A Mercury Oil 55 Gallon Drum Supplies My Brother’s Boat Rental Shop

domo online blog 1 10-13-14When my brother said that he was going to open up a boat rental shop over by the marina to rent boats to the people that wanted to go out on the water, the rest of us thought that it was a great idea. Of course, most of the rentals took place during the summertime, but my brother isn’t too concerned about the off season. He was able to at least cover his costs.

In order to run the boat rental shop, he had to buy a couple of good boats that he could easily rent out, get some insurance, and always have a Mercury oil 55 gallon drum hanging around so that he could keep his boats running great. Since he already knew a lot about boat maintenance, he was able to do most of his own. This really helped him to cut down on costs.

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The Right Yamaha Oil for a WaveRunner to Use

Since Yamaha is a very diverse brand, it is not surprising that they manufacture a large assortment of different types of oil. They have to have oil that will work in vehicles that move through the water in addition to those that move through mud and snow. This requires a lot of different types of oil with additives that are good for the right kind of situation.

If you are trying to find the right type of Yamaha oil to run a WaveRunner, this is different oil than is used in just a standard boat. Rather than using Yamaha 2M, which you would with many different outboard motors, you must make sure that you use Yamaha 2W. This type of oil is specifically designed for WaveRunners and other small watercrafts.

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Cleaning My Boat Inside and Out with Ringfree Plus

domo online blog 3 10-06-14Since it is fall, I spent the last few afternoons getting my boat cleaned up a little. I want my boat to be clean before it gets covered in the leaves and the dirt that is going to attack it throughout this season. I spent all of yesterday pressure washing the sides of my boat and making sure that the outside was gleaming. Now that the outside of my boat is clean I want to make sure the inside is too.

I have purchased some ringfree plus to run through my engine so that any gunk or build up that was starting to stick in my engine would go away. I plan to run my engine with this inside of it when I take the boat out on the lake this weekend. This should make it so that the inside of my outboard motor is as clean as the outside of my boat is right now.

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Some Mercury Outboard Oil for a Trip Around the Island

domo online blog 2 10-06-14One of my friends has a house that is on an island out in the bay. He uses the house mostly as a summer vacation home, but on nice weekends he goes out to the house during the fall and spring as well. He loves being able to be close to the water where he can take his boat out and look for some of the sea creatures that live along the coast and in the deeper water.

Last weekend, he and I went out to his vacation home so that we could take his boat out. The weather was really nice and many of the weather stations were reporting that it would be the last good weekend of the year. We got his boat ready by feeding it some gasoline and some Mercury outboard oil. Once it was ready we zipped around the island enjoying the sights.

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An Evinrude E-Tec Engine Requires Evinrude Johnson 2 Stroke Outboard Oil to Run

domo online blog 1 10-06-14For many people choosing a motor or a type of oil is merely a way of showing brand loyalty. When people have a brand that they respect, they are more likely to stick with buying this brand’s products. For example, my brother has always loved Evinrude engines. His very first outboard motor was an Evinrude one that ran like a champ for a long time.

Now he is using an Evinrude E-Tec motor on the fishing boat that he has. He loves his E-Tec because this engine runs really efficiently and doesn’t use as much oil as some of the engines that he has had in the past. He is able to fill it up with Evinrude Johnson 2 stroke outboard oil and then never worry about the engine having any problems or not running right.

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Buying Yamalube 2M in Bulk to Save Dollars Over Time

domo online blog 5 9-29-14When I first bought my boat I was constantly looking for ways to save money on boat operation costs, since I was trying to make payments on the boat more easily. I figured that every dollar that I could save on marine oil and gasoline would be another dollar I could put toward paying off the loan that I had gotten so that I could buy a larger boat than I could afford right away.

I discovered that when it came to outboard oil, the best way for me to save was by buying the oil in larger amounts. When I bought several gallons of Yamalube 2M at a time, I was able to save at least a few dollars per gallon. In the long run, this would add up to some serious savings. In the first years of owning my boat, I built some habits that still save me money on operating costs.

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We Need Far Less Yamaha 2W Oil in the Fall

domo online blog 4 9-29-14During the summer, my brother and I frequently take his WaveRunners out on the lake that is near his house. We absolutely love to ride them around in the warm weather feeling the cool water splashing on our arms and faces. During the summer, riding in a personal watercraft where you actually get pretty wet is enjoyable because of the warm weather.

During the Fall we take the WaveRunners out far less often. It is too cold to really make the splash from the water enjoyable. We spend more of our time out on the lake in our fishing boats than we do in the smaller watercraft. The plus side of this is that we can really cut back on our consumption of Yamaha 2W oil since we take the WaveRunners out only on the nicest days.

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Trying to Find a New Source for Outboard Motor Oil

domo online blog 3 9-29-14One of my friends lives in a small town that is close to the bay. Up until recently, he has been able to get everything that he needs for his boat and his fishing trips by going to a local store that sold all of these items. At the end of October, this store is going to be closing, leaving my friend without a readily available source of supplies for the maintenance he does on his boat.

His biggest concern was making sure that he would be able to get some boat oil when he needed it. I told him that there are many sites online where he can buy bulk outboard motor oil. This will not only be more convenient for him than driving over to the next town all the time, but it will also save him a bit of money. He said that he’ll try to get oil this way in the future.

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