Wives and Boats

My wife and I went through a little bit of a rough patch when I bought my boat. She thought that it was a waste of money and when the boat started to have problems, she seemed convinced that she was right. The problem was that I had bought a used boat and it hadn’t been inspected or maintained as well as advertised. This was something that could be fixed.

Eventually, I got the boat running. I think one of the issues my wife had was that I was taking my buddies out on the boat to drink and fish, rather than spending a day on the boat with her. So for the holidays, I took her out on the boat for the first time and she had a great time. She got me a bottle of Yamalube 2M, just to remind me she loves me.

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Boating in Idaho

I didn’t know when I moved to Idaho how frequently I would end up boating. There are lakes all over the state that I had no idea about when I moved here for my job. Sometimes new friends would take me to Priest Lake to go sailing or Cascade Lake to go fishing and eventually I realized I had to get a boat of my own.

Most frequently these days, I like to travel out to Lake Lowell in southwestern Idaho, because I enjoy fishing. Every now and then I’ll also head out to Redfish Lake or Lucky Peak Lake, however, and sometimes the ones that I used to go to as well. I always remember to bring an extra bottle of Yamaha outboard oil along with me, just in case.

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Shark Fishing in Nova Scotia

I’ve got a friend who recently moved out to Nova Scotia for a job. I didn’t even know where Nova Scotia was, other than it being in Canada. It’s actually all the way on the east of Canada, surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean. Considering it’s right out there on the ocean, it’s a pretty interesting place to go fishing, which was what we decided to do when I flew out and visited him.

He took me out to Blue Shark Fishing Charters, which is a professional sport fishing charter service. They took us out the fish for sharks! It was catch and release, but it was still really interesting fishing for sharks out on the open ocean, which is something I’d certainly never done before. I bought the guys a bottle of Yamaha 2M oil for their boat to thank them for such a great time.

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Life Imitates Video Games

When I was younger, one of my favorite video games was Wave Race 64. It was a Nintendo 64 game where you would race around on jet skis that looked a lot like Waverunners. My friends and I played it so often that we would only even attempt to play it on Expert difficulty, considering we were all so good.

Now that I’m grown up and the Nintendo 64 is long behind me, I recently wound up purchasing a Waverunner so that I can learn to do the things I liked in the video game in real life. While I might not be going off extravagant jumps or anything like in the video game, it’s still an exhilarating experience. Now, I just stock up on Waverunner oil and I hit the water!

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How Snowmobiles Work

Did you know that most snowmobiles are powered by either a 2-stroke or a 4-stroke internal combustion engine? I didn’t know a whole lot about the workings of snowmobiles until I purchased one last winter. Similarly to any car or boat, my snowmobile needs maintenance and oil changes.

Recently, at McGill University, a battery-powered electrochemical snowmobile has been developed. Apparently, those same engineers from McGill University in Quebec, are currently attempting to create a hybrid snowmobile. Until that happens and hits an affordable price, however, I’m going to keep on stocking up on snowmobile oil.

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Carbon Build-Up

As gasoline burns in the combustion chamber of an engine, carbon is typically generated, which can result in a lot of carbon build-up. Unfortunately, this carbon build-up can interfere with how well your car or boat can run, even though it is a fairly common event when it comes to the burning of gasoline. In order to clean out the engine, special engine cleaning solvents have to be purchased.

There is another way to deal with carbon build-up, however, at least for boats, and that’s by not having to deal with it nearly at all. In order to do this, one must initially purchase a type of oil – such as Ringfree Plus – that is focused on keeping carbon build-up from occurring in the first place. No carbon build-up means a boat that’s running much more smoothly than it would be otherwise.

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Buying a Boat

I’m not the type of person who just buys something without doing his research. I’m big on reading Consumer Reports and searching for optimum information online about whatever might interest me at the time. Most recently, I found myself interested in purchasing a boat, something I’d wanted for a long time.

