Keeping Customers Pleased

customer-serviceI work for a boating store and whenever summer rolls around is the time that I start having to order products for my store like none other. The summertime is when people want to start getting out there, and a lot of my customers don’t plan too far ahead. Luckily, for them I’m able to plan ahead so that they don’t need to.

By ordering a large amount of bulk outboard motor oil for my store in the springtime, I can ensure that I’ll have everything that I need for my store once summer hits and we start getting a massive influx of customers. Every summer, this is what I make sure to do, and I’ve never run into a situation where I don’t have what my customers need! This in itself ensures they’ll be coming back every summer.

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Addicted to Online Shopping

pornography-addiction-gaming-gambling-300x196I’ve been doing a massive amount of online shopping the past few weeks. It started out innocently enough; I was trying to do a little bit of Christmas shopping for my family, and then I started buying things for my friends, and as I was surfing around from website to website, I got caught up in things a little bit, and decided I’d put my Christmas bonus to good use!

I went to a large number of websites that specialized in different things. Checked out some jewelry for my wife and some toys and video games for the kids. I also picked up a bottle of Evinrude XD 50 oil for my boat, because I was running low and I thought it’d be a good use of the money.

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All I Want For Christmas

christmas-gift-1024x640Last Christmas, my gift to myself was a boat. I spent a lot of time getting it prepared properly so that I would be able to use it fairly often from spring until fall – because I don’t live somewhere where there’s much of a boating season in the winter – and it really paid off with the amount of good times I’ve had on it. Everyone in my family knows how much I love my boat.

That’s how I know that, this year for Christmas, I can expect to be getting a whole bunch of Christmas gifts related to boating. For instance, I snuck a peek at my wife’s e-mail and I noticed that she had placed an order on some bottles of Yamalube 2-M, which will work perfectly for my boat. I’m very excited for Christmas to come this year!

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Outboard Motors

6a00d8341c339953ef00e54f3d08ed8834-640wiThe outboard motor is a typical propulsion system for boats and is one of the most efficient ways to get your boat around. Figuring out what kind of outboard motor you want for your boat can sometimes be the tricky part, however. Luckily, there are a few major brands that it’s typically best to select from.

Evinrude and Yamaha are pretty much definitively among the best outboard motors for boats you could possibly find. Primarily, from my experiences anyway, the only differences are related to weight, which is important for the hull you mount it on. Personally, I have an Evinrude one so I make sure to stock up on Evinrude oil now and then to make sure I’ve got everything running well.

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Can Never Get Enough Oil

user65932_pic155259_1160865991Sometimes finding motor oil at the beginning of the boating season can be a bit difficult because the stores often end up picked through by everyone excited to go out boating and trying to get their boat prepared the way that it needs to be. One way is to just go online and get it, but even if you’re doing that, more is always better than less.

A good way to make sure you’re not hurting for it is to pick up bulk motor oil in the winter. That way, when the rush comes in after winter is over and boating season is about to commence, you’ll already be a step ahead of everybody else and won’t have anything to worry about, which I’m certain will be a load off of your shoulders if you’re as big a boating fan as I am.

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Maintenance After Winter

512502Don’t forget to go through the motions when it comes to boat maintenance after the winter season is over! I know that it’s very easy to forget about your boat when the lakes are iced over or when it’s just flat-out too cold to even really go outside, depending on where you live.

You’ve got to make sure everything is running fine when winter is over though because there’s no other time that’s more likely for your boat to break down (or at least mess up in some way) on you. It’s important to make sure that your boat motor oil has been changed and is up to standard before you go out on any journeys on your boat.

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Tips for a Smooth Ride

My best friend has had his boat a lot longer than I have, so he knows a lot more about boating and boats in general than I probably ever will. He’s always giving me hints and tips about what I should be doing to make sure that my boat is getting its proper maintenance and so it’s at maximum efficiency.

For instance, he was recently talking to me about his experience with fuel additives and he was making some pretty convincing statements, honestly. He wound up convincing me to pick up a Yamalube Ringfree Plus fuel additive because he said that it would make my boat run more smoothly.

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Scarcely Stocked

I stopped by a boating store the other day while I was doing a little bit of shopping out on the town. I’ve had a boat myself for quite some time now so I always make a point to stop by the boating store to see if they’ve got anything in stock that I might need, just in case there’s something I’ve been meaning to purchase for my boat but haven’t gotten around to actually buying yet.

While I was in the store, I made sure to grab up a bottle of Yamalube 2W oil for my boat; I’ve been having a good deal of trouble finding it lately in brick and mortar stores, so seeing a bottle of it sitting there, I felt like I had to buy it. I decided it was a good purchase to make; when I went back recently, they didn’t have any in stock!

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Be Prepared

I like to think of myself as a pretty prepared person in all aspects of my life. I tend to carry around a utility satchel that’s always full of things that I might need in any particular situation. I think it’s something I learned from when I was a Boy Scout; the ‘Be Prepared’ mantra.

I always make sure to have a decent amount of 2 stroke oil as back-up in my garage. Having back-up oil makes on-the-fly maintenance a lot easier and with the amount of usage my boat gets, on-the-fly maintenance is something that I often find myself having to do. It’s not a big deal; I get a lot out of my boat, so it’s not surprising that I need to put work into it as well.

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Winter Fishing for Bass

We had our last fishing trip of the year just recently. We caught a decent amount of bass, which was great because we all actually enjoy eating bass. A lot of people are fans of trout and salmon, but they tend to forget that bass is a perfectly edible fish that I think can be quite tasty if it’s prepared correctly.

I stopped off and got some Yamalube oil on our way home because I figured it’d be a good time to do some maintenance on my boat since we were about to hit wintertime and there’s not a whole lot of boating to be done in the winter. It was pretty chilly even here on our last trip, but once winter really kicks off, it’ll be unbearable, unless you’re out to do some ice fishing.

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Saving Space in the Garage

I have pretty limited space in my garage; there’s a ton of junk in the garage that my wife and I haven’t bothered going through since we moved to this house years ago, and it seems like it’d be a huge hassle going through all of it. We’re just able enough to get both of our cars in the garage, so it hasn’t been a huge problem yet.

Because of this, we like to find ways to save space when we plan on storing things in our garage. For instance, when it comes to oil for the boat that we have (which we keep in a special storage facility since there’s no room in the garage), having a Mercury oil 55 gallon drum actually saves space, compared to how much space that amount would take on if it were being stored in separate bottles.

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Leftover Oil

My best friend has always been a huge fan of boating and fishing and he finally got around to purchasing his own boat recently. He’s kind of become a little consumed with it, trying to make sure everything’s always in perfect condition. Boating has pretty much been all he’s talked about for weeks.

I used to have my own boat but I sold it when I was running low on money a while back. Even though I sold my own boat a while ago, I still had some Yamalube oil sitting around so I decided to give it to my friend, knowing he’d be able to make a lot more use out of it than I could.

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