Overlooking The Importance Of Quality Outboard Motor Oil Can Have Serious Consequences

When it comes to boat maintenance and care, I have always been very diligent. The last thing I want is my boat to unexpectedly break down when I am about to embark on a diligently-planned outing. Planning ahead when it comes to boat care really pays off, and so does getting the right supplies for boat maintenance and care.

With some great outboard oil for the boat, I can ensure that my investment is well-taken-care-of. My outboard was a big investment and it is wise to make sure that I am taking care of it in the best way possible. It is like with a car, small things that you can easily overlook can do lots of damage and cost you thousands in repairs.

My car is pretty old and it somehow burns up the oil. There is no oil leak and no one has been able to figure out where the oil is going. Even though this seems like a small detail, I have to diligently keep track of the oil level and make sure the engine is not running with too little oil or no oil. This can harm the engine and even make it useless. I would have to probably buy a new car if I allowed the engine to get damaged this way. The same kind of care applies to my boat’s engine. I use only really high-quality outboard motor oil to make sure the engine has what it needs to run smoothly. Overlooking this can have very serious consequences.

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What Affects Performance Alongside Outboard Motor Oil

boat3It can be quite surprising to find out what things can actually affect how well your engine performs. Even where you store things or sit on a boat can significantly influence how well the engine runs. When the weight shifts to the rear, it can increase top speed. However, if too much weight is put in the back of the craft, the boat can porpoise.

So what happens if the weight is in the front? Planing off will be easier and it will improve rough water ride. However, if too much is in the front, the boat can veer left and right. Of course, really getting the most out of your engine means proper maintenance, such as buying the right outboard motor oil and other upkeep.

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Safety Starts with the Right Snowmobile Oil

snow-blog480Winter sports can be the best part of the cold season for many people. With all the different sports to choose from, just about everyone can find one that suits their preferences the best. For a lot of snow bunnies, jumping on a snowmobile can be the whole reason to head to the slopes. But before hopping onboard, there are a few safety tips they should know.

A properly maintained vehicle is a key to safety. Finding the right snowmobile oil and performing regular maintenance is one of the best ways to stay safe. Knowing your local laws will also keep riders safer and out of legal trouble. Dressing appropriately will keep you warm and protected from the elements. While women may find some outfits cuter, it’s important to maintain your body temperature.

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Evinrude Outboard Oil on Christmas Eve

aEvinrudeThere are a lot of different traditions that people practice for Christmastime when it comes to opening presents. Some people open presents on Christmas Eve, some on Christmas morning, and some wait until after dinner on Christmas Day. My family and I have always opened one present on Christmas Eve and then the rest the next morning.

This past year, when I opened up my present on Christmas Eve, I knew that my dreams were going to come true on Christmas Day. Because when I realized I had unwrapped a bottle of Evinrude outboard oil, I knew that it meant that my family had gotten me a boat for Christmas, which was exactly the gift that I had always been wanting.

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2 Cycle Oil for Dad’s Maintenance

76MontesaCota247My dad was bed-ridden during a particularly nasty battle with the stomach flu, so I was going over to his house every day for a few days to help him out with errands while he was feeling ill. I knew that he had been planning a big boating trip soon and had intended to prepare for it, but was too focused on staying in bed and recovering from being so sick.

While he was out of commission, I did some maintenance on his boat that he had planned on doing. For that, I had to go out and pick up some 2 cycle oil so that I could use it on his boat. I also picked up some groceries for him and got him the medication that he would need to feel better and get over the stomach flu faster.

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Pools, Lakes, and Yamaha 2W Oil

Yamaha_Raptor_250_Light_Weight_Quad_2011_70736752_thumbnailFor the first time in my life, I am as surrounded as water as I would like to be. I’ve always been obsessed with hanging out in the water and finally I live in a house that has a pool and I also live nearby a lake. This is perfect for me, because I love being able to go for a swim in the pool as well as take my boat out on the lake, especially now that it’s summertime.

