If You’re Running a Yamaha Outboard Yamaha 2M Oil Is the One for You

domo online blog 5 10-27-14When you buy a boat, it is up to you to make sure that your boat continues to run at its peak performance since no one else will be able to do it for you. The key to keeping a boat running well is identifying what kind of maintenance it needs early on so that you can make sure to keep up with this. You are the only one who can be responsible for keeping your boat running.

For those people who have a Yamaha 2 stroke outboard, most of what you need to do is make sure that your boat always has a mix of gasoline and Yamaha 2M oil keeping it running. The oil is made by the same manufacturer as the outboard, which can be one of the best ways to ensure that the oil and the outboard motor continue to work well together all of the time.

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Mercury Optimax Oil is Necessary for My Brother’s High Performance Optimax Outboard

domo online blog 2 10-27-14When my brother first decided that he wanted a new outboard motor, he decided to look for one with better performance and ability than the one that he had at the moment. His older motor was a hand-me-down from one of our friends so it wasn’t one that ran particularly well. Almost any motor that my brother bought would have been better than that one.

In the end, my brother chose an Optimax outboard motor because he liked how efficient these motors were. He has enjoyed the motor ever since he decided to get it for his boat because of the amount of power he can get from it. The motor works perfectly for his purposes and has always been very efficient as long as he always puts Mercury Optimax oil in it on a regular basis.

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Programming My Outboard to Use Evinrude XD50 Oil

domo online blog 1 10-27-14When I first bought my Evinrude E-Tec engine, I had to make the decision about whether to have it programmed to run on XD100 oil or on XD50 oil. At the time, I was focused on spending less money where I could. Even though I knew that my engine would use a bit more oil if I programmed it to use XD50 oil, I decided that it would be worth avoiding extra costs.

I am not entirely sure that I made the right decision because my engine does seem to use a lot of Evinrude XD50 oil. I know that XD100 oil can be very expensive, but wonder whether having this oil would have been a better choice because the motor would not have consumed as much of it as quickly as it does now. I am hopeful that the cost is at least similar.

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Some Bulk Motor Oil is Sure to Last Me Longer than Individual Gallons

domo online blog 5 10-20-14When I was first buying oil for my boats, I was buying it a little at a time from a local store. It felt like I always was in that boating shop looking for the oil that I needed to take my boat out the next day. I just went through oil so quickly that it felt almost silly to continue buying it in such small containers all of the time. I felt like it was getting too expensive.

That’s when I decided to go online to find large amounts of boat motor oil for sale at more reasonable prices. I was able to purchase bulk motor oil without having to worry about paying too much for my oil. This made it so that I always had the oil that I needed and I never had to run to the store to try and get more oil for my boat when I suddenly ran out of it.

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Trusting Yamalube Oil to Support all of My Yamaha Engines

domo online blog 4 10-20-14When I look to buy any kind of motor, I usually am looking at Yamaha brand. This is because the outboard motors and snowmobiles that I have purchased from this brand in the past have always lasted me a long time and performed excellently. The snowmobile in my garage right now has a Yamaha engine as does the outboard motor that is on my fishing boat.

Part of making sure that these motors function for me when I need them the most is making sure that I take care of them properly. I always make sure to fill these engines with good quality gasoline and to only use Yamalube oil with them. When I take good care of these motors they continue to work for years and years without needing any repairs.

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Picking Two Cycle Outboard Oil that is Good For Your Outboard

domo online blog 3 10-20-14If you own a two cycle outboard motor, you know that there is a lot more oil that goes into operating this engine than goes into your car or truck. You have to put oil in each time that you fill up with gasoline so that the engine is able to stay properly lubricated all of the time. While many different types of oil are available, it is important to pick a good one for you outboard.

One great way to find out which oil is a good one for your outboard is to look at the owner’s manual for your outboard motor. This will usually recommend a type of two cycle outboard oil that works best for your outboard. Another good way to choose is to find two cycle oil that is made by the same manufacturer that made the outboard motor in the first place.

