Winterizing Yamaha Jet Boat, Part II

Picking up where we left off yesterday… attach the flush hose to the antifreeze container and flush the engine using the same techniques used with the water hose. Once that’s completed, spray fogging oil into the engine carburetor while the engine is running. After a little while, spray enough so the engine stops running. Repeat the cycle with the other engine.

Allow the engines to cool down and then remove the spark plugs. Spray fogging oil into the plugs, and then insert the desiccant plugs. Drain out any remaining water and pump antifreeze throughout via the bilge pump. Use ArmorAll or another cleaner to wipe down cushions and other surfaces, and then cover the boat with a breathable yet weather-resistant tarp. Over the winter you can place an order for Yamalube so you’ll be ready to go once warm weather rolls around.

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