Extra Outboard Motor Oil Saved My Bacon

4 fishing boatWhenever the weather’s nice, I like going fishing with my buddy. We both go out on my boat and cast our lines. We also like touring the area, since there are some islands nearby. But most of the time, we relax on the boat while waiting for our fishing rods to wiggle. It’s just a nice little boat where you can truly feel relaxed while fishing.

The last time I went fishing, we actually stayed out for a long time. I was just really glad that I had some extra outboard motor oil on board, as we were getting really low on oil in my boat that day. Who knows what could’ve happened if we had been stranded out in the water with no oil. I’m just really glad my friend asked me to bring along some extra. He really saved my bacon.

What’s great about that day though is we brought home a lot of fish that day. I think it was worth bringing the outboard motor oil along, because we managed to make the most of our time out on the water. We even had fish that night for dinner. It was so fresh, and so tasty. There’s nothing quite like fresh fish you’ve caught yourself.

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