Taking Chances Without Yamalube 2 Cycle Oil

dogbaotMy friend likes to do everything by the book and doesn’t usually stray from the given instructions. That’s fine if you want to live a boring life but I prefer to take some chances. I like to ignore the GPS sometimes and find my own directions to my destination. I go to restaurants I’ve never been to and try their food to see if it’s any good. I also like to take the trail less traveled whenever I go hiking. Sometimes you find that there is more out there if you decide to venture out and trust your own instincts.

My friend recently found out that I don’t use the recommended Yamalube 2 Cycle Oil for my outboard engine. I told him that I use another brand that was a little bit cheaper in price but is essentially the same product. He argued that the manufacturer puts certain synthetics in the Yamalube oil that is custom made for the outboard engine. My engine was running fine ever since I made the switch but my friend still wasn’t convinced. He told me that I spent a lot on my engine therefore I should take care of it by using the right products for it. I haven’t decided to take his advice yet. I’m just waiting and seeing if anything will go wrong with my engine.

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