Scared of Sharks

When I saw Jaws in theaters as a kid, it terrified me. I couldn’t go into any body of water for years; I was always afraid that I’d see a dorsal fin moving towards me and I’d start to hear that music in my head and then I’d be done for. That being said, before Jaws, I used to love the water. I loved boating with my family as a child and I had hoped that someday I’d be able to do it with a family of my own.

Now that I have that family, I’ve had to recognize how irrational my fear of sharks is, so that I can have enjoyable trips out on the water. Considering we typically go out on lakes rather than open ocean, I don’t really have to be afraid of any great whites. But just in case, I load my boat up with Mercury Premium Plus oil, so that if I do see any sharks, I can fly off faster than you can say “Look, there’s a shark!”

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