Yamaha Outboard Oil Keeps My Boat Running During a Rainy Fishing Trip

domo online blog 2 10-13-14Last weekend, I decided to brave the rain and the wind and go out on the water to go fishing. I took my little fishing boat out to the marina and got it ready to launch. I had to pack all of the fishing poles and some tackle boxes that I needed to bring with me. I had a friend who was joining me, but he decided that he would meet me down at the marina that morning.

On the way to the marina, I made sure to fill up on gasoline and Yamaha outboard oil so that my boat would be running at its best. It is always important to make sure that a boat is running well when it is taken out, but it is even more important to do so when the weather is bad. I didn’t have a single problem with my outboard motor during the trip, which I was thankful for.

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