Italian Coast

The Italian coast is considered another celebrity summer hot spot. Everyone from Tyra Banks to Ellen DeGeneres to Jessica Simpson likes to lounge in the Italian sun. Though I haven’t stayed in any ritzy palazzos, my wife and I did take our honeymoon in Venice, so I suppose that counts.

We scrimped and saved to go on that trip. We thoroughly enjoyed our time, and of course made full use of the water taxi and water bus system. Perhaps if I’d known more Italian I could have chatted with the captains about the virtues of using Evinrude oil.

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Summer Hot Spots

My wife subscribes to People magazine, and I will admit that I flipped through the pages of the latest issue. Since we are in the throes of summer, the magazine did an obligatory spread on the tropical paradises celebrities frequent. Though I myself have no aspirations for fame, I do admit it would be nice to have the money to take exotic vacations on a whim.

The first hot spot profiled was St. Tropez, a tropical French paradise. The waters are so blue that there is a specific shade of blue that bears the island’s name. Apparently, actor Johnny Depp has a 156-foot yacht that you can rent for $130,000 a week. I don’t have that kind of money, so I think I’ll stick to tuning up my boat with Evinrude Johnson 2 stroke outboard oil.

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Bulk Motor Oil

While distracting myself from all the paperwork and financials I’ll need to get in order to start a business, I’ve been searching for deals on bulk outboard motor oil. If you know where to look, then you can get some truly incredible deals. Good prices are available not only on cheap lubricants but on quality bulk outboard motor oil.

When I do order bulk oil, I always make a point in asking about the type of container it will come in. You don’t want to wind up with a rusted container that will leak. Ideally you want a container that can hold up for several years in fluctuating temperatures.

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Learning About Licenses

One area I need to give more consideration before opening a charter fishing boat business is licenses. Preliminary searches online show that I’ll need to acquire a business license, multiple boating licenses, and multiple fishing licenses. That involves a lot of paperwork and fees. Plus, the rules, particularly on the state and county levels, can change every year.

That’s a lot of overhead right off the bat, which concerns me. Not to mention, I’d have to hire a small crew and pay them decent wages. Still, I think that this charter business could be something I could really excel in. To take my mind off these worries I like to shop for bargains on bulk motor oil that I could purchase for my future fleet.

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Starting a Charter Fishing Boat Business

I’ve been an avid fisherman and boater for decades. I’m coming up on retirement soon, so I’ve been giving a great deal of thought about what I will do with my time. I feel young and heart; there’s no way I’m going to sit around the house all day.

I’ve been giving serious thought to starting a charter fishing boat business in my area. It makes a lot of sense. I already know the best areas to fish; I can do my own boat maintenance; and I know where to get deals on bulk Mercury OptiMax oil. I need to think this through a bit more before I discuss this business idea with my wife.

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Yamaha Lubricants

Yesterday I wrote about the guys’ weekend I attended in lieu of a traditional bachelor party. After we docked from the fishing tip, I took the first mate up on his offer to take a look at the different oils they keep stocked. Sure enough, in their store room there was a whole wall lined with Yamaha lubricants.

Though Yamaha lubricants are versatile, the first mate explained, the fleet owner makes sure that only the factory recommended boat motor oil. I started poking around the rest of the storage shed and talking to the first mate about what it takes to start a charter fishing boat business. He and I chatted a bit more and I took down his contact information just in case I had more questions about the industry.

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Charter Fishing Trip

For my buddy’s bachelor party we decided to forgo the stereotypical drunken routine in favor of a guys’ weekend getaway. Eight of us pitched in and we rented out a beach house for three days and two nights. The house had great views and was close to the marina.

All of us love boating and fishing, so one afternoon we chartered a private boat for fishing. As the fishing outing was winding down, I found myself chatting with the first mate about the best outboard motor oil. He and I were in agreement that Yamaha has a decent line of oils.

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Thunder and Lightning

When I was a teenager I earned spending money by working as a lifeguard during the summer. It’s a pretty cushy job most of the time. Who doesn’t want to spend hot days right by the pool? Any time it got too warm, I just jumped in the water to cool off.

The only times we had to shut down the pool were for thunder and lightning. Since we didn’t want to get electrocuted our policy was to wait 30 minutes after the last thunder was heard or the last lightning was spotted before we’d let patrons back in the pool. I use that policy now whenever I go boating. I don’t want to get stranded on the water during a storm, so I use the time ashore to teach my kids about 2 stroke oil and other boating necessities.

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Heat Wave

We experienced an extreme heat wave the week of the July 4th holiday. The heat index got over 105 degrees ten days in a row. Extreme temperature combined with the poor air quality that comes with living in a metropolitan area made going outside a hazard.

Normally I’d go to the lake to escape the heat, but it was too hot to be messing with any sort of smoke and gas fumes. This past weekend we had a series of thunderstorms that broke the heat wave. Now we have our normal 75 to 80 degree weather that is far more bearable. I’ll be heading to the lake just as soon as I replace the 2 cycle oil in my outboard engine.

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Engine Deposits

Yamalube Ringfree Plus is the ultimate engine deposit cleaning package. I use it at regular intervals on my outboard motors. I find that it clears out the gunk that can build up in fuel injectors, intake valves, and combustion chambers.

If I didn’t use Yamalube Ringfree Plus, then my outboard motor would be at the mercy of gasoline deposits. The deposits can cause pinging, power loss, and piston ring sticking. Deposits can also shorten the spark plug life and cause other damage that can be pricey to repair. For a minimal amount of money, I’d rather take preventative measures.

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Engineer Collaboration

Why do I use Yamalube oil? The answer is simple: it’s because I use a Yamaha engine. The Yamaha Motor Company is all about collaboration. The engineers who built the engine I use work with the oil engineers to ensure every formulation produces maximum performance.

Take the 2W watercraft two-stroke engine Yamalube oil, for instance. The exclusive semi-synthetic formula was specifically designed to protect against piston burning, rust, and corrosion, which are more likely to occur on the water. Low smoke emissions are an added bonus.

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WaveRunner Safety

R&B star Usher has learned all too well the dangers of improper personal watercraft use. The singer’s stepson is now brain dead due to an unfortunate accident. Unfortunately, the 11-year-old is far from the only person to have been killed while using a personal watercraft. The U.S. Coast Guard reports that 16 people have been killed this year and 44 people were killed last year in personal watercraft related accidents.

Americans own approximately 1.3 million personal watercrafts, the best known being the Kawasaki Jet Ski and the Yamaha Motor Company’s WaveRunner.  I personally own a WaveRunner and I believe that they are far safer because you sit on them as opposed to the Jet Skis that you have to stand on. Either way, proper maintenance, like replacing Yamalube 2W oil, obeying the rules of the road, and always wearing a life vest when on a PWC is imperative.

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