Buy bulk and save big.

1.gifSince a 55-gallon drum of oil doesn’t have to be bottled I saved big bucks. Since we didn’t take the time and expense of plastic bottling we enjoyed affordable motor oil. The best part is it’s ultra-convenient. I asked a few of the guys around the marina if they’d be interested in buying for big discounts. Naturally, they said yes! So now I avoid overpaying at local boating and marine stores. They can really gouge you for specialty products like this. But not anymore!

And another advantage, one my daughter really enjoys, is that we’re doing our part for the environment. No more tossing recyclable plastic in the trash because it’s “contaminated” with motor oil. In fact, no more plastic jugs period! I’m saving time, money and the environment in one easy purchase. It doesn’t get any better than this. And with up to 40% savings per gallon there’s really no reason to buy outboard motor oil by the gallon anymore.

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