Some Wasted Yamaha 2m Oil

IMG_12My son likes to rummage through my tool bench in the garage to find the tools he needs to build his birdhouses. My son learned how to build them in shop class in school and he’s taken a liking to working with his hands. The birdhouses he builds are getting more intricate and he is able to sell them to our neighbors for a reasonable price. I’m glad he found a hobby.

Every so often, he would forget to clean up his mess in the garage. He would leave tools lying around and one time he knocked over some of my Yamaha 2m oil and just left the spill there for two whole days. It stained the floor but he was responsible enough to replace what he spilled. I taught him the value of a dollar and how he shouldn’t waste things if he could help it. He said he learned his lesson and now he cleans up every time.


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