Calculating the Proper Mix of Yamalube 2 Cycle Oil and Gasoline

domo online blog 4 4-21-14My father has a small two cycle engine that he uses as a back up to the main engine on his boat. When he first bought the engine, it didn’t come with its owners manual, so he was unsure of exactly how to use the engine. He knew that you had to mix oil and gasoline inside of the engine so that it would work properly, but wasn’t sure how much to mix.

He ended up asking a couple of his buddies that he often went fishing with how to mix the oil and fuel for his new motor. One of his friends gladly showed him how much Yamalube 2 cycle oil to mix with the gasoline that he had for the motor. They were able to come up with a ratio based on the type of motor he had and his friend’s prior experience with this type of motor.

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