How to Save Money on Boating

How to Save Money on Boating


In these tricky economic times, there are many small ways to cut corners and save a buck or two while still enjoying boating. One is to stagger your boat trip schedule, perhaps alternating weekends rather than going every weekend, trying to go during times when the most family and friends are available to make the most of the experience. Another is to have fellow boaters chip in when buying bulk motor oil, sharing the costs and saving you all money in the long run.

Small things can also make your boat more fuel-efficient. Cleaning the barnacle and plant residue from the bottom of the boat will reduce the friction and allow the boat to move faster without impediments. Remove excess weight from your boat in the form of heavy objects you may not use. Change the oil every 100 operating hours and replace the air filter, which must be clean for the best fuel efficiency. Ease on your acceleration when taking off, which greatly reduces the amount of fuel burned, and idling your engine as little as possible will waste less fuel. Try fuel additives after doing some research. While some fuel additives on the market are not worthwhile, there are a few that are beneficial for your engine’s fuel efficiency. Fuel up in the morning if you can; gas is considered more dense when there is less heat in the air, so in the morning, you can get more fuel for your dollar. And finally, consider investing in a fuel meter or fuel computer if you do not already have one. These devices give you instant feedback on your fuel burning rate, allowing you to make immediate adjustments to improve it if you can.




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Evinrude indsutry leaders for almost a century!

Evinrude E-Tec“Bess Cary loved ice cream. One day, during a picnic on an island in a Wisconsin lake, Cary asked fiance Ole Evinrude if he would row back to shore to get her a dish.
Sweat poured down his face as he raced to get the ice cream back to his dear Bess before it melted under the hot summer sun. That was when Evinrude thought to himself, “There has to be a better way.””

And Evinrude outboard 2 cycle motors were born, and with them a long history of reliability and non-stop innovation. In the market of 2 cycle outboard engine oil Evinrude continues to lead with both its Evinrude XD 50 and XD 100 oil types for all kinds of 2 cycle engines. See for yourself how to increase your outboard motor’s performance with near half-off oil prices at domo-online!

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The Many Benefits of Recycling

The Many Uses of Recycled Motor Oil

Oil BarrelRecycling used outboard motor oil keeps oil out of landfills and ensures that this oil is available for re-use, reconditioning, reprocessing or re-refining.

From a purely environmental point of view, the best thing that the motor oil consumer can do is to buy a longer-lasting oil. In that way, less used oil is generated in the first place.

Over 380 million gallons of used oil is recycled each year according to the U.S. EPA, which equates to over 50 percent of all motor oil purchased annually.

Currently, used motor oil can be re-used or recycled one of three ways-reconditioning, reprocessing or re-refining. It is important to note that each process can be important in helping to manage the overall volume of used motor oil in the U.S.


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Prices just keep getting better

SmileyAs a top performer XD 50 outboard motor oil from Evinrude/Johnson is a very popular formula. Offering improved emissions and superior protection against engine wear, this oil has earned its place as a staple for those who have 2 stroke engines. That’s why the continuosly dropping price comes as such a surprise. With already rock bottom prices, how can it get any better?

It just did! For less than $22/gallon you can stop using the other stuff and start using the oil that was designed for YOUR engine. If you need a TC-W3 compliant oil then this is for you. So stop by and check out the lower price on XD 50 motor oil!

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Shipping deals a plus

Freight TruckBecause of its weight outboard motor oil can present a unique challenge to freight carriers and handlers. Whether it’s by the cae of by the drum, oil is heavy and requires dependable shipping. At they’ve done the work already, lining up a reliable, affordable freight shipper. When your order is to be delivered to Florida you can have your motor oil within just a few days of your order process completion.

Capitalizing on personalized service you can even call and find the name of the freight service nearest you so that you can go and pick your oil at that terminal. Because it’s so affordable the shipping doesn’t cause too much of an impact on the overall cost of the oil you buy. Because it’s so fairly priced you can still enjoy enormous discounts on your motor oil and still get the convenience of a competent and proved freight service.

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Keep Your Outboard Motor Tip-Top

2 Cycle Outboard MotorTaking care of your outboard motor involves a lot more than just prudent use and regular maintenance. You’ll also need a premium quality oil that helps reduce engine wear and cuts down on unnecessary emissions. Exhaust itself is notorious for polluting its own engine and causing complete failure that is not only inconvenient but also very expensive. If you can find a good deal on 2-cycle outboard motor oil then you’re halfway there.

Through the use of a good oil you can prolong the life of your outboard motor indefinitely, saving yourself the hassle and the expense of purchasing a replacement or paying for repairs. Anyone who’s had a boat motor failre at the worst possible moment can tell you, taking care of that motor is absolutely essential. In some cases lives could depend on it. So don’t get yourself caught out in the cold without an operating engine. Take care of your motor, and yourself, with professional maintenance and top-quality products.

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Barrel too much? Buy by the case and save anyway.

Buy by the caseWell, we can see that not everyone is going to have the demand for a 55 gallon oil drum. In case you haven’t got the storage area, or you just won’t ever use that much you can still save big bucks buying bulk at Domo-Online. At Domo-Online our outboard engine oil case prices lack the traditional markup that retail supplies often carry. Logisitcally speaking, if you have a small boat or nowhere to keep a 55-gallon drum it still doesn’t make sense to pay exorbitant prices at overpriced marine supply stores.

Experience proves that when you buy in bulk you save big, so why keep throwing money down the drain?

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If you’ve got a Yamaha…

175-p004.jpg2 Cycle outboard motor then this is the place for you. When you buy in bulk you’ll save over ten dollars per gallon on the retail price. That’s ten dollars less for each gallon! And this is some tough stuff too. No need to worry about engine performance and wear when it’s a Yamaha using Yamalube. Specially designed for the rugged boater this is one synthetic oil that’ll never let you down.


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Buy bulk and save big.

1.gifSince a 55-gallon drum of oil doesn’t have to be bottled I saved big bucks. Since we didn’t take the time and expense of plastic bottling we enjoyed affordable motor oil. The best part is it’s ultra-convenient. I asked a few of the guys around the marina if they’d be interested in buying for big discounts. Naturally, they said yes! So now I avoid overpaying at local boating and marine stores. They can really gouge you for specialty products like this. But not anymore!

And another advantage, one my daughter really enjoys, is that we’re doing our part for the environment. No more tossing recyclable plastic in the trash because it’s “contaminated” with motor oil. In fact, no more plastic jugs period! I’m saving time, money and the environment in one easy purchase. It doesn’t get any better than this. And with up to 40% savings per gallon there’s really no reason to buy outboard motor oil by the gallon anymore.

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