Winterizing Yamaha Jet Boat, Part I

Knowing how to winterize watercraft is part of being a responsible boat owner. Today and tomorrow we’re going to focus on how to winterize a Yamaha jet boat. To complete the winterization process, you will need: stabilizer fuel treatment, fogging oil, water hose, flush hose, antifreeze, desiccant plugs, and ArmorAll.

Add fuel stabilizer to the fuel tank of the jet boat prior to its last run of the season. After the outing is over, add another bottle of fuel stabilizer and fill the tank with fuel. Using the water hose, flush the engine for about 30 minutes. Make sure the engine is running when you flush the system, so as not to damage any cylinders. We’ll pick up here tomorrow. You can use the time between posts to make sure you have all the necessary materials, including plenty of Yamaha outboard oil.

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