Keeping the Water Safe

Memorial Day weekend has come and gone. Now we are fully into the summer season. Not surprisingly, boating accidents jump during the summer months. Officers were out in full force on the water this past weekend to keep boaters safe.

For instance, in Pinellas County, Florida, 45 boating accidents were reported last year. That’s down from 51 in 2008, but it still ranks pretty high statewide. To combat this statistic, officers inspected boats and passed out life jackets for people to borrow. Kids who wore their life vests were rewarded for following the rules. Part of water safety is making sure your boat is in good condition, so make sure to use Evinrude XD100 oil before heading out on the water.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Motorboats can be a significant investment, so it stands to reason that owners are going to have plenty of questions. For instance, “What kind of oil should be used for a two-stroke motor?” Generally, Evinrude XD100 oil, XD30 or XD50 are recommended for motors that were manufactured between 1993 and the present day.

Another question that frequently gets asked is “What is the ration of fuel to oil for my motor?” Motors made prior to 1958 use a 20:1 ration whereas 1959-963 models go by a 24:1 ratio. Motors from 1964 to the present use a 50:1 ratio. For racing or for breaking in a new engine, use as 25:1 ratio.

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Jet Ski Maintenance

With the kick-off to the summer season just a few days away, it’s time to make sure that your Jet Skis are in working order. First off, you need to maintain the right amount of oil and gas for each Jet Ski. Two-stroke engines require fuel and oil to be pre-mixed. Newer four-stroke engines have separate places to put in oil and fuel.

After testing the engine, make sure to drain the oil pump, add new oil, and a new filter. Yamalube 2W oil works well with most Jet Skis and other personal watercraft. Lubricate all the seals and bearings, check wiring, and replace faulty parts when necessary. Finally, clean the exterior of your watercraft, and make sure to keep up a maintenance routine throughout the summer to prevent corrosion, staining, and accidents.

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Wear and Tear of Trolling

For catching big-game fish like tuna and marlin, there’s nothing quite like trolling. Inshore species like bluefish, kingfish, and jacks, are also caught by trolling. Freshwater anglers use trolling to pick up muskie, walleye, black bass, and striped bass.

, though effective, can be taxing on your motorboat. To keep your boat running smoothly, you’ll want to use Yamalube 2M oil. The Yamalube brand has been proven to withstand the wear and tear of trolling and other activities that put a strain on a boat’s engine.

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Memorial Day Weekend Checklist

Memorial Day, though a somber holiday in some respects, is also the unofficial start to the summer season. The three-day weekend at the end of May allows families to flock to pools, beaches, lakes, and rivers for some fun in the sun. Memorial Day weekend is chock full of barbecues and summer kick-off parties.

On the water, boaters are eager to show off their motorboats and jet skis. Everyone just seems to be in a good mood, waving to other boats as they cruise by. To ensure a good time is had by all, make sure to go through your inspection checklist, including refilling with Evinrude XD50 oil. Make sure you have plenty of life vests and that your first aid kits have been restocked. Lots of food, drinks, sunscreen, and friends are also a must for a successful party.

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2011 Houston Summer Boat Show

“Livin’ the Dream!” is the theme of the 2011 Houston Boat Show. From powerboats to personal watercraft to fishing gear, the show will feature activities for boating enthusiasts and their families. The show runs from June 15th through the 19th at the Reliant Center in Houston, Texas.

Among the exhibitors are Breakwater Marine Electronics, Gulf Coast Marine, Boats Etc. and more. The admission price is a bargain. It only costs eight dollars for adults and four dollars for children 12 years old and younger. Plus, there is a coupon on the show’s website for two dollars off admission to the Wednesday and Thursday exhibitions. Make sure to order Evinrude XD100 oil to go along with the swanky new boat or boats that are sure to catch your eye at the arena.

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Crystal Coast Boat Show

The 2011 Crystal Coast Boat Show kicks off on the evening of Friday, May 20. For $50, participants can attend the kick-off party with the theme “Mutiny on the Bounty.” Live musical entertainment and food will be served.

The next two days will feature new and used boats on the water and dry land. Marine products and services will be featured throughout the event. Local vendors and restaurants will also be hawking their wares and treats. An art showcase and antique car show will be held on Saturday, and a fishing tournament will be held Sunday. If you’re thinking of heading down to North Carolina for the festivities, be sure you’ve got plenty of Evinrude XD100 oil.

