A Mercury Oil 55 Gallon Drum Supplies My Brother’s Boat Rental Shop

domo online blog 1 10-13-14When my brother said that he was going to open up a boat rental shop over by the marina to rent boats to the people that wanted to go out on the water, the rest of us thought that it was a great idea. Of course, most of the rentals took place during the summertime, but my brother isn’t too concerned about the off season. He was able to at least cover his costs.

In order to run the boat rental shop, he had to buy a couple of good boats that he could easily rent out, get some insurance, and always have a Mercury oil 55 gallon drum hanging around so that he could keep his boats running great. Since he already knew a lot about boat maintenance, he was able to do most of his own. This really helped him to cut down on costs.

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