Smallmouth Fish in the Umpqua

One of the best places to catch smallmouth fish is in the Umpqua River located in Oregon. You might not consistently find the biggest fish there, but hundreds are caught by fishermen every single day! Bass and river herrings are the most common fish found in the Umpqua River, so if you have any desire to catch either of these, you’re definitely headed to the right place.

While you’re cruising around in your boat down the Umpqua River, you’ll be amazed at the beautiful scenery of the Hundred Valleys of the Umpqua, one of the best sights that the Pacific coast of Oregon has to offer. If you’ve got a bottle of Mercury 2 Cycle Oil, you’ll likely be more than one step ahead of the other boaters and fishermen that you’ll encounter during your time on the river. In no time, you’ll have more smallmouth fish than you can carry, with just a little bit of effort and a boat running as smoothly as possible.

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