Extra Outboard Motor Oil Saved My Bacon

4 fishing boatWhenever the weather’s nice, I like going fishing with my buddy. We both go out on my boat and cast our lines. We also like touring the area, since there are some islands nearby. But most of the time, we relax on the boat while waiting for our fishing rods to wiggle. It’s just a nice little boat where you can truly feel relaxed while fishing.

The last time I went fishing, we actually stayed out for a long time. I was just really glad that I had some extra outboard motor oil on board, as we were getting really low on oil in my boat that day. Who knows what could’ve happened if we had been stranded out in the water with no oil. I’m just really glad my friend asked me to bring along some extra. He really saved my bacon.

What’s great about that day though is we brought home a lot of fish that day. I think it was worth bringing the outboard motor oil along, because we managed to make the most of our time out on the water. We even had fish that night for dinner. It was so fresh, and so tasty. There’s nothing quite like fresh fish you’ve caught yourself.

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Outboard Motor Oil Gets Me Around When I Go on Daytrips

2 motorboatThere are many different kinds of boats out there, but I really like motorboats. I like that they can reach nice speeds, and I like how sleek and slick they are. Even simple boats with an outboard motor attached are really neat. I like that I can use them as nice fishing boats. I also like that I don’t have to ever use a paddle when I use a motorboat.

When I go out on my boat, I always make that it has enough outboard motor oil to last the trip. I always make sure to check that first, as having not enough would be terrible. I make sure it’s filled up with lots of outboard motor oil, then I set off into the water. There are a lot of neighboring islands around here, so what I like to do is make a day out of it.

The last time I used my boat, I went to the island over yonder on the left. I actually bought some stuff from one of the fruit stands, and I hiked up a nice hill. It was fun, and I was able to get back in time for bed. I’m just glad my boat has good mileage. The outboard motor oil I use lasts a while, which is great when I plan daytrips.

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The Right Boat Motor Oil for My Boat

Domo-Online 1-5-2015 Pic 4Having a boat really is a dream come true. It’s something that I wanted for so long and finally being able to afford a boat of my own made me feel really great about myself. I want to make sure that my boat provides me and my family with lots of fun times, so I’m trying to make sure that I perform the proper maintenance on the boat.

In order to perform maintenance on a boat, you need to have the right kind of boat motor oil. After doing a little bit of searching, it was easy to discover what the best kind of motor oil would be for my boat. It often depends on the type of engine you have, so it’s worth it to do some research ahead of time.

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What You’ll Need for a Tune Up Aside from Outboard Oil

boat-motor-oil-300x225Properly maintaining your outboard engine means having regular maintenance that will extend the life of the engine. At *least* once a year, owners should tune up their outboard motor. You should follow the owners manual your specific model came with before trying to tune yours. However, there are some materials every model will need.

You will need outboard oil, soft cloths, lower-unit lubricant, fresh fuel, replacement spark plugs, and waterproof marine grease. All of these materials can be bought online or at a marine store. Some of the tools that will make your tune up easier will be the owner’s manual, a screwdriver, adjustable wrench, and pliers.

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Advantages of Evinrude XD100 Oil

evinrude_etec150_high_torqueNavigating through brands and promises is difficult when it comes to choosing the right oil for your two stroke engine. With every brand promising an extended life for your engine, it can be difficult to decipher which ones will be helpful and which brands are selling false hope for a smoothly operating vehicle.

Evinrude XD100 oil is a premium synthetic oil. The oil can be used in outboard engines, direct injection or oil injected outboard engines. The unsurpassed protection against friction and wear helps against combustion deposits while extending engine life. The best part for many customers is the lack of smoke, ash and odor while using a motor.

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Where is the Oil Filter on my 2-stroke Engine?

mercury-4-strokes-175-verado-close-upIt’s not a news-breaking headline that you need a good filter to get the best performance from an engine. Having a new filter can promote the longevity and performance peak of your engine. But why do 2-stroke motors not have an oil filter?  I did some research and found out there is good reason.  In a 4-stroke engine (like the one in your car), the oil is added to a reservoir and is then recirculated through the engine, lubricating the moving parts and settling back into the oil pan.  It collects the “bad stuff” as it circulates, and therefore, it must be filtered before returning to the engine again.

