Bulk Motor Oil Keeps You Prepared

Image.ashxIf there’s any time where I know that I’m not going to be using my boat for a while, I like to make sure that I’m prepared for when I do decided to take it out again. For instance, sometimes the weather is going to be bad for a long period of time or I need to take my boat in for maintenance or something like that.

Regardless of the reason, being prepared relieves me of a lot of stress and makes it a lot easier for me to take my boat out again when I’m ready. This is why I always purchase bulk motor oil and keep a large amount of it properly stored in my garage so that I can get to work on the required maintenance of my boat as soon as I’m ready to take her out again.

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My Preference Of Mercury 2 Stroke Oil

7-31-11__2_04212012_073002I’m the type of person who sticks to a brand once it has done me right. For instance, I’ve been using Apple phones for years with no likelihood of me ever buying something different and I’ve only eaten Eggo waffles for my entire life. Brand loyalty is something that I think is fairly important when it comes to choosing products.

That being said, my choice in boat oil has always come from Mercury products, for as long as I’ve had watercraft and boats. I’m particularly fond of the Mercury 2 stroke oil right now, as that’s currently what I’ve been using on my boat. So far, Mercury oil products have done nothing but good for me, so I have every intention in continuing to use them on my boats and watercraft.

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Yamalube 2-M Oil For The Springtime

3300_2_m_11_60_10201It’s getting to be that time of year again when we’re starting to see the Sun peek out from behind the clouds and occasionally getting weekends where there’s some nice weather. As an avid boater, this means one thing for me: that I finally get to take my boat back out on some of my favorite lakes.

I always get really excited when we first start getting these pseudo-spring days where it’s legitimately sunny out and even if it’s not really warm out yet, it’s still a sign of things to come. Whenever the weather starts to get like this, I always rush out and start getting supplies for my boat, like Yamalube 2-M oil, so that I can be completely ready at a moment’s notice to take it out on the open water.

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Fueled Up With Yamalube 2W Oil

oilerThere’s an area on the border of Washington and Oregon where I went fishing recently, because walleye season is starting up over there. It was certainly an adventure taking my boat out there, considering it was the middle of February and was still mind-numbingly cold outside. But me and my buddies are pretty dedicated fishermen so we decided to trek all the way out there.

Before I headed out, I made sure to fuel up my boat with some Yamalube 2W oil. I wanted to make certain that my boat was up to par and wouldn’t cause us any problems while we were out there in the cold. Everything worked out great and we had a pretty great weekend, regardless of how freezing it was outside. All of us caught some pretty big walleye!

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Some Much Needed Yamalube Ringfree Plus

dogyI hate it when I find something wrong with my outboard engine. I get the feeling of dread in the pit of my stomach and I pray that it isn’t anything major. I try to take good care of my boat in general and I feel like I failed when there is something wrong with it.

Last weekend, I took my boat out on the lake for some fishing when I heard some pinging in my engine. I just recently changed the oil a couple of weeks back so I was confused as to why it would be making that sound. I took my boat to a mechanic and he said that the deposits need to be cleaned out of the engine. He put in some Yamalube Ringfree Plus and ran it through my engine. The next time I took it out, I didn’t notice any strange sounds and it ran a lot smoother. My mechanic said I needed to do that every so often so the deposits don’t start to build up and wreck the engine.

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Yamalube Oil Or Something Else?

black-oilA lot of people ask what the differences between most oils are. It is true that, at its core, most oils do the same exact thing. They lubricate the engine and keep it from overheating. Some oils do it better than others because some oils are fully synthetic and other are just semi-synthetic. Manufacturers suggest that you use their specific brands of oil for their engines but what happens if you use something else?

Yamaha recommends that I use their specific brand of Yamalube Oil on my outboard engine. They say that their oil is specially formulated for their engines and using something else might have negative impacts on the engine. I heard from other people that they don’t like using the more expensive oil because the cheaper oil does pretty much the same thing than its more expensive counterparts. My preference is to stick to what the manufacturer tells you to avoid unnecessary harm to a very expensive piece of equipment. I would much rather spend a few extra dollars on motor oil than to have to replace my outboard engine. But to each his own, I guess.

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Puttin Yamaha 2w Oil Where It Shouldn’t Be

241651My friend is known to do some pretty stupid things when it comes to maintenance of his vehicles. He owns a boat in addition to an ATV and a car. He likes to work on it himself for the most part. He only takes his vehicles to the shop if it’s something major that he doesn’t know how to fix himself. It’s a good thing that he likes to take care of things himself but it’s also a bad thing because he knows very little about mechanics in general.