Once I’d finally decided I’d done enough research to make a decision, I went out to purchase a boat. I was enthused to be able to have something new to do on the weekends, finding new interesting places to go boating and fishing in my area. To keep my new boat in good condition, I always make sure to stock up with outboard oil and everything else it needs to keep it in tip-top shape.

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Catching Marlin

Montauk Point is the home of New York’s oldest lighthouse. It can be found in Long Island, but the lighthouse isn’t the only major point of interest out in Montauk. Montauk claims to have more saltwater fishing records than any port in the world, and these claims might very well be true.

At Montauk Point, people can fish for mackerel, cod, weakfish, striped bass, and tuna, but perhaps the most exciting fish to try to catch at Montauk Point is the marlin. Because marlins are so fast and large, many fishermen believe them to be of a higher tier in the sport of fishing than most other fish. To catch a marlin is to earn prestige in the fishing world and to catch one, all you’d need to do is load your boat up with Optimax oil and head to Montauk Point.

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Scared of Sharks

When I saw Jaws in theaters as a kid, it terrified me. I couldn’t go into any body of water for years; I was always afraid that I’d see a dorsal fin moving towards me and I’d start to hear that music in my head and then I’d be done for. That being said, before Jaws, I used to love the water. I loved boating with my family as a child and I had hoped that someday I’d be able to do it with a family of my own.

Now that I have that family, I’ve had to recognize how irrational my fear of sharks is, so that I can have enjoyable trips out on the water. Considering we typically go out on lakes rather than open ocean, I don’t really have to be afraid of any great whites. But just in case, I load my boat up with Mercury Premium Plus oil, so that if I do see any sharks, I can fly off faster than you can say “Look, there’s a shark!”

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The Search for Nessie

My father’s a fairly superstitious man and on top of that, he’s Scottish. He was always the type to tell tall tales about strange things he’d seen back when he lived in Glasgow. I swear I’d heard him tell the same stories about UFOs landing in his backyard to anyone who was willing to listen to him babble for ten minutes.

Being a Scotsman, his favorite tall tale, of course, was the Loch Ness Monster, or as he liked to call her, ‘Nessie.’ He always had stories to share about ‘the time he saw Nessie.’ He’s always said that when he’s got the money, he’ll take the whole family out to Scotland so that he can show her to us. It might be a long ride, so hopefully he’ll fuel his boat with Mercury oil.

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The Most Beautiful Water

Having lived in New York City my whole life, I had no idea what I was missing by never venturing to Adirondack Park, where Lake George is located. It’s not too far away from the bustle of the city that I’ve grown so accustomed to, but it’s enough of a distance that there were no urban distractions to be found while I was lounging on the boat that we rented out on the lake. Once I heard that Thomas Jefferson once referred to Lake George as “the most beautiful water he had ever seen,” I knew there was no way I could pass up something that was so close to the place I call home.

In my humble opinion, Thomas Jefferson was completely right. I couldn’t have had a better time than I did out on Lake George; I’ve decreed it to be impossible. Hanging out in the marina and taking the boat we rented out on the lake was more exciting than I could have ever imagined. So everything would run perfectly, I made sure to pick up some Mercury 2 Stroke Premium Outboard Motor Oil for the boat we rented.

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Fishing in Colorado

My son lives in Colorado and knowing my love for fishing, he decided to fly me out for my birthday to take me to the Carter Lake Reservoir on his boat. It was a grand old time and I was shocked to see how huge the reservoir was. The Carter Lake Reservoir covers 1,100 acres with water, and we certainly weren’t the only fishermen out by the dam, but with that much space, we were able to keep to ourselves and have a great weekend of father-son bonding.

Out in the Carter Lake Reservoir, there are walleye, salmon, largemouth bass, rainbow trout, and more types of fish than I could have possibly imagined. I know that there were areas nearby – in the massive amount of surrounding land – where people were hunting and hiking and having all sorts of good times. In my case, however, fishing was all I needed and I made sure to supply my son’s boat with Mercury 2 Stroke Oil in order to thank him for taking me on such a great trip.

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