Life Jackets and Yamalube 2m in My Dad’s Shed

domo-online blog 5 5-26-14The last time that I went out on a boat, I went along with my father, because I have had my boat in the shop for some minor boating repairs. He wanted me to show up at his house the night before we were to go out on his boat, because he wanted to get an early start as usual. I bought my fishing and boating gear with me, but left it in the car overnight.

Early in the morning, my father sent me out to the shed to get out the life jackets, which he said were located behind the Yamalube 2m. I had forgotten that he bought all of his boat oil in bulk, so I was a little bit surprised when I found out that the life jackets were behind a rather large oil drum in the shed. I had to edge around the drum to get into the tight space behind it where the life jackets were located.

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Benefits of a Two Stroke Outboard and Mercury 2 Cycle Oil

domo-online blog 4 5-26-14Over my years of boating I have used two stroke engines and engines that required oil that cycled through the engine in its own separate system. I have learned that there are definite advantages and disadvantages to each type of oil cycling system. The main problem that I have found with a boat with an outboard that has a separate oil system is that oil changes can be a lot more difficult.

With two stroke outboard motors, I have found that one difficulty is having the Mercury 2 cycle oil that I need at the same time as I run out of gasoline. This can sometimes mean bringing the 2 cycle oil with you and mixing it in with the gasoline when you are actually at the marina. Forgetting your 2 stroke oil at home means that you might have to make a costly trip to the marina store.

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If You Have a Place to Store It, Bulk Outboard Motor Oil is the Way To Go

domo-online blog 2 5-26-14Most people know that when you buy things in bulk, you tend to get a way better deal than you would buying individual items. This is why so many people have memberships at warehouse stores where they can buy food, toilet paper, and toothbrushes in bulk. Boaters should be aware that buying in bulk can help them to make certain parts of boat maintenance a little bit cheaper.

Items like boat motor oil can be expensive when you buy the amount that you need in smaller containers. When you buy bulk outboard motor oil, you can usually get a much better deal per gallon than you would in smaller containers. Of course, the main problem with buying in bulk is that you have to find some place to store all of that oil that you get a good deal on.

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Memorial Day Means Hitting the Lake with a 2 Stroke Motor and Some 2 Stroke Oil

domo-online blog 1 5-26-14For as long as I can remember, Memorial Day in my family has meant taking out the boats. Of course, when I was growing up it was a little different, because back then my father just had a small boat with a little two stroke outboard motor. On Memorial Day, we would wake up in the early hours of the morning so that we could beat everyone else to the boat launch.

Between picking up food on the way, loading several sleep deprived children into a truck, and mixing some 2 stroke oil and gasoline for the boat, we would inevitably reach the boat dock several hours after our intended time of arrival. By this point, we would wait a long time to get our chance at the boat launch. Only once we were out in the water would our vacation day really begin.

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You Never Know When Cleaning Might Reveal a Stock of Yamalube 2M Oil

In preparation for the weekend, I made the effort to actually get my shed cleaned out. I have all of my boating things in the shed including extra life jackets, motor parts, and several crab pots. I originally started the cleaning project so that I could find a particular fishing pole that I knew was in there somewhere. By the end of the day, I had found many things, but not the pole.

I found an entire supply of Yamalube 2M oil that I thought I had used up over a year ago. It turns out I still have a few gallons of the outboard oil left, which I can use for next year. That was by far my most exciting discovery in my shed. Only after organizing all of the crab pots and tow ropes, did I realized that the fishing rod that I was looking for had been lent to a friend.

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A Rush for WaveRunner Oil on a Surprisingly Sunny Day

domo online blog 4 5-19-14Since last weekend was sunny even when all weather reports had claimed there would only be rain and thunderstorms, I wasn’t surprised when my buddy called me to say that he wanted to take out his WaveRunners. Of course, I was a little more surprised when he said he still hadn’t finished the maintenance on them and was in desperate need of some oil.