I remember when he told us that he used some Yamaha 2w Oil in his ATV engine. We scolded him because 2w oil is made for watercraft engines and shouldn’t be mixed in with other oils in the engines of land vehicles. We told him that he shouldn’t be surprised if his ATV experiences any kind of engine troubles in the next few weeks. That wasn’t the first time he did something like that. One time he told us he mixed three different types of oils in his outboard engine. His boat engine blew and he ended up needing a replacement.

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Using Two Cycle Outboard Oil In A Bind

imagesI’m the kind of guy who takes good care of his lawn and yard. I mow the lawn every weekend and eliminate weeds and other unsightly plant life that are growing in my yard. My yard is as well maintained as a Major League Baseball outfield. In fact, I use the same products the major ballparks use to keep their grass healthy and visually appealing. My neighbors compliment me on my grass every time they see me.

This last weekend, I had to remove a rotting tree from my backyard. I could have hired professionals to do it but I felt I could have done it on my own with the help of a friend. I had a chainsaw, an axe and some rope to work with. The plan was to use the chainsaw to cut through the trunk halfway and pull it down with the rope. Things were going well until I realized that I didn’t have enough fuel in my chainsaw. I didn’t want to drive to the gas station so I mixed the remainder of the fuel with some leftover two cycle outboard oil. It was good enough for us to get through the tree trunk.

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Emergency Mercury Oil

valor4My father always told me to expect the unexpected. I didn’t really consider his advice because I thought it was just a phrase he used a lot. I never really thought of the meaning of those words until my outboard engine broke down during a recent fishing trip. Had I heeded my father’s words, I would have been prepared when my engine broke down. Instead, my friend and I had to wait for somebody to tow us back to the marina.

These days, I keep an emergency kit on my boat at all times. I don’t want to be stranded for an hour or more again so I keep some Mercury Oil, a gallon of gas, and emergency rations in my kit. I try to expect the unexpected so I won’t be caught off guard again. I also keep a first aid kit in my boat and in my car. Whenever I go somewhere, I try to imagine the worst possible situation that could happen and I prepare for it. I hope my son will take what I say seriously when I try to impart some knowledge on him like how my dad tried to do the same with me.

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Seeking The Perfect Ratio of 2 Stroke Oil and Fuel

imagesI’m the kind of person that likes to figure things out on his own. I ask for help occasionally, but only if I really don’t know what I’m doing. Most of the time, I’m fine with using the trial and error approach. I like to think that the best way to learn to do something is by actually doing it.

The one thing that I have been trying to figure out for a while is the fuel to oil ratio for my outboard engine. I’ve tried a lot of different combinations with a lot of mixed results. I’ve flirted with the perfect ratio a couple of times but I always try to look for a better ratio. Some of my buddies have their own ratios figured out but I like to keep trying out different things until I am satisfied that I have found the right one. I’ve experimented with different brands of 2 stroke oil and fuel but I’m still not satisfied. I kind of like that it’s still a work in progress. It gives me something to do and something to strive for.

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Is Yamalube 2m oil Adequate Enough For Me?

Quads in QueenstownI’m always worried that I’m not taking good enough care of my outboard engine. My boat is the second biggest purchase of my life so I want to make sure that it’s going to last and not give out on me in a few years. I follow the manufacturer’s directions on how to maintain it and I often ask mechanics to give me tips and advice.

The other day, I was wondering if I should change the kind of oil I am using on my outboard engine. I currently use Yamalube 2m Oil and it works fine for me, but I’m curious if another brand will have more benefits. I want to try some fully synthetic oil because I read that it protects the engine better. My current oil is only partially synthetic. The other kind is more expensive so I am kind of apprehensive to switch because it might do the same things my current oil does, but for a higher price. Most people say that it can be beneficial to switch but using the same brand also a safe way to go. I think I’m just going to stick with what I am currently doing.

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Sticking With Yamaha 2s Oil

paytonrubi2xw8My friend comes to me if he has any problems with his outboard engine. He has only owned one boat in his life and he just recently purchased it. He has no history of boat ownership in his family so he had nobody to teach him the basics of boat care when he was younger. I do my best to help him out whenever he needs it.

Last week, he told me that his engine sounded choppy when he took it out on the lake. At one point, the engine stalled. I told him that he should change his oil so his engine could get lubed up and that should solve the problem. He told me he used Yamaha 2s oil and asked if it was the right oil to use. I said it was good so long as he constantly used it and not got anything a grade lower. I told him to stick with good oil because it would reduce carbon deposit buildup in his engine. I also told him to change his oil frequently to better the lifespan of his engine.

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