Sunburned, but Remembered Yamalube 2M Oil

33andongobiI went on a long boating trip with my friends this weekend and I wound up with the worst sunburn that I’ve gotten in years. I look like a cartoon character; the amount of redness on my face and arms is unreal. My lips and the tiny bald spot on my head even managed to get completely sunburned. Taking a shower has turned into a painful experience.

I can’t believe that I remembered to load up on Yamalube 2M oil for my boat but I forgot to load up on sunscreen for myself. The boat ran perfectly, but I’ll be shedding skin like a snake for a while. Next time, I’d better make sure that I’m more prepared unless I want to go through the agony of being badly sunburned again, which really is no fun at all.

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Making Tough Decisions about Laptops and Boat Motor Oil

P1110830loIt took me forever to pick out my new laptop because I’m always doing comparisons and quality checks and reading reviews. Whenever I make a big purchase, I look at every single aspect that could possibly influence my decision, and it often leads to me taking a longer time to pick something out than it would take most people. However, this usually leads to me using quality products.

I even do this sort of research with smaller purchases, though it doesn’t typically take me the same amount of time. For instance, after the painstaking research I did when it came to buying my own boat, I still had to do even more research and read more information when it came to picking the best possible boat motor oil to go along with it.

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Fun with a Boating License and Yamalube Oil

Boating LicenseI got my boating license when I was a teenager so that I’d be able to operate my dad’s boat whenever we went out to our lake house. I would bring my friends out there and we would chill out in the sun, hang out at the beach, and ride around in the boat. Sometimes we would go fishing, but mostly we just had a lot of fun cruising around in the boat in general.

I no longer live with my parents, but I do have my own boat these days, and I’m glad I have a boating license and a lot of experience with boats. I live much closer to a lake now than our lake house was to our actual house, so I have more opportunities now than I used to that allow me to load up my boat with Yamalube oil and take it out for a spin.

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Learning About Boat Maintenance and Two Cycle Outboard Oil

img12413131536I’m the type of person who is constantly seeking knowledge, especially in regards to the things I want to do with my life. For instance, when I was purchasing my boat, I probably went on every single major boating website you could think of to check out reviews and figure out exactly what the right boat for me would be.

Similarly, once I did select and purchase my boat, I started picking up as many books as possible that were related to boating and boat maintenance. I was able to determine which two cycle outboard oil was the best for my boat, as well as learned a number of tips and tricks for if my boat ever needs major maintenance. I even learned some things about properly cleaning a boat.

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Mercury Outboard Oil for Birthday Boating

CW-330-Doctors-Gone-WildWork has been really stressful lately so I decided to plan ahead and take some time off around my birthday. I thought that it would be really nice to go on a fishing and boating trip with my friends somewhere far away from work and home, because that would be the perfect way for me to finally get some much-needed relaxation time in.

Luckily, fueling up my boat isn’t particularly stressful and I already had all the Mercury outboard oil that I would need for the trip. I was glad I had thought ahead on that, because with all the extra tasks I’d been doing at work to be able to go on vacation, I didn’t really have time to go out and do a whole bunch of maintenance on my boat as well.

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Fishing with a Group and Evinrude XD50 Oil

1002446_10151731492185993_290184089_nI really enjoy fishing, but I’ve never been a big fan of going fishing by myself. I know that some people will find it relaxing to wake up early in the morning and go out on their own, but I only really have a good time fishing because of the bonding that I can do with my family and friends when we’re fishing as a group activity; I find that this makes it much more fun.

When I go fishing, I usually load my boat up with Evinrude XD50 oil and take it out to the lake with some friends, even though I live on a river. Boating with friends is another aspect that really makes me love the fishing experience.  Fishing with friends and family has created some of my best memories.

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Mercury Oil Leads to Major Life Moments

ar125561248540391Some of the best moments of my life have been out on a boat. I can think back on so many amazing memories that have involved boating over the course of my life, all the way back to when I was a little kid going out on boats with my parents. I spent tons of time with my friends in high school and college out on a boat as well.

The most recent major memory that involved boating was when I proposed to my fiancée, which I did while we were on a romantic boat ride together. Without boats and Mercury oil, I’d never have had all those great times. I’m very thankful that my parents introduced me to boating and that I met so many people with similar boat-related interests in my life.

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Fishfinders and Yamaha 2M Oil

1929043I got one of those nifty fishfinder devices recently and I was just itching to test it out on my most recent fishing trip. I’ve had a lot of friends get some great results from these fishfinders so I figured it’d be worth picking one up because I love going fishing, but I hate it when I go on a fishing trip and wind up not catching anything at all.

I rounded up some of my buddies who were looking to blow off some steam with a fishing trip, got my boat filled up as necessary with fuel and Yamaha 2M oil, and we got the show on the road. My fishfinder worked wonders and we wound up being able to catch more fish than we ever have together before. I won’t be leaving on a fishing trip anytime soon without it.

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Bulk Motor Oil for a New Boating Shop

NcausewayOne of my goals in life has always been to start up my own business. In particular, I loved the idea of creating a retail store that catered to a certain group of people that I’d be able to build up a rapport with. Having a great store with regular customers has always been a dream of mine and it’s why I wound up getting a Business degree when I was in college.

The niche that I wound up landing on was a boating store, because boating has also been a passion of mine and has been one of my hobbies for as long as I can remember. I love the idea of sharing my boating knowledge with customers. I’ve been loading up on supplies for my store, including bulk motor oil and some fishing gear.

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Stocking Up on 2 Stroke Oil

DSCF1584When I buy motor oil for my boat, I tend to buy a lot of it all at once before I worry about getting any more of it. Usually, if you purchase enough, it’s something that you don’t have to have on your mind very frequently at all. And when you go out on your boat as often as I do, that’s really a significant weight off your shoulders to not have to think about that.

I was running low on oil not too long ago, so I had to figure out exactly what amount of oil I would need that would be cost-effective and efficient for me and my busy schedule. I knew that with the right amount of 2 stroke oil on hand, I wouldn’t have to worry about going out and finding more of it for quite some time, so I made sure to purchase a decent amount.

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Evinrude Outboard Oil on Christmas Eve

aEvinrudeThere are a lot of different traditions that people practice for Christmastime when it comes to opening presents. Some people open presents on Christmas Eve, some on Christmas morning, and some wait until after dinner on Christmas Day. My family and I have always opened one present on Christmas Eve and then the rest the next morning.

This past year, when I opened up my present on Christmas Eve, I knew that my dreams were going to come true on Christmas Day. Because when I realized I had unwrapped a bottle of Evinrude outboard oil, I knew that it meant that my family had gotten me a boat for Christmas, which was exactly the gift that I had always been wanting.

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Yamalube Ringfree Plus Helps Make Boating Safer

2280683I went out to get maintenance materials for my vehicles the other day. I needed to pick some things up for my car and for my motorcycle in particular. I like to do all my own maintenance on them because I’ve had so many bad experiences with mechanics in my area. I’ve learned a lot about vehicles just from doing my own maintenance.

While I was out, I also picked up some fuel for my boat, as well as some fuel additives like Yamalube Ringfree Plus. I like ensuring that my boat is running just as well as my car, if not better. When you’re in a car, you can just pull over if something goes wrong and you don’t really have that same luxury if you’re in a boat; you’re more likely to get stranded out in the water.

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