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History of Evinrude Outboard Motors Part 4

Bessie Evinrude never fully got over her ailments. She retired from the business in 1928 and died in 1933 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. The following year, 1934, Ole Evinrude died. The couple’s son, Ralph, took over the company, which merged with Johnson Motor Company in 1936. The new merger created the Outboard Marine Corporation.

The company produced marine motors for the military during World War II. Throughout the 1930s and 40s the company produced engines for midgets racers, a type of small but speedy race cars. These engines were typically water-cooled engines that ran on special racing fuel. The name lives on through many outboard motor designs, and also through the Ole Evinrude Award that is given annually at the New York Boat Show. If you’ve been inspired by Ole Evinrude’s story, then make sure to stock up on Yamalube 2W oil to keep your outboard motor running properly.

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History of Evinrude Outboard Motors Part 3

Let’s pick up our story from yesterday. It’s 1909 and Evinrude Motors is doing quite well. Unfortunately, Bessie Evinrude’s health began deteriorating. The Evinrudes, as a result, sold their company in 1913. Ole Evinrude promised to take a five year hiatus from the outboard motor business to focus on his personal life.

During his time off, Evinrude dreamed up a new, improved two-cylinder outboard engine. Thus, in 1921 Ole and Bessie opened the ELTO Outdoor Motor Company (Evinrude’s Light Twin Outboard). Like the one-cylinder that debuted in 1909, the two-cylinder engine was a success. Just eight years later, ELTO Outdoor Motor Company merged with Lockwood Motor Company and the original Evinrude Motors (which had since been renamed the Outboard Marine Corporation). Evinrude was named the president of the new company. Tomorrow we’ll highlight the legacy of Evinrude, but in the meantime, keep your engines humming along with Yamalube 2M oil.

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History of Evinrude Outboard Motors Part 2

The alleged inspiration for the invention of the outboard motor is romance. Ole Evinrude and Bessie Cary were having a picnic two and a half miles from shore, on an island in Okauchee Lake. Cary said that she wished for some ice cream, and Evinrude, ever obliging, rowed back to shore for it.

By the time he got back to their picnic site, the dish of ice cream had melted. This sparked Evinrude’s imagination. He envisioned an engine that could replace the oar. In 1906 Cary and Evinrude married, and the following year Evinrude founded Evinrude Motors in Milwaukee. In 1909, the firm introduced a one cylinder outboard motor that became an instant success. Check back tomorrow for the next chapter of the story, and don’t forget to stock up on Evinrude XD50 oil!

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History of Evinrude Outboard Motors Part 1

The inventor of Evinrude outboard motors, Ole Evinrude, was born in Oslo, Norway in 1877. As a child, he moved with his family to the United States where they settled near Cambridge, Wisconsin. Evinrude, interested in mechanics, secured an apprenticeship with a machinist when he was 16 years old.

Internal combustion engines were new at the turn of the century. Evinrude, fascinated by the engines, set up his own firm to build small engines. Evinrude focused on engineering while his assistant, Bessie Cary, focused on the books. Evinrude married Cary in 1906, a year before he founded Evinrude Motors. Look for tomorrow’s post that will divulge the inspiration and creation of the outboard boat engine. While you’re waiting, be sure to place your order for Evinrude XD100 oil.

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Spotlight On: Mercury Marine

Mercury Marine is one of the most well-known brands associated with motorboats. The company was founded in 1939 when Carl Kiekhaefer, an engineer, purchased an outboard motor company in Wisconsin. Kiekhaefer and his workers rebuilt motors and sold them through Montgomery Ward, a mail order company. Since his motors withstood the elements better than other motors on the market, Kiekhaefer named his company after the Roman god, Mercury. 

One year after the company’s founding, Kiekhaefer took 16,000 orders at the 1940 New York Boat Show. The company acquired government contracts during WW-II and continued to see the business boom during the post-war era. In 1961 Mercury merged with the Brunswick Corporation. Today, the product brands include Mercury, Mercury Racing, MerCruiser, and Mariner outboards. Evinrude XD100 oil is perfect for keeping your top notch outboard motor running.

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