Where Do You Use 2 Cycle Oil?

domo online blog 1 5-12-14Two stroke oil, which is also known as two cycle oil, can be used in countless applications. This type of oil is the oil that is designed for two stroke engines. Since these engines do not have any sort of system which cycles oil separately from the main function of the engine, this oil is mixed with gasoline in order to lubricate the engine.

It is not uncommon to have 2 cycle oil being used to power hedge trimmers and lawnmowers. My favorite place to use this type of oil is with my outboard engine on my boat. I love the way that having oil like this keeps my engine running well. I can race around a lake with my two stroke outboard motor, knowing that it is well lubricated.

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Learning a Little about Yamalube 2W Oil and WaveRunners

domo online blog 5 5-5-14One of my cousins recently bought himself a used WaveRunner from someone who he knows from school. He didn’t really know anything about the boat, but he has wanted a personal watercraft for a long time, so it surprised no one that he was so quick to jump on a good deal. So far, his father has been teaching him everything that he has to know about owning a WaveRunner.

My cousin knows how to operate one of these boats and has spent many summers taking out his father’s boat. Now that he has one of his own he is learning about using Yamalube 2W oil and the maintenance that is required for one of these boats. He hasn’t been enjoying the technical side of owning a boat so much, but he has enjoyed racing around on a WaveRunner of his own.

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Yamalube 2-M Offers Preventative Care as Well as Lubrication

domo online blog 4 5-5-14It can be very tempting to purchase generic oil for your boat, since generics are often so much cheaper than brand name oils. What is important to remember is that there is a reason that generics are cheaper than oils with a name brand. There is a level of quality in name brand oils that cheaper oils do not have because they have a different formula.

For example, regular TC-W3 oil might work just fine in your outboard for a certain length of time. However, it doesn’t do the preventative care that Yamalube 2-M does. This oil helps to guard your motor against ring stick and carbon build up that can prevent your motor from working as well over time. If you are willing to spend the money on a good motor, you should spend money to protect that motor as well.

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Getting Two Cycle Oil for a Trip Around the Lake

domo online blog 3 5-5-14My father suggested that it might be fun to go out on the lake yesterday afternoon. I was initially reluctant, because I had been working all day and going out on the lake for a couple of hours didn’t sound terribly appealing. However, I didn’t want to disappoint my father, so I agreed to go out on the lake and tool around for a few hours before dinner.

He hooked up the boat trailer and went to the gas station to fill up his gas tank for the trip. We ended up having to go get some two cycle oil as well, because it turned out that he had already used his last bottle. Finding some oil meant taking even more time before launching the boat. By the time we got the boat launched, it was getting to be evening time and the mosquitoes on the lake were terrible.

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Sorting Through Rope and Mercury 2 Stroke Oil in My Uncle’s Boat Shed

domo online blog 2 5-5-14Last weekend, my uncle decided that it was probably time for him to reorganize his boat shed, since the shed that he keeps all of his boating gear in is a complete mess most of the time. I went over to help him clean the shed, because it definitely wasn’t something that he could have done by himself. The shed was actually more messy and disorganized than it had been the last time I’d seen it.

He had tangled tie ropes spread across the floor. There were several different fish nets tucked away in odd corners of his shed. He even had a case of Mercury 2 stroke oil, which he hasn’t used since he got rid of his old boat. We were able to clean out the shed and sort through the mess so that everything that is in the shed now is actually something that he needs for his boat.

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What’s the Best Outboard Motor Oil for You?

domo online blog 1 5-5-14In all of the time that I have been going out on boats, I have talked to many different people about their experiences with boat maintenance. It seems that almost every boater has gone through a learning process to decide exactly what kind of maintenance to do on their boat. Everyone has their own time schedule and favorite brand of oil that they think is perfect for their boat.

When it comes to determining what the best outboard motor oil to use is, you have to weigh a lot of different factors. The type of motor that you have on your boat and the age of that motor can really change what type of oil will work best inside of it. This is why one boater might swear by one type of oil while another one would be against using the same type of oil.

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Yamaha 2m Oil for a Small Outboard Motor

domo online blog 5 4-28-15My neighbor recently purchased a small Yamaha outboard motor for a small boat that he had purchased to take out on the lake that is by our houses. Since he doesn’t really know much about boat motors, he has been reading his user’s manual religiously and bringing it with him down to the dock. He follows every single direction that is given to him by the manual.

I watched him struggling to balance the manual while he was also adding Yamaha 2m oil to the motor. I asked him if he wanted any help, since I know a thing or two about motor maintenance, but he was convinced that the owner’s manual would tell him everything that he needed to know. So far he has been doing pretty well with his new motor. I’m just afraid he might crash his boat into something while his nose is buried in the manual.

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