Finding Bulk Mercury Optimax Oil Somewhere Other than the Marina Store

domo online blog 2 5-12-14My father hates to buy anything from the marina store because he feels that he is usually being grossly overcharged for the convenience of having a place to get last minute items for his boat. He has taken to being overly prepared for any boating situation by checking everything on his boat before he even goes near the marina. He buys boat parts online so that he won’t be overcharged.

Before he takes his boat away on its trailer, he will check to make sure that it has the oil and gasoline that it will need for the trip. He keeps a selection of bulk Mercury Optimax oil in his garage so that it will always be available when he needs it. Once he is sure that the outboard engine has everything that it needs to stay running without a trip to the marina store, he is ready to go.

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