Enough Snowmobile Oil to Last Me until Next Winter

Domo-Online 3-30-2015 Pic 5There’s not going to be a whole lot of time before the season truly changes and we stop seeing snow. Snow’s been a pretty major part of this winter and it’s been pretty brutal in some instances. However, I’m the type of person that likes to make the most out of potentially unpleasant situations.

Since there’s been a ton of snow this year, I’ve gotten more involved in snow sports like snowboarding and skiing. I’ve also been taking the snowmobile out quite a bit. I’ve still got plenty of snowmobile oil, however. I have enough that it’ll probably last me into next winter, when I’m sure I’ll be taking it out again.

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Putting Away the Snowmobile Oil for the Season

domo online blog 3 6-30-14Summer is here, which means that the snow in the mountains has melted and all of the nearby lakes have opened for boat traffic. My brother is making the transition between snowmobiles and WaveRunners now that the season has changed. He has taken out his personal watercraft and gotten it fully ready for the new season. Last weekend, he worked on getting the snowmobile put away.

My brother put his snowmobile and all of the extra snowmobile oil that he bought this year away for the summer. He also got all of his snow gear packed into a large plastic container so that it could be stored as well. My brother is always sad to see the snowmobile put away for the summer, but at least he has days on the lake to occupy him during the warmer seasons.

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Maintaining an Engine with Snowmobile Oil

domo online blog 5 2-24-14One of my friends owns his own snowmobile. This year, even though there has been plenty of snow in the mountains, he hasn’t gotten to take his snowmobile out, and won’t until this weekend. He recently had a daughter, so he hasn’t really had much time for anything other than taking care of his wife and baby. However, this weekend he’s going up to the mountains.

He had to prepare his snowmobile for the season, since he hadn’t gotten a chance to do so before. He filled the oil reservoir with new snowmobile oil.  He bought brand new spark plugs because his old ones were past their prime. Now that he’s done all of this, he can go out this weekend and just have some fun.

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Winter Adventures with Snowmobile Oil

domo-online blog 2 12-30-13My cousin has a snowmobile that he takes out every winter. When the snow in the mountains gets deep enough, he and a couple of friends take their snowmobiles up to the mountains to race around in the snow. I have always admired their bravery because I personally don’t like to zip around on small single passenger devices.

Since he bought his snowmobile, he has had to learn a lot about how to maintain it, so that he can keep it going as long as possible. One thing that he learned was that snowmobile oil is all very different. As an owner of a snowmobile, he had to learn which brand to use to keep his engine running well and too create less exhaust fumes that might make him sick or dizzy.

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Safety Starts with the Right Snowmobile Oil

snow-blog480Winter sports can be the best part of the cold season for many people. With all the different sports to choose from, just about everyone can find one that suits their preferences the best. For a lot of snow bunnies, jumping on a snowmobile can be the whole reason to head to the slopes. But before hopping onboard, there are a few safety tips they should know.

A properly maintained vehicle is a key to safety. Finding the right snowmobile oil and performing regular maintenance is one of the best ways to stay safe. Knowing your local laws will also keep riders safer and out of legal trouble. Dressing appropriately will keep you warm and protected from the elements. While women may find some outfits cuter, it’s important to maintain your body temperature.

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Snowmobile Oil for a Winter Lover

symNivopage77_7I loathe hot weather; I have always been the only one of my friends who complains his way all the way through the summer. I get sunburned too easily, I sweat a lot, and I just get overheated very quickly. Even as a kid who would get time off from school, I tended to dread summer vacation because I knew all of my friends would want to spend time out in the blistering heat.

Winter has always been more my style and there’s so many things I love to do in the winter. I love skiing and snowboarding and I’m always stocking up on snowmobile oil so that I can go snowmobiling at the first sign of snow. Cold weather is something I’m much more accustomed to because I enjoy wearing layers and trudging around in the snow.

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Prepared for Winter with Snowmobile Oil

snowmobile-1-largeI’ve got a lot of friends who are always talking about how summer is their favorite season because they believe that there are more activities that can be done. I sometimes feel like I’m the only one who disagrees and honestly, I’m always much more excited about winter coming than summer starting back up again, because I love being in the snow.

All of my favorite activities happen during wintertime. I can go skiing and snowboarding and my all-time favorite hobby, snowmobiling. Even in the summer, I like to do work and maintenance on my snowmobile, which is why I keep snowmobile oil on hand. As soon as fall hits and there’s a chance of snow, I want to be able to be ready to get out there.

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Snowmobile Oil In Alaska

220665_10150161135958754_6480209_oYou wouldn’t think that there’s a whole lot to do in Alaska if you’ve never been there before. That’s certainly what I thought before I had to move out there for business. I was so afraid that there wasn’t going to be anything for me to do recreationally, because I was used to living in warmer areas where I could go to the beach and go surfing or fishing.

Though it’s certainly been difficult getting accustomed to the cold but it hasn’t been difficult getting acclimated to the culture. There’s a lot of snowmobiling here and I’ve made a lot of friends riding around on my snowmobile. I’m always picking up snowmobile oil to make sure it’s running perfectly.

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Snowmobile Oil Even In The Spring

AdvancedSnowmobileAs spring begins to approach, I’m sad to say that snowmobile season is quickly slipping away from us. I love finding areas where I can ride around on my snowmobile and it’s something that I always miss during the summertime. Where I live, it can stay pretty cold for a while, even into spring, but then all of a sudden, the snow will be melted away.

When winter can essentially end at the drop of a hat, it’s always important to find time to go out on my snowmobile while there is still snow outside. That’s why I always make sure to keep snowmobile oil on hand, even as we move into spring, considering there’s never any guaranteed date where there won’t be snow anymore.

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Trip To The Mountains

Heli-Skiing-in-the-Purcell-Mountins-BCA few friends and I went up to the mountains for a weekend of snowboarding.  It was our first time going all season and we were excited to finally be getting some runs in.  We usually go snowmobiling too when we make it up to the mountains so we booked a couple of snowmobiles for the following afternoon and we were set.

We picked up the snowmobiles after a morning of solid runs down the mountain.  The rental person told us that one of the snowmobiles has been overheating lately and informed us that he just put in some fresh snowmobile oil into the engine to prevent any problems for us.  It was a fun afternoon.  We raced each other and went down some trails.  Thankfully the snowmobile did not overheat so everything went off without a hitch.

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Preparing for the First Snow

I always get excited when winter comes around and it starts to snow, because it means that it’s finally that time again where I can take my snowmobile out and about. Considering there’s so much time between winters, I always want to make sure that my snowmobile is in tip-top condition when the first snowfall occurs each year.

Typically in the autumn, so that I don’t have to think about it once it actually snows, I start stocking up on the supplies I need for my snowmobile. I get everything I need to clean and maintain it such as snowmobile oil and everything like that. By the time winter rolls around, I’m already completely prepared to take my snowmobile out in the snow!

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How Snowmobiles Work

Did you know that most snowmobiles are powered by either a 2-stroke or a 4-stroke internal combustion engine? I didn’t know a whole lot about the workings of snowmobiles until I purchased one last winter. Similarly to any car or boat, my snowmobile needs maintenance and oil changes.

Recently, at McGill University, a battery-powered electrochemical snowmobile has been developed. Apparently, those same engineers from McGill University in Quebec, are currently attempting to create a hybrid snowmobile. Until that happens and hits an affordable price, however, I’m going to keep on stocking up on snowmobile oil.

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