I’ve gotten a few questions from people about kneeboarding, which I mentioned in yesterday’s post. The most frequently asked question is: “What the heck is kneeboarding?” Simply put, kneeboarding is an aquatic sport where the rider is towed along behind a boat, much like in wakeboarding and water skiing.

The board is shaped similarly to an oversized kickboard with Velcro straps. You start lying down on your stomach on the board with your hands holding onto the handle of the tow rope. As the boat picks up speed you hoist yourself onto your knees and pull the Velcro straps over your thighs. This keeps the board attached to you as you attempt to catch air. I remember it being a ton of fun as a little kid. You should definitely check out some kneeboards next time you pick up Evinrude outboard oil.

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Water Skiing

It’s been a long time since I last water skied. As a little kid I would love to go out knee-boarding (it’s similar to wakeboarding, only you kneel on the board instead of standing up) and water skiing on the river near our home. Fishing became more interesting to me in my adult years.

My daughter has now expressed interest in learning how to water ski, so I suppose it’s time to dig out my old skis and give her a few lessons. I’ll need to pick up a new tow rope and clips because I don’t trust that my old ones are safe. Next time I purchase some Evinrude oil I’ll select a new tow rope.

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New Johnson Propeller

I’m in the market for a new propeller for my Johnson outboard motorboat. Johnson as an independent brand has not existed for many years; they are currently owned by Evinrude. Though Evinrude stopped producing new Johnson models, the company still carries parts for Johnson motorboats.

I’ve got my eye on an aluminum three blade, standard rotation propeller. The one I’m looking at is die cast with aluminum alloy for greater strength. It has also has baked on corrosion resistant paint. I’ll have to do a bit more research before I make my purchase, but I think that between the propeller and some Evinrude Johnson 2 stroke outboard oil my outboard should be up and running in no time.

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Winter in Florida

As I’ve mentioned several times before, I have family in Miami and Naples, Florida. After the windy weather passed in Seattle, where I spent the holiday, I gave my family members a call to wish them a Merry Christmas. When I told them about the wind and power outages in the Northwest, they laughed and said, “You should have come to Florida!”

My uncle told me that it was in the upper 70s. He and my aunt were still wearing shorts and flip-flops! My uncle was even contemplating going to the store to pick up some Evinrude E-Tec to take out his watercrafts for a spin. Like I wrote yesterday, next year I will definitely be in Florida for Christmas, preferably gone fishin’.

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Windy Winter Weather

Over the holidays I spent time with my family in the Seattle area. The surrounding area is technically a temperate rain forest, meaning it doesn’t get too hot or too cold and they get lots of rainfall. The Seattle area also doesn’t get a lot of snow, so there was no white Christmas for us.

We did, however, have a windy Christmas. The wind gusts were so forceful that the power got knocked out. It was pretty chilly so we went to the movies for some warmth and light while the power was being restored to the neighborhood. Next year I think I’ll spend Christmas in Florida where I can take my boat out, filled with Evinrude 2 cycle oil XD100, and not worry about the cold.

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Entrepreneurial Teenagers

Who said all teenagers are lazy? Down at the marina this summer two young men from the area ran their own boat maintenance business. They did everything from cleaning to painting to minor engine work.

Though I prefer to maintain my own boat, I did give them a chance to earn some cash by changing by outboard motor oil. It turns out that they bought bulk outboard motor oil during the winter to help offset their costs during the summer months. By the time the summer was over the two young men had made a tidy profit.

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Easy Oil Spill Solutions

If you’re like me and you take care of all your own boat maintenance, every once in a while you’ll have a spill. Cleaning up an oil spill is much simpler than most people think. In fact, you probably have most of the items you need right in your own home.

Baking soda, for instance, is a natural cleaning agent that soaks up oil. It also absorbs odors extremely well. Baby powder is effective, too. For larger spills, like a leaky bulk oil container, use cat litter. The litter comes in bigger bags so you can spread it more easily over a wide area.

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Practical Gift Giving

Have you ever opened a present and said, “Oh, no, you shouldn’t have!” and inside your head thought, “No, really, you shouldn’t have.” I’ve never understood why people give knick-knacks, tchokes, and other random items that will likely never be used. Those items may have been given with love, but they end up wasting space. I much prefer giving and receiving practical gifts.

For example, instead of giving each other subpar $10 gifts this season, by buddies and I decided to go in on bulk motor oil. We all enjoy fishing fall through summer, so this gift will definitely be used. I’ll take this kind of gift over another reindeer tie any day.

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Winterizing an Inboard/Outboard Motor

Unless you live in Miami, you need to winterize your inboard/outboard motor. It’s already December, so chances are if you haven’t already scheduled an appointment at the marina, you’ll need to do the job yourself. Removing the water from the engine is a fairly simple task that you should be able to complete on your own.

Start by lowering the engine into the down position and then allow the water in the unit to drain away. Next, remove the drain plugs so the water can drain into the bilge. Newer drain plugs are made of plastic and can easily be turned by hand. Once the draining is complete, reattach the plugs, and then drain the bilge. While you’re winterizing your machine, make sure that you are stocked up on boat motor oil for next season.

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Transporting an Outboard Motor

Today we’re going to touch on proper transportation. This may seem like a no-brainer, but you would be surprised by the number of boat owners who cause damage to their outboard motors by not transporting them correctly. Driving with the outboard motor loaded to the transom is fine, but if the outboard is in the “up” position with an unsupported lower unit, every bump in the road is concentrated on the bolts of the fiberglass transom.

Now you may be thinking to yourself, “I always transport my motorboat the way you described. If I don’t, the motor will scrape the lake bottom when landing.” True, a tilt may be necessary, but there is no good reason to not right the motor once the boat has been loaded onto the trailer. Once the boat has been loaded, the motor lowered, and the hull cleaned, take the opportunity to check to see if the motor needs to be topped off with the best outboard motor oil.

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Top Five Fishing Cities: New Orleans

I’ve only visited New Orleans once and it was as a volunteer to re-build homes in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. Fishing wasn’t a top priority at that time. Though the city still hasn’t fully recovered, I’ve heard from friends in the area that the fishing has improved significantly.

Just like Field & Stream, my friends recommended City Park and Bayou Segnette. The Bayou is ideal for largemouth fish. The city and surrounding area are checkered with marshes, canals, and ponds begging to be explored. Next time I get an opportunity to go down there, I’ll bring my boat and some extra Amalie oil.

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Top Five Fishing Cities: Seattle

Seattle is also a no-brainer addition to the list. I lived just outside Seattle for a number of years and can verify that locals are spoiled with an abundance of delicious fresh salt and freshwater fish. I used to take out my 2 stroke oil engine motorboat on Puget Sound and catch halibut, flounder, cod, and salmon.

Lake Union is teeming with smallmouths, crappies, and perch. Lake Washington has over 100 species of fish, including sockeye salmon. If you’re willing to travel a bit further, steelheads can be caught on the Snohomish, Snoqualmie, Skagit, and Sauk Rivers. A great fishing daytrip to the Yakima River can yield rainbow trout.

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