Maintaining your outboard motor.

outboard-motor-2Most outboard motors will run fine for years with little or no attention. If you notice that your outboard motor is running at a slow speed or idle problem then you should consider getting a major tune which includes:

Removing cylinder heads to de-carbon pistons and heads
Remove and rebuild carburetors
Replace plugs
Replace thermostat(s) and water pump
Re-torque cover bolts, etc.
Check and/or reset all adjustments
Change and/or re-lube as needed

Make sure that you are using a good boat motor oil like the Yamaha 2s oil which helps to protect the life of the motor.

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Inspect Before you Buy at a Boat Auction


When you go to a boat auction it is a good idea to do a boat inspection to make sure that you know what you are bidding on. Here is a list of things to look for:

Quick walk-around – walk around the boat and check the hull, pay particular attention to the stem, chines and strakes. If there has been a collision you will see cracks there.

Shake the I/O – if you shake the I/O and it has alot of play then it might need gimbal bearings. Also check around the seals and gaskets for leaks.

Check the dipstick – check to see if the dipstick smells burned or looks milky. I could be the wrong viscosity or was never changed.

Check the wiring – bare wire and terminators that are twisted together or sealed with electrical tape are bad.

Test the fuel and oil – The gasoline sold today is 10% ethanol. This attrackts moisture which separates in the fuel tank. Water in the engine or boat motor oil is bad news. This can lead to a cracked block.

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Basic Vehicle Maintenance


For any vehicle to run properly, it should be maintained constantly. Vehicles run down because their owners abuse them. You don’t just hop in your car and gas it up and expect it to run at peak performance, and the same thought process should extend to all of your vehicles. Here are some tips to remember to help you keep your vehicle in tip top condition.

~Wash the inside as well as the outside; gunk can build up in the engine over time.

~Have your vehicle checked periodically. Your mechanic should be able to catch any problems that may have arisen since its maiden voyage.

~Change your brake pads as soon as they start to show signs of wear and tear.

~Get an oil change. Choose high-performance Evinrude oil and recycle your old oil.

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Want To Take A Ride In The Snow?

bombardier_snowToday there are literally hundreds of attachments and accessories for your ATV that can make it adept in virtually any climate. Not only will they allow you to tackle treacherous terrain, but they will also make your ride more comfortable, fun and safe. Just search for the right stuff for you and you can be on your way to a lot of fun trips.

You can start with basic maintenance accessories like air filters, oil filters, exhaust, engine parts, batteries and XD50 oil. Your ATV has to run smoothly first before taking it out for a ride. Then you can accessorize with handlebars, bumpers, boot guards, lights, and more. You will also find snow plow accessories so you can ride in the snow. There are so many accessories to jazz up your ATV and it is all up to your creativity.

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Keeping Your ATV Its Cleanest

atvAny ATV enthusiast knows just how much abuse an ATV can take. Whether you take them through marshy land or over boulder fields, an ATV is often revved and ridden over tough terrain. In addition to receiving the inevitable scratches and dents that come with that rough terrain, your ATV is also likely to sustain more superficial damage such as excessive mud and dirt. But if you want to keep your ATV shiny after a full day of riding, it’s not that difficult.

Even with the toughest mud and weeks of caked on grime, there are a number of ATV cleaning and detailing products that are specially designed to get that kind of job done. Sometimes soap and water just aren’t going to cut it, unless you want to trudge through several washings. And when the vehicle is free of all evidence of mud puddle splashes, you can finish it off with any of number of detailing products. These will bring your ATV to a high shine and help make it look brand new again. Once your ATV is clean, be sure to check the Yamalube 2M and other fluid levels.

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The Two-Stroke v. Four-Stroke Debate

Outboard-MotorAfter dealing with motor vehicles for the better part of my life, this question is one of the most consistent and polarizing that I encounter. Many people simply think that four is better than two, while others assume that a two-stroke must be more efficient. The truth of the matter is that the type of engine that you choose is dependent upon your particular needs and wants.

There are two types of two-strokes: the old-fashioned gas guzzling models and newer direct-injection (DI) engines that are extremely fuel efficient. For the most part, these DI engines are the lightest models on the market. Four-strokes run quieter than their two-stroke counterparts and generally provide a smoother overall experience. One of the main disparities is that with a four-stroke motor the outboard motor oil goes directly in the engine, whereas in a two-stroke it is mixed in with the gas-which can be a hassle.

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Get Good Gear for Smooth Riding

Make your ATV adventures as fun as they can be by having all the things you need within reach. Dress for the part by keeping in step with the latest fashions in ATV apparel. Wear cool helmets and sturdy boots combined with great sunglasses for a really hip look. Shop for ATV accessories online and see just how wide the range of choices you have.

