Inspect Before you Buy at a Boat Auction


When you go to a boat auction it is a good idea to do a boat inspection to make sure that you know what you are bidding on. Here is a list of things to look for:

Quick walk-around – walk around the boat and check the hull, pay particular attention to the stem, chines and strakes. If there has been a collision you will see cracks there.

Shake the I/O – if you shake the I/O and it has alot of play then it might need gimbal bearings. Also check around the seals and gaskets for leaks.

Check the dipstick – check to see if the dipstick smells burned or looks milky. I could be the wrong viscosity or was never changed.

Check the wiring – bare wire and terminators that are twisted together or sealed with electrical tape are bad.

Test the fuel and oil – The gasoline sold today is 10% ethanol. This attrackts moisture which separates in the fuel tank. Water in the engine or boat motor oil is bad news. This can lead to a cracked block.

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