Fishing Among Top Ten Sports in the US

Freshwater FishingFishing is often a nostalgic activity, bringing people back to their childhood fun. Whether they enjoyed fishing with family, friends or just by themselves, fishing is an integral part of our American culture. Frequently used for recreational activity and family outings, fishing has proven itself to be one of the most relaxing activities anyone can engage in.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to bodies of water, types of fish and even types of boats. With so many boats becoming more and more affordable everyday we see more people taking to the open water for fishing expeditions with family and friends. 2-cycle engines offer an excellent resource in this area, providing lightweight, affordable motors that are convenient and easy to use. And your 2-cycle engine oil is affordable too! In creeks, streams, rivers lakes and salt-water people just like you are enjoying the real fun of fishing.

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