Raffling Bulk Outboard Motor Oil

domo online blog 3 2-10-14My grandparents used to belong to a boating club. The club would all get together and take their boats somewhere for a couple of days, usually a weekend. They were always talking about their boats and how to do the maintenance that they needed. Sometimes they had special events to raise more money for the club, such as raffles.

In one of the raffles, they raffled of a big drum of bulk outboard motor oil. The person who won the raffle ended up sharing the oil with a lot of the other members of the club. They said that they could not possibly use all of it just for their one boat. The club ended up having oil for a lot of their boats for quite a while, after that raffle.

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No Ads for Evinrude Johnson 2 Stroke Outboard Oil

When I was listening to the radio this morning, I heard a commercial for some variety of motor oil. They were advertising a special where you could buy three quarts and get the fourth one for half price. I realized then that I always heard ads for car oil on the radio, but I never have heard an ad that is specifically for any type of boat motor oil.

The only time I have seen any ads for this type of oil is when I have been watching something specifically boat related on the television. Only then are ads for Evinrude Johnson 2 stroke outboard oil ever seen. I suppose that this is mainly because boat oil is such a specialized product. Most people do not need it in their day to day lives.

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2 Stroke Oil at a Car Parts Store

domo online blog 1 2-10-14I don’t often visit stores that sell various car parts. A week ago I had to stop into one, because I had to replace a headlight bulb. I wasn’t about to try driving to work on dark mornings with only one headlight working. I was quickly able to find the light that I needed. I decided that I should look at the motor oil while I was there.

I was surprised that in addition to a lot of different types of car motor oil they also had a wide variety of 2 stroke oil types. Of course this type of oil isn’t for cars, so finding it at an auto parts store seemed very strange to me. Also, they weren’t “name brand” oils. I suppose that an auto parts store would be a logical place to look if I wanted it for my car, but I’m not certain about looking there to get oil for a boat.

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Cleaning an Engine with Yamalube Ringfree Plus

domo online blog 5 2-03-14My father’s outboard motor came used with his boat. He debated replacing the motor entirely, but really that was going to be fairly expensive. The motor that he had was running well enough that buying a new one wasn’t actually necessary. My father decided that he would at least use the used motor until he had the money to replace it.

Since he wanted to start with a motor that was at least closer to new, he first ran it with Yamalube ringfree plus. His hope was to get rid of any of the build up in the engine that might have been left there overtime. It seemed to work, because the motor ran well and he didn’t have any problems with it for the first several years that he owned it.

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Summertime with Yamalube 2W

domo online blog 4 2-03-14At the beginning of every summer, my uncle likes to kick things off by taking his WaveRunners out to the lake. He makes the yearly maintenance for the boats into a sort of a party. He’ll start by washing them, so that they’re nice and clean. He even takes a toothbrush to some areas to get any built up scum off of the exterior of the boats.

Then he’ll get them filled with Yamalube 2W oil and some gasoline. He hooks the trailer up to his truck and drives them down to the launch. He takes both of the boats out and runs them around in a few start of summer victory circles. Only then are they ready to be ridden by other members of the family. When the WaveRunners are out, summer has officially begun.

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Snowmobiling with Yamaha 2S Oil

domo online blog 3 2-03-14I am not great at skiing or snowboarding. I have terrible balance, so most snow sports are just really unappealing to me. My favorite thing to do up around the ski slopes is go snowshoeing. I love being able to hike in deep snow without the fear of falling in up to my knee or higher. Usually, if I go to the mountains I will be snowshoeing.

Last time I was up there, I saw a bunch of guys with snowmobiles. They were getting ready to go out by prepping the vehicles with Yamaha 2S oil and filling them with gasoline. I have considered snowmobiling in the past. I suppose that my main problem with it, is that I enjoy watching the scenery and listening to nature. That would be hard to do on a speeding snowmobile.

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Heading to Canada with Mercury Outboard Oil

domo online blog 2 2-03-14My grandparents have always lived in Washington State. Several years ago, they decided that they were going to take their boat up to Canada for a bit. It isn’t a terribly long trip, but it’s a lot rougher water than their boat is usually accustomed to. They have an outboard motor as a backup engine in case their actual engine dies at any point.

For the trip to Canada, they brought along a lot of extra boat maintenance gear. They had several bottles of Mercury outboard oil, just in case they needed it during the journey. They also brought their usual supply of food plus some extra in case they got lost or stuck out somewhere. They managed to travel to Canada and back without too many problems.

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At the Marina with Evinrude Outboard Oil

domo online blog 1 2-03-14I always used to love going down to the marina. There is something great about being able to walk along the docks. There’s always the salty scent of the bay and the call of a seagull from on top of a pier. It reminds me of my childhood, when my sister and I would walk along the docks, waiting for our dad to be ready to take the boat out.

We would always read the boat names. Some of them were funny, others were serious. Sometimes we would run into other people, working on their boats. They’d be busy mixing Evinrude outboard oil or painting some part of their sailboat. The people were always friendly. They’d often say hello. It was peaceful out in the marina.

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