The Trusted Brands of Outboard Motor Oil

mercury-outboard-propellersThere are a lot of different brands of outboard motor oil that should be browsed through when you are looking to do maintenance on your boat. Some of the brands that are out there are cheap and cannot necessarily be vouched for and they may be knock-off brands. These should generally be avoided, as you cannot trust a brand that is not well-known when it comes to your boat.

Some of the brands of outboard motor oil that can definitely be trusted include such well-known brands as Mercury, Evinrude, and Yamaha. These are some of the most trusted brands in the industry, which is why they are generally endorsed by many boat manufacturers. You don’t want to shirk on costs when it comes to making sure your boat is maintained.

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Mercury Lends His Name To Mercury Outboard Oil

mercuryThe Roman god Mercury was also known as Hermes to the Greeks and was known well for his speed, his winged shoes, and his work as a messenger to the other gods. He was the god of commerce, communication, luck, and trickery, and he was known as the guide of souls to the Underworld. In time, Mercury has had a large effect on popular culture.

Many things have been named after Mercury, the most obvious examples being the planet Mercury and the element of mercury, which is commonly used in thermometers to tell temperature. Mercury’s name has also been taken for companies such as a former car brand made by Ford or the company that produces Mercury outboard oil for boats.

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Best of the Best

I can’t stand when people settle for less than the best! It’s always been a pet peeve of mine when people go for the cheaper, off-brand items that are clearly of lower quality than brand-name high quality products. I feel this way about everything; toaster pastries, toilet paper, and especially anything that I use on my car or my boat.

Seeking out the best outboard motor oil for your boat is something that I believe is genuinely important. People shouldn’t be settling for less than the best if they want something that lasts and is of excellent quality. If you’re not getting the best products, you might have a boat or car or something else that doesn’t work when you need it to, and when it comes to your car or your boat, this could become a matter of life and death.

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Brand Loyalty, or a Lack Thereof

I have a tendency to be loyal to particular brands and often find myself unwavering when it comes to brands, aside from a few particular exceptions, which I’ll get to in a minute. For instance, I refuse to purchase any toaster pastries that aren’t Pop-Tarts and I won’t buy any tissues that aren’t Puffs.

I’m not particularly picky when it comes to picking a brand for my outboard motor oil for some reason though. I think it’s because I’ve done a number of comparisons on the Internet and haven’t been able to find too much discrepancy between the different brands. As long as you pick one of the best ones such as Mercury or Yamaha, you’re pretty much good to go.

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Making a Boating Gift Basket

My daughter recently bought a boat; I’d been taking her out on my own boat since she was a little girl so I was proud to see her following in her father’s footsteps. I decided that, for Christmas, I would purchase some boat accessories and things like that for her that she would probably need for her new boat.

For instance, I picked up a few bottles of outboard oil to add to a big boating gift basket that I was going to give to her. The gift basket I put together also included some supplies that could be used for cleaning her boat, as well as a few other useful maintenance items. I think she’ll really appreciate her gift and she’ll be able to make immediate good use out of it as well.

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Boating in Tennessee

I can personally testify to the quality of boating in Tennessee. My brother-in-law and his family live in Lexington, Kentucky, and we often trailer his boat and go down to Tennessee. He goes there so often that he has a good relationship with a local shop owner who gives him a deal on outboard oil.

On our frequent trips to Tennessee we’ve spent time exploring the Mississippi, Tennessee, and Cumberland Rivers. Those rivers run through the four biggest cities in the state, so you get a pretty good lay of the land and culture. Plus, with 32 major reservoirs and 300 marine events each year, you get to meet up with a lot of other boating enthusiasts and trade stories.

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Boating in Wisconsin

The next best boat to resident ratio is found in Wisconsin. For every Cheesehead there are nine boats. Every county has at least four lakes, with Vilas county having an impressive 1,327 (yes, you read that number correctly).

Even during the cold winters there are boat-able locations. One popular destination is the 600-acre Lake Columbia just north of Madison. Warm water from a power plant flows into the lake so it doesn’t freeze over. You don’t have to winterize your boat if you go there; just top off your outboard motor oil and you’re good to go for year round fishing.

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Checklist for Trip

Before I leave for any trip, I always make an extensive packing list. My standard packing list covers clothing, toiletries, and accessories for an extended weekend trip. Then, I have my packing list for outdoor trips, specifically fishing trips.

The detailed list includes: tackle box, tackle, lures, rods, reels, and fishing line, among other items. Then I have another list to cover items I need for my boat. Number one on that list is Mercury outboard oil. Yes, I’m sure I can get engine oil at a tackle shop, but I really don’t want to risk them not carrying my brand. I’m particular in that way.

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Oil and Gas Mixture for Small Engines

In small engines, such as those found on a weed whacker, gasoline is mixed with two cycle oil at a particular ratio. Typically the ratio is 40 parts gasoline to one part oil or 50 parts gasoline to one part oil. The ratio depends on the thickness of the fuel.

Inside the engine, the two-cycle oil lubricates the engine while fuel pumps through. Two cycle engines are ideal in weed whackers and other small appliances because they do not require very many chambers. The concept is similar on a larger outboard motor that requires two cycle outboard oil.

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Brotherly Bonding

Bonding with my brother-in-law was difficult, at first. He has an outspoken, confrontational personality which I find abrasive. Since getting married and having children he’s mellowed out a bit, but for several years I restricted my interaction with him.

At one family event he and I struck up a conversation about boating. He had just moved to a riverfront property and was asking for advice on what outboard motors he should be looking at. The conversation went so smoothly that I wound up agreeing to go shopping with him for a boat and Yamaha outboard oil! The trip to the store went well; although, I don’t think we’ll be taking joint vacations together any time soon.

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Kick Off Party

In two weeks time, my family and I will be having a small spring kick off party. Yes, I realize that spring will already have been around for about a month, but in my experience, you can still get snow in March. Thus, I want to wait until I’m sure that the snowy season has passed us by.

A few family friends will be joining us at a nearby lake for a day of boating and barbecuing. I’m not a big party planner, so my only responsibility will be to get the boat ready by replacing the outboard oil. I’m sure I’ll be suckered into grilling, too, but for now I’m keeping my mouth shut so I don’t get dragged into any more party preparations.

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Engine Oil Analysis Service

Have you ever used an engine oil analysis service? I haven’t, but I do have a few friends who swear by the practice. Apparently, all you need to do is send a sample jar filled with outboard motor oil to a specialty place and then they run a full analysis to figure out the condition of your engine.

Upon further research, it appears that engine oil analysis is something frequently done by fleet operators. Taxi companies in particular condone the practice because it helps them figure out how often they should be changing their oil and parts, or even replacing cars in their fleet. The aviation industry also uses oil analysis to get a better sense of what is going on inside of their jet engines.

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