Buying in Bulk

I absolutely hate shopping and I always have. I’ve just always seen it as a huge burden. Ever since the advent of online shopping, I’ve loved that I can at least do shopping at home but I still feel like I’m using up all of my precious free time when I have to shop for anything, especially if it’s something I can’t find online.

These days, when I’ve decided to buy something, I prefer to buy a lot of it all at once (if it’s something that doesn’t really expire, of course) so that I don’t have to go through the process of buying more of it later. For instance, when I decided to get a new boat, I bought enough Yamalube 2 cycle oil that I wouldn’t have to buy any again for years.

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Best of the Best

I can’t stand when people settle for less than the best! It’s always been a pet peeve of mine when people go for the cheaper, off-brand items that are clearly of lower quality than brand-name high quality products. I feel this way about everything; toaster pastries, toilet paper, and especially anything that I use on my car or my boat.

Seeking out the best outboard motor oil for your boat is something that I believe is genuinely important. People shouldn’t be settling for less than the best if they want something that lasts and is of excellent quality. If you’re not getting the best products, you might have a boat or car or something else that doesn’t work when you need it to, and when it comes to your car or your boat, this could become a matter of life and death.

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Out Early from the Concert

I went to a concert recently and I had a lot of fun there. It was an electronic concert, which was something that was new to me, and I think the doors opened around seven-thirty PM and I showed up around eight. I didn’t know most of the opening acts at all but the venue was large enough for my friends and I to have some drinks and chat while we waited for the headliner.

The headliner showed and was on for probably an hour and it was pretty awesome. By the time we left, it was only about ten-thirty PM, maybe on the cusp on eleven. I got home early enough to do an oil change on my boat with the Mercury outboard oil that I had, so that I’d be able to go out boating the next day like I had wanted to.

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Be Prepared

I prefer to buy things in bulk as opposed to buying products individually. I’ve always been a big fan of places like Costco where I can buy massive amounts of the products I need for decent wholesale prices. I do this with food – preferably with the kind of food that doesn’t expire too quickly – and I do this with many other different kinds of products that I use regularly.

For instance, I do this with products that I use to maintain my car and my boat, mostly because I believe it’s better to already be prepared for a problem or an oil change or something like that than it is to not be prepared at all. If you’ve got enough bottles of two cycle oil, you don’t have to go out too often and find more of it, as long as you keep the oil in a safe place.

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Waiting for Boating Season

Living in a wintery area can make it a little bit difficult to get some good boating done. There’s a good period of the year where you’re simply waiting around for the weather to get nice again so that you can take your boat out. Sometimes, I’ll even get impatient and try taking the boat out when the weather isn’t very nice, which isn’t usually a horrible idea but it’s not a particularly good idea either.

Since I typically can’t be out boating, I often spend a good deal of time thinking about my boat. For instance, I’ll think about its maintenance and what I need to do to keep it in good shape. Recently, I decided that I would load up on some Yamaha oil so that I’d be ready once it became boating season again.

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Breaking In An Engine

Breaking in a new two cycle motor before you really take it out for a spin is very important and it’s something many people forget about. Some say that the first ten hours that you treat your motor will reflect how the boat runs for the entire time you have it. What’s important at first is to use some extra lubrication.

If you have a non oil injected engine, you should run two pints of two cycle outboard oil to every six gallons of gas. With an oil injected engine, you should instead run one pint to every six gallons. You should also make sure to limit your RPMs and make sure that you don’t get too close to max RPM within the first ten hours or so of running your boat.

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Brand Loyalty, or a Lack Thereof

I have a tendency to be loyal to particular brands and often find myself unwavering when it comes to brands, aside from a few particular exceptions, which I’ll get to in a minute. For instance, I refuse to purchase any toaster pastries that aren’t Pop-Tarts and I won’t buy any tissues that aren’t Puffs.

I’m not particularly picky when it comes to picking a brand for my outboard motor oil for some reason though. I think it’s because I’ve done a number of comparisons on the Internet and haven’t been able to find too much discrepancy between the different brands. As long as you pick one of the best ones such as Mercury or Yamaha, you’re pretty much good to go.

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Friendly Arguments

My best friend and I tend to argue about things a lot; typically these are very trivial things like whether or not Harvey Keitel was in Pulp Fiction or what year the last Beatles album was released. Luckily, these days, we’re always able to pull out our smartphones and prove to each other who’s right and who’s wrong.

Recently, we’ve started making minor bets over these little arguments that we have; we’ll buy each other something small or hand over a few bucks. In our most recent argument, I bet him that squids had eight tentacles. I wound up buying him a bottle of Mercury Optimax oil as his winnings, because after all, I had lost the bet (squids have ten tentacles).

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Oil Reserve

I like to keep a reserve of oil in my garage at all times, just in case I need it. I do this for my car and for my boat and I would do it for any vehicle I might ever drive because I think it’s vital and can save you from any potential annoyances. However, I didn’t always have this foresight; I had to learn from my mistakes.

A while back, I was on my way back from work, excited for a big boating trip that I was planning on taking that weekend. When I got home, I soon realized I’d forgotten to pick up the Yamaha 2S oil that I needed for some last-minute working on my boat. By the time I realized I needed it, all the stores that might carry it were closed. It would have been nice to have had a supply ready to go!

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I’m a Bad Cook

I’m terrible at making food; I just never was able to get the hang of it. Even when I was in junior high school, taking a Home Ec class, when we got to the cooking portion of the class, I had to rely on everyone else to do everything for me. Now that I’m not living with my parents anymore, I pretty much exclusively eat food from restaurants and things that I can microwave or make sandwiches of.

I seriously can’t understate how bad of a cook I am though; I’m such a bad cook that I might confuse vegetable oil for Mercury oil, and I can’t imagine that would lead to good-tasting food or a working boat. I can barely toast things properly. I’m not sure specifically what led to my failures as a cook, though my parents making all of my meals for me while I lived with them didn’t especially help.

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Hole in My Boat

There’s a hole in my boat and it’s been a pretty big pain in my rear end. I was minding my business out on my boat not too long ago, when the bottom of the boat got scraped up against some pointy rocks. Unfortunately, as I was trying to get the boat off of the rocks, it hit one in the wrong way and now there’s a hole. It wasn’t enough to make the boat sink, but it’s certainly affecting the boat’s performance.

I thought I’d be more prepared for something like this, but I guess I didn’t think that far ahead. I just figured that if I kept my boat loaded up with Mercury oil, I’d never have any problems, but I neglected to think about the other things that could potentially happen to my boat that weren’t directly related to the engine.

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The Mall

I don’t get a chance to go to the mall as often as I’d like to; I honestly like shopping, even though I know a lot of guys aren’t into it. I find it relaxing to go to the mall and just kind of walk around for hours and check things out. I’ll mess around with electronics or I’ll go into a Brookstone or something and take a look at all of the fun massage chairs and take a look at things I might want for my home.

The most recent time I went to the mall was particularly because I needed some new nice clothes after some moths got to one of my favorite suits. I did some clothes shopping for a while and then I went to a place that sold DVDs and CDs. Afterwards, I went online to purchase a couple of bottles of Mercury oil for my boat. I may love the mall, but there’s no good boating goods store at the mall near me!

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