Cleaning My Boat Inside and Out with Ringfree Plus

domo online blog 3 10-06-14Since it is fall, I spent the last few afternoons getting my boat cleaned up a little. I want my boat to be clean before it gets covered in the leaves and the dirt that is going to attack it throughout this season. I spent all of yesterday pressure washing the sides of my boat and making sure that the outside was gleaming. Now that the outside of my boat is clean I want to make sure the inside is too.

I have purchased some ringfree plus to run through my engine so that any gunk or build up that was starting to stick in my engine would go away. I plan to run my engine with this inside of it when I take the boat out on the lake this weekend. This should make it so that the inside of my outboard motor is as clean as the outside of my boat is right now.

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