Snowmobiling with Yamaha 2S Oil

domo online blog 3 2-03-14I am not great at skiing or snowboarding. I have terrible balance, so most snow sports are just really unappealing to me. My favorite thing to do up around the ski slopes is go snowshoeing. I love being able to hike in deep snow without the fear of falling in up to my knee or higher. Usually, if I go to the mountains I will be snowshoeing.

Last time I was up there, I saw a bunch of guys with snowmobiles. They were getting ready to go out by prepping the vehicles with Yamaha 2S oil and filling them with gasoline. I have considered snowmobiling in the past. I suppose that my main problem with it, is that I enjoy watching the scenery and listening to nature. That would be hard to do on a speeding snowmobile.

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