Fishing Memories

yamalube 2m oilI can’t think of anything that reminds me more of summer than cruising around the lake on a fishing boat with my dad. He owned a beautiful Eagle 190, one of many G-3 boats in the Yamaha line. Before hitting the lake every year, we would set aside a day to do some basic tune-ups and maintenance, like flushing the engine and replacing the Yamalube 2M oil.

He would take as many people as could fit on the boat (and sometimes more), and we’d fish until it was pitch dark outside. Most days, we didn’t catch a single thing. I’d usually be so excited by the smallest nibble that I’d yank my pole too quickly and lose the fish altogether, which never ceased to make him laugh. He would swear up and down that he landed huge fish in the lake before, but I certainly never saw one!

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