Recently, I went out to get some supplies for things that I would want to play around with in the pool and out on the lake. For instance, I got some pool toys so that my kids would be able to properly enjoy the pool and have fun in it. I got some of those noodles, as well as some goggles to make swimming easier, and I also picked up a couple of bottles of Yamaha 2M oil.

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Installing a Water Pump, Part I

For the most part, a water pump will last the lifetime of the motor itself; however, if you do hear whirring or grinding noises, it may be time to replace the water pump. Replacing a busted water pump is not too difficult for the average handy-man or woman. You will need a set of wrenches, a socket wrench set, new water pump, a water pump gasket, gasket sealer, and possibly new hose clamps. While you’re gathering supplies, you may also want to pick up some Yamalube 2-M oil.

Begin by locating the petcock valves on either side of the engine block. Open up a valve or two to drain out the water. Locate and loosen the bolts on the belt pulleys and then remove the belt. The hose clamps should also be visible; remove any water that may still be lingering in the hose connecting to the damaged water pump.

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Repairing a 2-Stroke Float Valve

The float valve is an essential component of any outboard engine because it controls the level of fuel present in a carburetor’s float bowl. If the levels are incorrect, the engine may flood out or starve for fuel. Repairing and adjusting a  is fairly simple.

Start by turning the carburetor float bowl upside down, so the float hangs free. Using a six-inch machinist’s ruler, check to see if the float is correctly set. If not, bend the small metal tab between the hinge and body of the float, so that is lies at the correct level. Don’t forget to check the levels of Yamaha oil when you’re done tinkering with the float bowl!

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How to Disconnect a Mercury Outboard Motor Oil Pump

To , you will need pre-wired paper tags, an oil storage container, and duct tape. Start by locating the oil inlet line that runs from the oil tank to the oil pump. Tag the line.

Pull out the oil inlet line by hand from the pump and cap it with your thumb. Drain the mercury outboard oil into a storage container. Use duct tape to cap the line. Tag the oil outlet line which runs from the pump to the fuel system. Pull the line from the pump, and then cap the line with duct tape to prevent contamination.

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Shrink Wrapping Your Boat

Shrink wrapping your boat helps protect it during the cold winter months. All you need is a boat shrink wrap kit, a heat gun, and a ladder (depending on the size of your boat). Most of these items can be ordered online or purchased at a boating supplies store.

Take care of the engine, mercury oil, and other necessities on the boat and position the vehicle where you want it to stay for the season. Pad sharp corners that could potentially puncture the shrink wrap. Put up support poles for the shrink wrap to adhere to, and then unroll the shrink wrap over the boat. Use the heat gun to tighten and seal the shrink wrap. Check your work for any holes, patch up those holes you find, and finally install self adhesive vents to keep mold from forming under the wrap.

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Repairing Damaged Boat Floor

As much as I love being out on the water, I don’t like it when the water comes into my boat. More often then not, water in the boat is caused by a damaged floor. Fortunately, a few simple steps are all that’s needed to restore a boat floor.

Start by sanding the damaged area with a 60 grit sandpaper, and then increase to 80 grit. Apply wood filler liberally to the sanded area. Once the filler has dried, sand the area until it is flush with the rest of the floor. Apply waterproof sealer and then varnish to finish the job. When you’re out purchasing floor repair supplies, take a moment to stock up on amalie oil.

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Yamaha Maintenance Tips

It’s important to inspect your boat every time you plan on taking it out on the water. You don’t want any surprises to crop up when you’re far from shore. One thing you should do is check the hydraulics and trim. Check specifically for power trim and tilt fluid; it should be even with the bottom of the plug.

Of course, checking engine compression is a must (check yesterday’s post for a how-to). Next, do a visual inspection for leaks – water, oil, or exhaust. If all is well, check the oil to make sure it is both clean and at the proper level. If the oil is low, refill the tank with Yamalube 2m oil.

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