Learning a Little about Yamalube 2W Oil and WaveRunners

domo online blog 5 5-5-14One of my cousins recently bought himself a used WaveRunner from someone who he knows from school. He didn’t really know anything about the boat, but he has wanted a personal watercraft for a long time, so it surprised no one that he was so quick to jump on a good deal. So far, his father has been teaching him everything that he has to know about owning a WaveRunner.

My cousin knows how to operate one of these boats and has spent many summers taking out his father’s boat. Now that he has one of his own he is learning about using Yamalube 2W oil and the maintenance that is required for one of these boats. He hasn’t been enjoying the technical side of owning a boat so much, but he has enjoyed racing around on a WaveRunner of his own.

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