Don’t forget to also stock up on these extra parts in case you encounter any hitches:atv

~Air filters, oil filters, exhaust parts
~Batteries and accessories
~Bearings, intake, nerf handlebars
~Engine parts, axles, snow plow accessories
~ATV tire chains, bumpers, sprockets, sparkplug wrenches
~Extra fuel and Evinrude XD100 oil

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Early Season Snowmobile Maintenance: Part Three

rush_body0223The last two days we have reviewed some of the basic checks that you should go through every time that you take your snowmobile out. Once you have ensured that the Yamalube 2W oil and other fluid levels are sufficient, and tested all of the main systems of your craft, you’re ready to hit the powder. There is one other component that you will need to check periodically, however: the chassis.

The chassis is the central steering component of the snowmobile, and routine maintenance will ensure that there isn’t excessive wear and tear imparted on the system. Two or three times during the snowmobile season-depending on how often you go out-apply a high quality grease that is designed for low temperatures. By combining the last three days of maintenance tips, you will improve the performance and longevity of your vehicle.

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Early Season Snowmobile Maintenance: Part Two

SnowmobileYesterday we discussed how to check the Evinrude oil and other vital fluids in your snowmobile. While keeping tabs on these levels is a key element in basic snowmobile maintenance, there are some other key elements to check on a daily basis. Today we will review the systems, levers and switches that should be tested before every ride.

The first thing to investigate is the throttle lever and override system, as well as the brake lever; obviously these items are essential to ensure a smooth ride and proper safety. Also check the starter rope and engine switch before beginning your ride. Finally, take a look at the drive best and track alignment; even if everything looks good, you should always care an extra belt and plugs when you head out. Once these basic systems have been checked, you are ready to warm up the engine, check the lights, and head out.

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Early Season Snowmobile Maintenance: Part One


While I was taking out my snowmobile over the weekend, I noticed that it wasn’t running as well as it should. That’s when I decided that it was probably time to give my machine an early season tuning. It is always important to do basic checks before every ride and more thorough maintenance on a regular basis. Since I was short of time on Saturday, I decided to just do a basic check and make sure that the Yamalube oil and other fluid levels were sufficient.

While most riders remember to check the two basics-fuel and oil-some of the other main fluids are oft overlooked. It is also important to ensure that the engine coolant and brake fluid are properly filled. To check the brake fluid, look in the sight glass in the master cylinder. The anti-freeze will be in the reservoir tank, and both only take a few seconds to check. Tomorrow we will go into more in-depth maintenance and diagnostics.

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ATV Safety Measures


The urge to push boundaries and explore terrain is as distinctly American as baseball and apple pie. For all-terrain vehicle enthusiasts, the “road” is merely a restriction that’s meant to be ignored. Modern ATV riders are our version of trailblazers, creating new paths wherever they ride. The thrill and sense of danger associated with ATVs makes them especially popular among the younger generation.

But even thrill seekers require some modicum of safety. ATV accessories such as roll cages and cap enclosures offer critical benefits in terms of protection and rider security. These accessories come in handy no matter where a ride might occur – in the back woods, through a swamp or even on a job site. While ATVs give you the opportunity to explore remote locations, you don’t want your vehicle to break down miles away from civilization. Always be sure to bring some extra fuel and your check XD50 oil before embarking on a long trip.

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Cleaning Your ATV


Making a clean ATV out of a muddy one takes more then 2 steps. It takes more then hosing it off and taking it for a drive. That is, if you care about your bike. Because if you clean your ATV properly you’re expanding its lifespan.

Before hosing off the ATV, close off the exhaust and air box. Either close off the exhaust with some duct tape or put a cloth into the back of the exhaust. Or use a silencer plug (Pro Grip Silencer Plug or MSR Racing Silencer Plug) and never hassle with cloths or tape again; this to prevent water from filtering through to the cylinder. Next, close of you air box as well, again using a large cloth to prevent water from filtering through to the carburetor.

BEFORE hosing off the bike, make sure your engine is cooled off. DO NOT & NEVER cool off your engine by spraying water on it! Because, if you do so, you’re increasing the chance you’ll pull your engine. Don’t force metal to contract faster then it naturally does when it naturally cools off. The same counts next time you want to take your ATV for a ride. Don’t take off immediately after you’ve started the engine. Give it some time to warm up first… Grant the metal some slack.

If you want to extend the life of your ATV, these are the most crucial points.
Just give your engine the time to cool off & warm up!

To best way to hose off the ATV is by making use of a high-pressure cleaner, preferably connected to a warm water tap. Make sure, if you buy a high-pressure cleaner, it has a minimal pressure of 60BAR. More pressure isn’t actually necessary, since the chance you’ll find yourself hosing off decals and graphics increases. If you do have more pressure then 60BAR, cleaning will go faster, but watch out for your decals and exposed holes. Of course you can also finish the job using a simple garden hose or bucket filled with water and soap. No problem!

There are two ways you can soap in your ATV.
– using a high compression cleaner that has a function to soap in,
– using ATV wash products, which is affective.

Either way, let the soap set for 5 minutes before you wash off.

TIP: Afterwards, check your the level of your Yamalube 2M and start your engine; let it run for a minute or two to ensure your engine will definitely start up next time you take it out.

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