Getting the Right Type of Yamalube for a Personal Water Craft

domo-online blog 5 10-26-15When I purchased a personal watercraft, I was really excited about getting to take it out on the water. I had been a lot more focused on buying one of these boats and taking it out on the water, than I was about the responsibility that I took on just by getting one of these boats. I didn’t really think about maintenance on it or getting repairs to it at first.

I ended up spending most of the days after I bought the boat just taking it out on the water. After I used all of the gas in the tank, it finally occurred to me to start looking into what type of gasoline and oil I could put into the boat. Since I like Yamalube oil, all I had to do was find the type that was right for my personal watercraft.

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Waverunner Oil is Specially Formulated for This Type of Engine

domo-online blog 4 10-26-15I didn’t know much about Waverunners when a friend of mine sold me his. I had gone out on the Waverunner before, but I had never been responsible for launching it and taking care of it so I didn’t know much about this aspect of Waverunner ownership. Luckily, my friend was around to teach me what types of things I needed to know.

I was taught about cleaning a Waverunner to make it so that it would look nice and be presentable when I took it out on the water. My friend also taught me about how to keep the inside of the Waverunner running smoothly with proper Waverunner oil and maintenance. I feel good about owning this new Waverunner.

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Some Optimax Oil in My Engine Makes My Outboard Run Without Any Issues

domo-online blog 3 10-26-15When I first purchased a Mercury Optimax outboard, I was attracted to this type of outboard because of its efficiency and all over performance. I knew that an outboard like this would be perfect for my boat. I decided to buy one used rather than buying a brand new one just to cut down on the cost of the motor.

I ended up looking at many different ones before finding one that I would be able to buy and bring home right away. Before I even bought an Optimax motor, I ended up buying some Optimax oil that I would be able to use in the motor all of the time. I was glad to be able to have this oil since I knew that it was a superior type that would help keep my motor running smoothly.

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My Boat is Set Up to Run on Evinrude XD 100 Oil

domo-online blog2 10-26-15When I first bought my Evinrude engine, I took the time to find one with the set up that I wanted rather than the one that I would be able to find more quickly. I wanted one that would be set up to use XD 100 oil since this would make the oil consumption lower. I had a hard time finding one that would be programmed this way in my area.

Now that I have the engine that I always wanted, I have been able to drive around in my boat without having it consume oil too quickly. It is great to be able to avoid adding the oil as frequently as I might have to with an outboard programmed to consume XD50. I am glad to be able to use Evinrude XD 100 oil any time that I need to lubricate the engine.

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Buying Yamalube 2M Oil to Use With My Outboard Motor

domo-online blog1 10-26-15When I purchased my Yamaha outboard motor, I was really excited to get it hooked up to my boat so that I would be able to troll around in my local lake while fishing. I ended up getting the outboard put onto my boat by a friend who knew how to get everything set up right. I couldn’t wait to try out the outboard once everything was set up.

Before I could try it out on the water, I had to make sure that I had fuel and oil in the motor so that it would run smoothly. I had to purchase some Yamalube 2M oil to run with the gasoline in my outboard so that I wouldn’t have to worry about having the motor ruined with cheap oil. I run the same oil every time to keep my outboard nice.

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Fishing in the Bay with My New Boat and Yamaha 2M Oil

domo-online blog 5 10-19-15When I first decided that I would buy a boat, my friends laughed at me. They didn’t really seem to understand why I would need a boat since I had only ever fished in the lakes and rivers that were closest to my home. Since none of these allowed motor boats, they didn’t see why I would need a boat at all if I kept fishing the way that I was fishing.

Of course, it made a lot more sense to them when I told them that I was going to start fishing in the bay that was an hour’s drive from my house. I bought a smaller boat with a Yamaha 2 stroke outboard attached to the back of it. With a bit of gasoline and some Yamaha 2M oil, I was ready to start fishing out on the bay.