So what makes a 2-stroke engine different?  In a 2-stroke engine, the oil is consumed with the combustion process.  Since it is not recirculated, no oil filter is necessary!

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Learn About Outboard Motors and Evinrude Oil

79rude70If you’re just getting into boating, the different jargon concerning motors and other boat accessories can sound the same. Outboard motor is likely something you have heard, but it might not bring any images to mind when you try to picture it. Before you can own and operate a boat to the best of your ability, you will have to understand the basics about how they are made.
An outboard motor propels a boat forward, running well on Evinrude oil. These motors are the most common method for pushing small boats forward. The motor includes an engine, gearbox, and propeller or jet drive. They do more than just motorize a boat. They also control the watercraft’s direction when under power.

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Boat Motor Oil for Cathartic Fishing Trips

k-beach-phillips-in-river-boat-1956-webThere’s nothing I love more than going fishing with my friends. I find it to be an extremely cathartic experience that helps me to unwind. It’s also a good way to catch up with your buddies if you don’t get a chance to see them that often throughout the week. Since most of my friends and I have very busy schedules, we tend to have a lot to talk about when we fish on the weekends.

Usually, I’ll just fill up my boat with boat motor oil and check out whether or not any other maintenance needs to be done for my boat on Wednesday or Thursday night, so that I can know for sure that my boat will be ready to go by the weekend. Usually, my friends and I will get up early on either a Saturday or a Sunday and we head out to a nearby lake for fishing.

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Yamalube to Escape the Storm

Hurricane Ike damageOne of the scariest things in the world is being out on your boat and getting caught in a storm. I’ve had it happen to me one single time and it’s not something I would ever recommend. There had been a low percentage of a storm hitting the day I went out, so I assumed it would blow over, as weathermen have a tendency to exaggerate or just be flat-out wrong.

This time, the storm warnings were legitimate, however. I was lucky that I made sure to load my boat up with Yamalube oil, because that way it had the power that it needed to get me as far away from that storm as possible. I managed to get out of there without getting hurt or without any serious damage to my boat, but it was a terrifying experience

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Comparing Products for the Best Outboard Motor Oil

jon_boat_bf5Product comparisons are very important when it comes to selecting the products that you wish to purchase in any situation. I always make sure to do the research in order to determine that I am buying the best possible products for the best prices. Sometimes I’ll go on different review websites to find out information or I’ll just read customer reviews if they’re available.

Either way, I always try to find what the highest quality product is that is offered for a reasonable price. Whether I’m looking for the best computer monitor or the best outboard motor oil, there are always ways to compare the features of different products. This way you can select the top brands and develop brand loyalty for the absolute best items.

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Planning a Surprise Trip with Outboard Motor Oil

RinkerOne of my best friends is turning thirty this weekend and our group of friends has been planning out a surprise boating trip for him for a while now. We’re all really excited for it, although it’s been challenging keeping it a surprise so that he doesn’t find out what we have in store for him. He knows he’s doing something with us, he just doesn’t quite know what.

I picked up plenty of outboard motor oil when we first started planning everything so that I wouldn’t have to think about it at the last minute. I’m the one with the boat, but my other friends did the planning aspects in regards to where we’ll be staying for the weekend and what the best lakes for boating and fishing were in our area.

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Waverunner Oil in the Summer

waveboatI’ve always been a big fan of interesting personal vehicles. I love to go off-roading in my ATV and I also very much enjoy snowmobiles when it’s wintertime. Recently, I decided that I would try out the water-based equivalent to these kinds of vehicles and I picked up my very first Waverunner, which I’ve truly been having a blast with this summer.

I loaded up on Waverunner oil and I started doing research to figure out the best places that I would be able to take my Waverunner in the area. I’ve found a lot of really cool lakes that I wasn’t fully aware of beforehand that are perfect for taking out the Waverunner and having a great time. I only wish that summer could last a little bit longer.

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