Maintaining an Engine with Snowmobile Oil

domo online blog 5 2-24-14One of my friends owns his own snowmobile. This year, even though there has been plenty of snow in the mountains, he hasn’t gotten to take his snowmobile out, and won’t until this weekend. He recently had a daughter, so he hasn’t really had much time for anything other than taking care of his wife and baby. However, this weekend he’s going up to the mountains.

He had to prepare his snowmobile for the season, since he hadn’t gotten a chance to do so before. He filled the oil reservoir with new snowmobile oil.  He bought brand new spark plugs because his old ones were past their prime. Now that he’s done all of this, he can go out this weekend and just have some fun.

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Loving Evinrude XD100 oil

domo online blog 4 2-24-14My brother swears by synthetic oils when it comes to every single vehicle that he owns. He would never put something that was not synthetic into his car and he wouldn’t do that to his boat either. He loves the way that synthetic oils work and is not willing to sacrifice the benefits that he sees in these oils, just to get something that is slightly cheaper.

For his boat he will only use Evinrude XD100 oil. This oil is specially formulated to burn clean. As a big supporter of environmental awareness, this is very important to my brother. He loves the performance that the oil gives him and the lack of ash, smoke, and unpleasant odors. He feels as if he is getting the best deal by using this oil.

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Adventures in Mercury Engine Oil

domo online blog 3 2-24-14My cousin recently got a new boat. While my entire family told him that he should probably put more thought into purchasing a boat, he went ahead and bought the first one that he actually looked at. It is a used boat that he got from someone that one of his friends knows. The problem is that my cousin doesn’t know much about owning a boat.

He’s never actually had his own boat before. The most experience he’s had on boats is going out on his father’s boat and his grandfather’s boat. This hasn’t prepared him for all of the maintenance of a boat. His father had to show him how to fill the Mercury engine oil in his new boat already. He told him to do more research on his boat for the future.

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Winterizing with Yamaha 2M Oil

domo online blog 2 2-24-14At the beginning of November each year, my uncle takes his boat out for the last time until March. He usually spends some time out in the Puget Sound, before taking the boat to a nearby lake to fresh water flush the motor for the season. When he brings the boat home, he quickly begins to follow all of the steps to winterize his boat.

He cleans the entire engine, removing all of the dirt that has built up over the summer and fall. He fills the oil reservoir with Yamaha 2M oil. He takes all of the fuel out of the motor so that he won’t be using bad fuel when he starts up the motor in March. He gets his battery charged and disconnects it from the motor. When he is finished with these things, he stores the boat for the winter.

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Buying Some Fresh Yamalube 2 Cycle Oil

domo online blog 1 2-24-14When I saw my father this weekend, he was already in preparation for taking his boat out. He has to start so early because there are just so many things that are wrong with that boat. He hasn’t taken it out for several years because of these problems. This year, he is determined to get to take his boat out during the spring and summer.

So far, he has prepared by getting some Yamalube 2 cycle oil, cleaning out most of the motor, and putting all new fluids in it. Now that this has been finished, he is working on breaking in the steering for his boat and getting a couple of new parts to help repair it. He also had to buy a new trailer hitch, because his old one broke quite a while ago.

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The Right Yamalube Oil

domo online blog 5 2-17-14Yamaha is a company that manufactures many different types of engines. They have various different products that you can purchase. Among these are motorcycles, snowmobiles, outboard motors, generators, and ATVs. That is a huge amount of different products. To go with these engines, they also sell many lines of oil to keep them running well.

Just because you have a Yamaha engine, it doesn’t mean that just any type of Yamalube oil will work. You have to be sure to get the right one for the type of engine that you have. For example 2W is a type of oil that is made just for personal watercraft. It shouldn’t be used in outboard motors. Without the right type of Yamalube, your engine could break down.

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Showing Care with Yamaha Outboard Oil

domo online blog 4 2-17-14An outboard motor has to work in some really rough conditions. The typical outboard motor comes in contact with saltwater, runs in the water in general, and has long periods of non-use. All of these factors take a large toll on an engine. The fact that an outboard motor continues to work for years and years is actually pretty impressive when you take these things into account.

To give your outboard engine a long life, you have to make sure that it is properly maintained. For most engines, this means using the best oil available for you engine. Using the right kind of Yamaha outboard oil in a Yamaha motor can also add years to the life of the motor. Following the recommendations of the company that made the motor can help you extend its life.

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Have to Have Optimax Oil

domo online blog 3 2-17-14I have known quite a few people who either have owned boats or still own them. I have never known anyone that was as obsessive about maintenance as my grandfather was with his boat. He always would follow all of the directions that came with the boat motor. He would use exactly the fuel that was recommended, exactly the right type of oil, and change parts when needed.

One time he got himself stranded on an island, because he had to have Optimax oil. He wouldn’t leave the island without it, but they didn’t have any. After that, he started carrying the oil that he needed with him, because he didn’t want to have to have someone rescue him again. Admittedly, the engine of his boat was always running very well, so being so being picky actually did help.

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Looking for Deals on Mercury Oil

domo online blog 2 2-17-14My cousin is a big bargain hunter. If he can save a little bit of money, he is glad to do it. He will wait for coupons to show up in his grocery store, before he buys certain items. When he buys a car, he has everything checked out thoroughly and manages to talk the price way down.  He wants to get the very best deal on anything that he spends his money on.

This is also true for his boat maintenance. He would never buy an inferior product, because it was cheaper. However, he would buy Mercury oil in bulk or on sale so that he could get the best deal that was possible. Whenever he sees it for cheap, he will buy it, even if he already has what he needs for quite a while. He won’t pass up the bargain.

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Adding the Evinrude XD50 Oil

domo online blog 1 2-17-14During one winter, my father decided that he would live on his boat. He was sure that this would be the most cost affective option. I’m sure that it was, since he had the mooring for free, but it was the coldest option as well. He got to know the other people who were often at the marina. He got to know the guy who was in the slot next to him really well.

My father’s boat was a little one compared to the boats that were normally moored there. His neighbor had a really large boat. He was always giving my father advice. He would recommend Evinrude XD50 oil, or tell him how to do some sort of maintenance on his boat. My father learned a lot from him, but sometimes he really just didn’t want the advice.

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A Mercury Oil 55 Gallon Drum in the Garage

domo online blog 5 2-10-14When my father first moved into his new house, the house started to become a great storage space for a lot of friends and family. Since he was a single man, his friends started to bring him all of the things that their wives would not allow them to keep in their homes. His mother moved in a lot of stuff that she didn’t have room to store in her own house.

One of the things that his friends gave him was a Mercury Oil 55 gallon drum. They had bought the bulk oil as a great investment to lower oil prices. Unfortunately, when they moved to an apartment and moved their boat into storage in the marina, there was no place for them to store the drum. For now, it is waiting in my father’s garage.

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New Speed Boat, New Mercury Optimax Oil

domo online blog 4 2-10-14My uncle just got a brand new speed boat. He bought it from the Seattle Boat Show a few weeks ago. It is a boat that has a whole lot more power than his last boat. Best of all, this boat actually seems to run great, rather than breaking down all the time like his last boat. He got it ready to take out and run for the very first time last weekend.

He had to get it Mercury optimax oil, because this is the type of oil that his boat motor has to use. He can’t use any of the old oil that he has left over from his old boat, because none of it is the right kind of oil for the boats motor.

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