Buying Mercury Engine Oil for Some Late Maintenance

domo online blog 3 4-28-14My grandfather is usually the type of person who makes sure to get all of his boat maintenance done on time. When his boat comes into the dock at the end of the season, he is quick to pull it out of the water and work on getting the motor ready for the next season. Last season, my grandfather was sick at the end of the season, so his boat didn’t get its maintenance done.

He spent last weekend doing some last minute maintenance on the outboard motor in order to get it ready for this season. He topped off his oil with the Mercury engine oil he had ordered online. He plans on taking his boat out next weekend so that he is able to get it running again and check on some of the other parts of its operation.

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Out for Opening Day on Evinrude XD100 oil

domo online blog 2 4-28-14Last weekend was the first weekend of the trout fishing season in the area that I live in. This naturally meant that all of my friends and relatives wanted to hit the lake so that they could try their hands at a little bit of trout fishing. One of my friends used opening day as an opportunity to try out his new Evinrude outboard motor when a lot of other people would be out on the lake.

He has taken his boat out on the lake a few times already to get everything working properly. He wanted to make sure his Evinrude XD100 oil was lubricating the motor properly and that everything was running well before the boat actually was launched. On opening day, he actually took the boat out onto the water and took it all the way into the middle of the lake without any problems.

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A Sound Solution to the Bulk Motor Oil Problem

domo online blog 1 4-28-14My father is always looking for ways to save money, however he has never been particularly good with his money. This means that he just assumes that what people tell him is a good deal actually is one. If you know anything about sales people, then you know that this is not always the truth. Sometimes a deal that looks good is a really bad deal.

When one of his fishing buddies told him that bulk motor oil would save him money, he automatically just went out looking for a large amount of oil without regard to price. It took several seasons before he realized that he ought to be comparing bulk oil prices and finding a place that actually would give him a good deal on the oil that he wanted to buy.

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Storing Some Yamalube Oil for Next Year

domo online blog 5 4-21-14At the end of the boating season last year, my uncle was getting prepared to winterize his boat. He had purchased an oil pump and oil already and was prepared to winterize when one of his friends asked if they could take the boat out one more time before the end of the season. My uncle was hesitant, but decided that there was no harm in one last run of the season.

When they took the boat out, the engine started making funny noises and died several miles from the dock. Some helpful boater helped them get back to shore and get the boat back on its trailer. A trip to the repair shop showed that the motor couldn’t be repaired. My uncle decided to wait until spring to buy a new one and packed the Yamalube oil and oil pump away for the next season.

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Calculating the Proper Mix of Yamalube 2 Cycle Oil and Gasoline

domo online blog 4 4-21-14My father has a small two cycle engine that he uses as a back up to the main engine on his boat. When he first bought the engine, it didn’t come with its owners manual, so he was unsure of exactly how to use the engine. He knew that you had to mix oil and gasoline inside of the engine so that it would work properly, but wasn’t sure how much to mix.

He ended up asking a couple of his buddies that he often went fishing with how to mix the oil and fuel for his new motor. One of his friends gladly showed him how much Yamalube 2 cycle oil to mix with the gasoline that he had for the motor. They were able to come up with a ratio based on the type of motor he had and his friend’s prior experience with this type of motor.

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Hand Over the Yamaha Outboard Oil

domo online blog 3 4-21-14When I was growing up, I used to help my father when he winterized his boat at the end of each boating season and when he got it ready to go out at the beginning of the spring. He wouldn’t really let me touch anything, because he was afraid that I would somehow hurt myself. I was content with watching him work on his outboard motor, without interfering.

Sometimes he would have me hand him a tool or a quart of Yamaha outboard oil. One time, he even let me turn the boat engine on so that he could see how it was running. I always was eager to help in any way that I could. I loved going out on the water on the boat, so I wanted to do anything that I could to ensure that we got more time out on the water.

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Optimal Functioning with Mercury Optimax Oil

domo online blog 2 4-21-14My brother recently decided that it was time to get the old boat that our grandpa has had stored behind his house fixed up and ready for operation. After a couple days of work, he decided that it would be much cheaper to buy a completely new boat motor, than fix the old one. He ended up getting a brand new motor and rigging it on the old boat.

The person that he bought it from recommended Mercury Optimax oil to ensure that the boat motor was functioning at its best. My brother decided to follow that advice and filled the motor with this type of oil. When he finally got to take the old boat out this week, he was impressed by the performance of the old boat.

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My Spring Boating Trip

domo online blog 1 4-21-14 On a sunny Easter weekend, I decided that it might be fun to take my boat out to the bay for a spring boating trip. I hooked up the trailer and headed to the boat ramp. I figured I would just take the boat out and around the bay, see some of the sights, and be back in time for dinner.

It took a bit longer expected since there was a long line for launching. This gave me time to check the level of Evinrude XD50 oil in my boat as well as do some checks on the steering and on the operation of the engine. I ended up getting back home a little bit later than I had planned, but it was a good day to be out on the water.

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Running Yamalube Ringfree Plus to Get a Fresh Start for the Season

domo online blog 5 4-14-14Good weather and calmer seas are ushering in the beginning of an incredible boating season, at least in some parts of the country. All of my relatives are getting their boats out on the water for the start of the season and some nice days on the water. Whether it’s in the lake or in the bay, boating season has officially begun.

I have have always added Yamalube RingFree Plus to my gasoline to combat the ill effects of ethanol in today’s gas.  We are looking forward to another great boating season!

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A Mix of Two Cycle Outboard Oil for a Day on the Bay

domo online blog 4 4-14-14Since the weather has stayed fairly nice all week, my father decided that yesterday would be a good time to take his boat out on the bay to see how it was running. He wanted to see whether the work he had done before winterization last year actually resolved any of the issues that he had been having with his boat.

He took his boat out on the water, making sure that he had a good mix of gasoline and two cycle outboard oil in his back up motor just in case something went wrong. That was a good plan, because only a little ways out, the engine died and wouldn’t start again. He ended up using the back up motor to get back to the boat launch.

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How Often Should You Change Your 2-Cycle Mercury Oil?

domo online blog 2 4-14-14My brother has been really excited to take his new boat out on the water since he bought it specifically for this season. He has been trying to learn all of the things that a boat owner should know, because in the past he only ever rented boats or borrowed them from friends. My father has been helping him learn about the maintenance schedule of a boat.

He showed my brother where he can find good prices on Mercury oil and, after making fun of him for a while, he explained to him that his outboard motor is a 2-cycle outboard and doesn’t require oil changes. He told him that he just needs to remember to make sure that the oil reservoir is full every time he takes the boat out throughout the day.  It could be a long summer for my dad…I hope it doesn’t kill him…again.

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Out on the Lake Appreciating Evinrude Outboard Oil

domo online blog 1 4-14-14The arrival of the spring season has meant warm sunny weekends and many chances to take the boat out on the lake. Since spring also means my allergies are already acting up the last thing that I want to deal with is exhaust from my boat motor making me choke. With a lot of filthy smoke added to the rest of the allergens a day on the lake kind of sucks.

Luckily, I was able to go out on my boat this weekend without worrying about exhaust smoke adding to my allergy symptoms. This is because my motor has been running a lot cleaner since I switched to Evinrude outboard oil. There is a lot less exhaust smoke which makes me a lot happier when I am out on the lake in my boat.

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