Luckily, I happened to have some WaveRunner oil in my shed that was left over from last year. I hurried over to his house with the oil and between the two of us we had both of his WaveRunners ready to go in less than an hour. My reward was a wonderful day spent zipping through the water aboard a WaveRunner, which was the perfect way to stay cool on a surprise sunny day.

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Choosing the Mercury Premium Plus as His New Oil

One of my friends recently bought himself a new speedboat with some serious horsepower. In the past, he has always had a boat that had a typically puttering engine and having one with this much get up and go is kind of a shock to all of our systems. We’ve all been teasing him about his midlife crisis boat, because of course it is painted to look pretty flashy.
domo online blog 3 5-19-14In this boat, he chose Mercury Premium Plus oil because it is specifically for Mercury engines like his.

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Finding the Best Deals on Evinrude XD 100 Oil

domo online blog 2 5-19-14When it comes to finding good deals on oil, I often find that the internet is really a good resource. Of course, it has the definite disadvantage of telling me about deals on oil that do not exist in my general area and are out of some boat maintenance shop in a totally different state. In some areas, there just isn’t a great price on marine oil that is very close to home.

In this case, it can sometimes be worth buying the oil online at a lower price and paying to have it shipped across the country. One of my friends has always ordered the Evinrude XD 100 oil that he has to get for his boat online because the places that sell it in his area raise the price significantly. He finds that if he buys large amounts of oil, it is still cheaper even with shipping.

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Borrowing Yamalube from my Father this Year

domo online blog 5 5-12-14At the end of the boating season last year, my father and I went out on one last trip to the bay before winterizing our boats. We spent an entire day racing around the bay and enjoying the waves and the islands before finally turning back to the boat launch. I was the first to haul in my boat, but I waited to say goodbye to my father before going home.

During our parting conversation, I mentioned stopping at a store on the way home to pick up some Yamalube oil for my boat. My father said that I ought to just come over to his house, because he’d bought his in bulk this year and would have plenty for both of us. I was willing to take him up on his offer and have this years boating powered by his oil.

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After Adding Outboard Oil Comes the Fun Parts of Boating

domo online blog 4 5-12-14Having a boat is a lot of work regardless of weather you have a large yacht or a small speed boat. There is required maintenance for all types of boats that you simply have to actually take care of in order to keep your boat running for a long period of time. When you’re buying a boat, you should make sure to keep the maintenance in mind when picking which boat is right for you.

I personally chose a smaller speed boat with an outboard engine because most of the maintenance is limited to adding 2-stroke outboard oil. There is still the launching of the boat and running the engine in fresh water after being in salt water, but this is all relatively easy maintenance.

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Evinrude Oil is Making it a Little Easier to Breathe

domo online blog 3 5-12-14I have always loved living on a lake up into the point in the year when all of the people with speed boats come out and race around the lake, leaving some of us choking on their filthy exhaust. Since I enjoy boating myself, I understand that exhaust is just a part of the boating experience. However, I happen to know that the amount of soot and sludge in the exhaust is not necessary.

When people use cheaper oil, they end up with nastier things coming out in their exhaust. There is a lot more soot and ash in the exhaust which isn’t good for your engine or the environment. I always stick with Evinrude oil because it cuts back on these nasty emissions at least somewhat by having lower ash content in the oil that the engine has to use.

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Finding Bulk Mercury Optimax Oil Somewhere Other than the Marina Store

domo online blog 2 5-12-14My father hates to buy anything from the marina store because he feels that he is usually being grossly overcharged for the convenience of having a place to get last minute items for his boat. He has taken to being overly prepared for any boating situation by checking everything on his boat before he even goes near the marina. He buys boat parts online so that he won’t be overcharged.

Before he takes his boat away on its trailer, he will check to make sure that it has the oil and gasoline that it will need for the trip. He keeps a selection of bulk Mercury Optimax oil in his garage so that it will always be available when he needs it. Once he is sure that the outboard engine has everything that it needs to stay running without a trip to the marina store, he is ready to go.

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