Some Much Needed Yamalube Ringfree Plus

dogyI hate it when I find something wrong with my outboard engine. I get the feeling of dread in the pit of my stomach and I pray that it isn’t anything major. I try to take good care of my boat in general and I feel like I failed when there is something wrong with it.

Last weekend, I took my boat out on the lake for some fishing when I heard some pinging in my engine. I just recently changed the oil a couple of weeks back so I was confused as to why it would be making that sound. I took my boat to a mechanic and he said that the deposits need to be cleaned out of the engine. He put in some Yamalube Ringfree Plus and ran it through my engine. The next time I took it out, I didn’t notice any strange sounds and it ran a lot smoother. My mechanic said I needed to do that every so often so the deposits don’t start to build up and wreck the engine.

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