Spotlight on Best Boats for Freshwater Fishing ~ Part 5

Boats that deliver a midway point between luxury and sport include the inboard cruisers, which feature a sleeping cabin and plenty of deck space. These vessels are typically 30-plus feet in length and are ideal for weekend voyages, fishing expeditions and fun in the sun with friends or family.

Another great vessel for entertaining, pontoon boats provide ample space for multiple passengers and a stable and spacious platform for fishing. But if speed is all you’re after, I would invest in a jet boat, which is praised for its top speed and maneuverability. These boats are ideal for all water sports including recreational fishing. And, bringing up the opposite end of the spectrum, Jon boats are all about fishing as they lack the fancy extras and high power of models like the jet boat. Jon boats are simple and inexpensive and they feature a flat-bottom design with 1 to 3 bench seats.

All boats enjoy the rich power and luxury conditioning provided by Evinrude XD 50 oil.

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