trusts.

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Time to Buy Mercury Optimax Oil After Upgrading to a Direct Fuel Injection Outboard

domo online blog 3 8-25-14My neighbor has always been the type of guy who finds something that works and sticks with it indefinitely. He has had a small fishing boat for far longer than I have known him. The boat has an outboard engine that is really a thing of the past. It is an old two stroke engine that pumps out a lot of filthy exhaust whenever he drives it around the lake by our homes.

Recently someone told him that he ought to switch to a direct fuel injection outboard motor so that there would be less exhaust. Initially he was very reluctant and wouldn’t hear of it. Then he did some research and found that with a new engine and some Mercury Optimax oil he might be able to get a lot more out of an outboard motor. He decided to make the switch.

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Evinrude XD50 Oil for My Grandpa’s New Outboard Motor

domo online blog 2 8-25-14Now that my grandpa is retired he decided that he should spend a lot more time doing the things that he loves. When he was a kid, one of his favorite things to do was go out on his father’s boat to go fishing. He had a boat when his kids were still young, but ended up selling it so that he could better support his family. Now he’s planning on getting back into fishing.

He already bought a new little fishing boat complete with an Evinrude two cycle outboard motor. He has stocked up on Evinrude XD50 oil so that he can constantly have the oil that he needs to take his boat out fishing early in the morning. So far the boat has made it so that he is able to spend his retirement actually enjoying himself and doing what he loves.

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Doing the Math When it Comes to Bulk Motor Oil

domo online blog 1 8-25-14When I first bought my boat, it was very important to me that I run the boat as cheaply and efficiently as possible. I was really excited about the possibility of buying oil for my boat in bulk rather than buying it a quart at a time from the marina. At the time, my friends all told me that it wasn’t worth it because I wasn’t out on the water enough to make it so I wouldn’t waste the oil.

Initially they were right about my oil use. I couldn’t use bulk motor oil fast enough to make it actually worth buying in large drums. More recently I have been able to go out on my boat a lot more often so that during the summer I am out almost every single weekend. This makes it so that it is actually worth buying the bulk oil because I’ll be able to use it all.

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Yamalube Oil is a Good Choice in New and Used Motors

domo online blog 5 8-18-14One of my cousins owns a repair shop where he buys broken outboard motors and rebuilds them so that they work again. He has seen a lot of motors that are damaged because of regular wear and tear and other motors that have been damaged by owner negligence. Whenever he sells a motor, he gives the new owners very specific instructions about caring for their new motor.

He has a couple of new and used motors of his own for his different boats. Since these are all Yamaha outboard motors, he is careful to always use Yamalube oil and make sure there is always enough oil to keep the motor running smoothly. He is also very careful to ensure that he is using the right type of oil for each of his motors so that there are no problems.

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Why You Must Use Two Cycle Outboard Oil in an Outboard Engine

domo online blog 4 8-18-14When it comes to people who own boats, there seem to be two types of people. There are the people that work hard to ensure that their boat is taken care of in the best way possible and the people who cut corners so that they can save some money on regular boat maintenance. A lot of this corner cutting shows up when it comes to the oil people put in their boats.

If you have a two cycle outboard motor, then you need to make sure that you have the right two cycle outboard oil to mix with the fuel to lubricate the engine. Putting in other types of oil will result in high ash deposits within the engine which can cause it to break down.

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Optimax Oil for an OptiMax Outboard Engine

domo online blog 3 8-18-14My father is really excited because one of his friends sold his boat and decided to let my father buy his OptiMax outboard engine. My father has wanted one of these engines for his boat, but he hadn’t been able to find one that was in his price range until his friend offered him the one that he has. He has already taken the outboard motor out a few times and loves the way that it runs.

His friend did a really good job of taking care of the outboard engine so it is in very good condition even now. My father has been continuing to take good care of it by running it in the right conditions and using Optimax oil to keep the engine running smoothly. He hopes to be able to keep the engine running just as nicely for many years to come.

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Using Some 2 Cycle Mercury Oil in My Cousin’s Outboard Motor

domo online blog 2 8-18-14My cousin has had an outboard motor that has always run a little bit oddly. The motor doesn’t really work too well and has always had problems starting up. My cousin finally took it in to be fixed a couple of weeks ago. The person who worked on the motor suggested that now that it was fixed and running alright again, he should try to take better care of it.

My cousin decided that the best way to make sure that his outboard motor was well taken care of was to use high quality 2 cycle Mercury oil in the motor instead of using the cheaper oil that he had been using. He even found some places where he could buy it in bulk so that he could get the oil that he really needed at a cost that was actually a lot more affordable.

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Evinrude Outboard Oil for a Used Outboard Motor

domo online blog 1 8-18-14One of my friends has been looking for a motor to put on his boat for a long time. He originally was only looking at new motors because he was sure that these would be better than any used motors that he could find. After looking at prices on some of them, he realized that a used motor might not be a bad idea when it came to his purposes, since they were much cheaper.

Once he found a good motor to buy, he brought it home to work on right away. He spent an afternoon going over the motor and making sure that all of the parts of it looked like they were in good working order. He then made sure to get some Evinrude outboard oil for the engine. He took the motor out on the lake for the first time without any problems at all.

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Stocking Up On Yamalube 2W for Some Borrowed WaveRunners

domo online blog 4 8-11-14Since my brother is going to be on vacation for the next few weeks, I asked him if I could borrow his WaveRunners while he was gone. While he wasn’t excited about the idea of me running the boats without him there, he agreed that I could borrow them as long as I was careful to take good care of them. Since I’ve watched him take care of them for years I know exactly what to do.

I have already stocked up on some Yamalube 2W oil so that I can run these boats safely without messing up the engines. I went and picked up the boats yesterday since my brother is leaving today. When I went over there, he told me a lot of things that I already knew about taking care of the boats. Finally, he seemed comfortable with having me take them away.

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Yamaha Outboard Oil is Different From Other Types of Yamaha Oil

domo online blog 3 8-11-14When one of my friends bought a Yamaha outboard engine for his boat, he turned to me to tell him exactly how to start using and maintaining this outboard motor better. I explained to him that it would probably be a good idea for him to start buy using the type of oil that was the same brand as his boat. This meant that he needed Yamaha oil for his Yamaha outboard.

I then had to explain to him that there are a lot of different types of Yamaha oil and only Yamaha outboard oil was meant to be used in his boat. Other types of Yamaha oil are made for snowmobiles or for personal watercraft and can really mess up the outboard motor. I was able to get him to choose the right kind of oil for his outboard and get him started with his boat maintenance.

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Joking About Buying a Mercury Oil 55 Gallon Drum

During the summer, my brother takes his boat out on the water just about every single weekend. When he runs the boat this often, it continues to work really well for a long time because it likes being used so much. It also ends up costing my brother a lot of money since it needs more oil and gasoline to continue running as my brother uses it on the water.

After looking over the cost and the consumption of the boat’s oil, my brother jokingly said that he ought to have just purchased a Mercury oil 55 gallon drum at the beginning of the summer. I know that he meant it as a joke when he said it, but after he started looking up the price of these drums he started considering it as a real option. Maybe he’ll buy one next year.

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