Going Online to Get Evinrude XD100 Oil

domo online blog 1 6-30-14My father’s best friend has been working on getting his old boat up and running. The boat has sat for the last couple of seasons because his friend injured himself at work and has been focused on recovery rather than taking his boat out. Now that he is finally getting back out on the boat, he has discovered that there are lots of things that need to be done.

Since he was looking for some Evinrude XD100 oil for cheap, my father helped him find it online for a significantly better price than he could find in any of the local stores. Last weekend, they focused on mostly cleaning the boat and getting it looking nice for the season.

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Preparing for a Long Trip with Yamalube Oil

domo online blog 5 6-23-14As usually happens at this time of year, my brother has decided that he is going to be taking a lengthy boating trip all around the little islands near his home. The good weather has tempted him to extend the trip to be more than a week long this time. My brother is an impulsive guy, so the trip is planned for the first week of July, leaving him very little time to prepare.

A longer boating trip means bringing all of the little things that you might need if something goes wrong while you’re out on your boat. He has already packed some Yamalube oil and extra life vests. He is planning to restock a boating first aid kit that he has on board as well. In a matter of days, he will have everything that he thinks he needs packed in his boat.

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More Yamalube 2 Cycle Oil for My Friend’s Boat

domo online blog 4 6-23-14One of my friends likes to joke that his boat definitely seems to be a hole in the water that he is throwing money away in. The boat has been temperamental since the day that he got it and seems to be in the shop more than it is ever out on the water. Still my friend would never consider buying a new boat, because to him that would be something close to admitting defeat.

Yesterday, I went with him to buy more Yamalube 2 cycle oil to mix into the gasoline of his boat. As my friend forked over more money, to put straight into his boat, he simply laughed and said that this is what owning a boat is all about. At least the oil is a part of regular boat maintenance, rather than some emergency repair that is needed shortly after launching the boat.

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Weekend Boating Powered by Mercury Optimax Oil

domo online blog 3 6-23-14One of my friends got a new boat a couple of weeks ago. Since then he has spent some time getting to know the mechanical workings of his outboard motor and taking some time prepare the boat for the water. He has tested the various components of the boat to ensure that everything is in good working order. Last weekend, he decided it was time to take it out.

He invited me to go along with him. After adding some Mercury Optimax oil to his outboard motor, we took it down to the dock to launch it. My friend had never launched a boat before, so it wasn’t easy going. I had to teach him how far to pull into the water and how to get the boat free from its trailer. After that, we went out on the water for a good day trip.

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Evinrude XD50 Oil in the Cabinet

domo online blog 2 6-23-14When I was young, we would often go out on my grandfather’s boat. It was a large boat, far larger than my father’s, so I felt safe on it even when the waves got pretty rough. Whenever we were moving from one harbor to the next, my grandma would make sure that I stayed in the cabin, where there was no risk of me falling off of the boat while it was running.

Sometimes in especially rough weather, the cabinets in the boat would open and the contents would escape. My grandfather usually had some ropes, fishing gear, and some Evinrude XD50 oil in the cabinets. Whenever, the cabinets would spill their contents it was my job to put everything back where it came from. I had to do this many times during our trips.

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Ordering a New Supply of Bulk Motor Oil

domo online blog 1 6-23-14My uncle works at a shop near the marina that specializes in boat repair. Now that the weather has gotten a lot better and people are actually starting to take their boats out for the season, the shop has been really busy fixing broken motor parts and getting boats back out on the water. All week there is a steady stream of customers waiting to have their boats fixed.

With the Fourth of July coming up, even more people have been in for regular maintenance on their boats. My uncle had to order some more bulk motor oil because so many people had bought up his supply. The rush should die down in a couple of weeks, but my uncle is currently working so much that he barely has time to take his own boat out on the water.

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Buying Yamaha Outboard Oil on Sale for Next Season

domo online blog 5 6-16-14It always seems like stores want to have sales when what they’re selling isn’t needed anymore. For example, stores clearance all of their winter clothing once summer begins. Of course, the same is not exactly true for boating products because most products can be needed for a vast majority of the year. Who knows when they’re going to need a new life vest?

I have already purchased oil for my boat for this season, but recently I ran into a sale on Yamaha outboard oil. Rather than pass up such a great deal, I decided that I was going to buy the outboard oil and store it for the next time that I had to change the oil in my boat. Since most oil can be stored for over a year, I am not too worried about storing the oil for later.

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My Father’s Temperamental Outboard Needs the Best Two Cycle Outboard Oil

domo online blog 4 6-16-14My father has always claimed that his backup outboard motor has a mind of its own. He claims this because the motor seems bent on not working properly at the exact times that my father needs it. Whenever he is about to take his boat out for the day, he tests the motor to see if it is going to work. When he does the test, the little motor always runs like a champ.

When he actually needs it later, it is a pain to start. My father says that the motor rebels based on the quality of two cycle outboard oil that he uses. When he uses high quality oil, it runs perfectly. When he uses a cheaper generic, the outboard motor refuses to start. The two might not actually be correlated, but my father is willing to appease the motor if it means getting it to start more easily.

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Optimax Oil Lubricates a Boat Motor Well

domo online blog 3 6-16-14Last weekend, I celebrated Father’s Day with my family. As so often seems to come up in a family of people with boats, we started talking about boat maintenance, different types of oil, and what would work best for what type of boat. These topics are always difficult ones in my family because no one really agrees on any of it.

For example, my brother started using Optimax oil in his boat this year because one of his friends absolutely swears by it. My father sees the oil as unnecessary unless you have a really high powered boat. The rest of us tried to educate him on using the proper oil in your boat, regardless of performance level or horesepower.

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Preparing an Old Boat with Mercury Oil

domo online blog 2 6-16-14One of my friends has a boat that has sat in his yard for the last several boating seasons without being taken out. Damage to one of the outboard motors and lack of funds to fix it left the boat beached while money was raised several times over. This year, my friend finally has repaired the boat and is getting it ready to take out to a lake to test how well the fix worked.

Getting the boat ready for the lake started with a good washing to get rid of the pollen that had become stuck to the boat over the last several years. After that, my friend put some Mercury oil in the boat to make sure he kept his newly repaired motor well lubricated. The final test will be taking the boat out on the water this weekend and running the motor.

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Taking Some Evinrude Outboard Oil Along for the Ride

domo online blog 1 6-16-14My uncle thinks that his boat might have some sort of an oil leak. He can’t be sure because he hasn’t actually seen any oil leaking out into the water or onto the street and it would usually be easy to see leaking oil from a boat motor. All the same when he checked his oil reservoir, he discovered that the oil in his motor was low, which is odd since he just filled it.

Until he has time to get his boat looked at by a professional, my uncle plans to keep some Evinrude outboard oil on hand and check the reservoir regularly to see if there is a low amount of oil. Until then, he will only take the boat out on short trips and regularly check to see if there is oil leaking into the water. At the first sign of trouble, he will return to shore.

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Yamalube Ringfree Plus Seems Like an Odd Father’s Day Gift

domo online blog 5 6-9-14I am going out on the boat with my father this weekend in celebration of Father’s Day. For the entirety of my life, I can recall my father on his boat just about every Father’s Day. I guess that it is kind of a tradition. When I was growing up, going out on the boat with my father was some of the only time that I spent alone with him.

For his Father’s Day gift, I am planning to give him some Yamalube ringfree plus. I know that he likes to use it in his boat motor on a regular basis to make sure that the motor is clean and free of debris whenever he runs it. It might sound like a strange Father’s Day gift to most people, but for my father it is really a gift that he is sure to appreciate and use.

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