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Using Ringfree Plus as an Additive Helps My Outboard Stay Cleaner on the Inside

domo-online blog 4 10-19-15Whenever I take my boat out of the water, I make sure that I wash it down so that the outside of the boat sparkles. I spend a good amount of time spraying it with water and soaping it up so that it stays clean and nice looking. I know that what my boat looks like on the outside may only matter to me, but I want to put in the effort to keep it looking like a boat I can be proud of.

Keeping the outside of my boat clean is certainly a lot less important than keeping the inside of my outboard motor as clean as it can be. I keep the motor clean by making sure to only run quality oils through the motor. I also add Ringfree Plus to the mixture occasionally so that any kind of buildup inside the motor will be washed away.

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Mercury Oil Keeps My Outboard at Peak Performance Levels

domo-online blog 3 10-19-15When I was deciding on which outboard I wanted to put onto the back of my boat, I had a hard time deciding what kind of outboard would be best. I knew that I wanted something with excellent performance and the ability to run with a great deal of power. I also wanted something that would be fuel efficient and wouldn’t constantly be eating through gallons of fuel and oil.

I spent a good amount of time looking at outboards so that I would be able to find one that most met my needs. In the end, I purchased a Mercury Optimax outboard that ran relatively cleanly and was very powerful. With the proper Mercury oil, I have been able to keep this motor running at its optimal performance level.

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Evinrude XD 50 Oil is Right for the Set Up of My New Engine

domo-online blog 2 10-19-15For the past few months, I have been perusing online ads and different boat forums so that I can find a new outboard that will work well with my small fishing boat. The old outboard that I had on it was starting to run choppy, which concerned me greatly. By keeping an eye out online, I was able to find a good deal on an outboard that would be perfect.

I was extremely happy when I was able to find an Evinrude E-Tec engine that was the right size for my small fishing boat. I was surprised to find once I got the engine that it had been programmed to consume XD50 oil rather than XD100. I had to go out and buy new Evinrude XD 50 oil so that I actually had the right type for this outboard.

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Evinrude Outboard Oil Helps Me Keep My Outboard Running Clean

domo-online blog 1 10-19-15When I first owned a boat, I also owned an outboard that was old and not particularly energy efficient. I often wondered what my boat might be doing to the water since the motor puffed out huge plumes of smoke whenever it was running. When I had the money to replace the outboard motor, I decided to get something that would run a lot cleaner.

I understood that if I wanted to preserve the waters that I was going out on, I would need to find an engine that would run with less exhaust. I looked at a few different ones before picking out an Evinrude E-Tec outboard. As long as I run the right kind of Evinrude outboard oil in it, I don’t have to worry about my engine churning out all kinds of exhaust.

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Mercury Engine Oil Offers My Motor with Better Oil to Help with Its Performance

domo-online blog 5 10-12-15The boat that I use whenever I go out fishing is a fairly small fishing boat that is good for launching in lakes near to my home. When I got it, it came with an older outboard motor that I always had a hard time starting. There were several different times where I thought I might be stranded in the middle of a lake just because my motor wouldn’t start up again.

When it came time to replace this outboard, I looked for something that would be efficient and cleaner burning than my current outboard. I ended up buying a Mercury Optimax outboard that would run well on my little boat. With Mercury engine oil, I can keep this outboard performing excellently with optimal efficiency.

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Evinrude Johnson 2 Stroke Outboard Oil Makes Sense for My Rental Business

domo-online blog 4 10-15-15When I first started renting boats out to local fisherman, I only had a few boats that I was renting out. I was having a hard time with the maintenance for these boats because they all ran off of different kinds of motors and required different care. I realized that I really needed to standardize this much more so that I would be able to easily care for the boats.

I ended up buying a bunch of Evinrude outboard motors that I would be able to put on each of the boats in my fleet. I switched the boats over to these outboards so that I would be able to use Evinrude Johnson 2 stroke outboard oil in all of them without any difficulty. It is great to be able to run these boats with no problems because I can maintain them all easily.

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