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Optimax Oil is Needed in a Special Kind of Engine

domo online blog 2 10-20-14With many outboard motors, the operator actually has a bit of choice when it comes to buying oil for the motor. It isn’t the end of the world if you have to use the cheaper brand of oil a few times because your local marina has run out of your favorite brand. Some people even manage to run these outboards only on cheap oil for the majority of their lives.

For some more special outboards, like Optimax outboards, it is important to buy oil that is made for this engine. Since the engine has special requirements that other oils might not be able to provide, you should always stick to using Optimax oil when you are operating this outboard. Using another type of oil could cause damage to the outboard in the long run.

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Mercury Oil is a Big Part of Keeping a Motor Running Well

When I owned a boat when I was far younger, I wasn’t thinking much further ahead than my next fishing trip. I know that there were times that I went out with my boat where the motor didn’t have very much oil in with the gasoline making sure that all of the parts stayed lubricated. When I did have the right amount of oil, it was always the cheapest type.

At the time, I thought that I was being thrifty and saving money in the long run. Then of course my motor started having problems and eventually it needed to be replaced. A new motor cost me a lot more than regularly buying plenty of Mercury oil would have in the long run. I learned my lesson though. Now I only use good quality oil and use the right amount of it.

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Using the Right Kind of Evinrude Outboard Oil for Your Outboard Motor

domo online blog 5 10-13-14When it comes to Evinrude outboard motors, there are many different types that are great for using with your boat. Many people chose to have an Evinrude E-Tec motor because these are the most efficient motors that Evinrude makes. These motors are also capable of running a lot cleaner that many of the motors that are on the market for use with your boat.

These motors are usually built to run on XD100 oil, but they can be programmed to run on XD50 instead. It is very important to know which one your boat motor is set up for because it changes the type of Evinrude outboard oil that you have to use. You cannot switch to XD50 without causing damage if your engine is set up to run XD100.

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My Father Uses Yamalube Ringfree Plus as a Type of Routine Maintenance

domo online blog 4 10-13-14Since my father has been a mechanic for a long time, he knows that machines need to be properly maintained to ensure that they are running well. I remember when he first got his boat he was really excited about having it. On the days that he didn’t take it out on the water, he still seemed to be working on it, cleaning it or just looking at the engine checking it for problems.

In every tank of fuel, my father makes sure that his motor doesn’t have any gunky build up by sending some Yamalube ringfree plus through the engine. This makes it so that any build up that could cause damage to his engine starts to disintegrate. He doesn’t have to worry as much about having problems in his engine that come from carbon stacking up inside of it.

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Less Yamalube 2W is Necessary During the Fall

domo online blog 3 10-13-14Now that it is fall, it is a strange feeling not going out on the lake every single weekend. Since the weather is getting a lot colder, it isn’t as logical for me to take out my smaller fishing boats when the weather is bad. I barely get any use out of my WaveRunner since it is way too cold to want to feel the spray from the water and the breeze ripping all around you.

It feels odd not to be constantly thinking about when I am going to need to buy the next batch of Yamalube 2W to ensure that the WaveRunner is able to function perfectly. I know that I still get to take my boat out sometimes and that the weather is good enough on a few weekends to go out, but for the most part I’m staying home. It isn’t warm enough for WaveRunners anymore.

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Yamaha Outboard Oil Keeps My Boat Running During a Rainy Fishing Trip

domo online blog 2 10-13-14Last weekend, I decided to brave the rain and the wind and go out on the water to go fishing. I took my little fishing boat out to the marina and got it ready to launch. I had to pack all of the fishing poles and some tackle boxes that I needed to bring with me. I had a friend who was joining me, but he decided that he would meet me down at the marina that morning.

On the way to the marina, I made sure to fill up on gasoline and Yamaha outboard oil so that my boat would be running at its best. It is always important to make sure that a boat is running well when it is taken out, but it is even more important to do so when the weather is bad. I didn’t have a single problem with my outboard motor during the trip, which I was thankful for.

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