Want an ATV?

atvIt has been about 30 years since the first ATV was introduced to the market, and since then they have become more and more popular every year. Just what is the appeal of these three and four wheel machines, could it be just the excitement that riding them creates? Nowadays you will find entire families enjoying the excitement and riding as a family activity. But there is always down sides to things, and riding ATVs is no different. Many accidents happen each year to people riding ATVs, keeping a few things in mind and following some simple safety procedures could keep you in the safe zone at all times.

One of the first rules that you will want to follow is as a new rider, always head out to the trails with an experienced rider, in fact even an experienced rider should always have a partner with them. If at all possible before you buy your own ATV rent one or use a friends to see if this is something that you are really going to like. Once you determine that you enjoy the hobby, then start recording what type of riding you like to do and what trails you will be frequenting the most.

It is usually recommended that beginners not go off and buy a new ATV, rather become familiar with the sport first, try out some different style machines such as utility ATV’s or Sport ATV’s and determine what feels most comfortable to you. After you get your first machine it is always advisable to take a safety course. You can find ATV safety courses that will meet once a week for a couple of hours that is spread out three or four weeks. Not only will they review basic safety precautions, but you will also learn fundamental maintenance for your vehicle, like how to change the Yamalube 2S oil. This is not mandatory, but I believe is well worth your time and money.

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