Prices just keep getting better

SmileyAs a top performer XD 50 outboard motor oil from Evinrude/Johnson is a very popular formula. Offering improved emissions and superior protection against engine wear, this oil has earned its place as a staple for those who have 2 stroke engines. That’s why the continuosly dropping price comes as such a surprise. With already rock bottom prices, how can it get any better?

It just did! For less than $22/gallon you can stop using the other stuff and start using the oil that was designed for YOUR engine. If you need a TC-W3 compliant oil then this is for you. So stop by and check out the lower price on XD 50 motor oil!

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What’s the big deal?

Synthetic OilA lot of people don’t know exactly what sets synthetic oil apart from its counterpart. Motor oil that’s derived from the proces of turning oil into petroleum is what has traditionally been called motor oil. Synthetic oil is oil created from chemical compounds. Historically, traditional mineral oils such asd those derived from processing crude oil are not as efficient or beneficial to the use of high performance engines.

Synthetic oil offers a full host of advantages versus mineral oils and can often last much longer. As a more economical, more earth friendly product, synthetic motor oil is unmatched in terms of convenience and ease-of-use. Most people don’t need to know exactly how a 2 cycle outboard motor oil works. All they need to know is that the motor itself works. But with synthetic oils you can improved the overall performance of your outboard motor, not to mention increase oil efficiency.

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Fishing Among Top Ten Sports in the US

Freshwater FishingFishing is often a nostalgic activity, bringing people back to their childhood fun. Whether they enjoyed fishing with family, friends or just by themselves, fishing is an integral part of our American culture. Frequently used for recreational activity and family outings, fishing has proven itself to be one of the most relaxing activities anyone can engage in.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to bodies of water, types of fish and even types of boats. With so many boats becoming more and more affordable everyday we see more people taking to the open water for fishing expeditions with family and friends. 2-cycle engines offer an excellent resource in this area, providing lightweight, affordable motors that are convenient and easy to use. And your 2-cycle engine oil is affordable too! In creeks, streams, rivers lakes and salt-water people just like you are enjoying the real fun of fishing.

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Keep Your Outboard Motor Tip-Top

2 Cycle Outboard MotorTaking care of your outboard motor involves a lot more than just prudent use and regular maintenance. You’ll also need a premium quality oil that helps reduce engine wear and cuts down on unnecessary emissions. Exhaust itself is notorious for polluting its own engine and causing complete failure that is not only inconvenient but also very expensive. If you can find a good deal on 2-cycle outboard motor oil then you’re halfway there.

Through the use of a good oil you can prolong the life of your outboard motor indefinitely, saving yourself the hassle and the expense of purchasing a replacement or paying for repairs. Anyone who’s had a boat motor failre at the worst possible moment can tell you, taking care of that motor is absolutely essential. In some cases lives could depend on it. So don’t get yourself caught out in the cold without an operating engine. Take care of your motor, and yourself, with professional maintenance and top-quality products.

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Recycle Oil

Recycle Motor OilWhen it’s time to replace your 2 cycle motor oil make sure you dispose of your used oil properly. Despite attempts to clean up landfills and other dumping areas motor oil continues to be a persistent problem and threat to the environment around the world. When we don’t follow proper disposal techniques we endanger wildlife and can even directly impact the helth and growth of fish in large numbers.

Simply put, if you don’t recycle your oil a lot of bad things can happen and you’ll end up with no fish, or no clean water for boating. The snowball effect from improper disposal of your oil can be catastrophic to wetlands and endangered species no matter where you live. That’s why I support and practice motor oil recycling religiously. I want my children, grandchildren and their children to be able to enjoy the same relationship with nature and wildlife that I do.

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