Yamalube 2W and WaveRunners Make for a Perfect Day at the Lake

domo online blog 5 4-7-14My uncle finally found the perfect day to take his WaveRunners out for the first time this season. On one of the sunnier afternoons this week, he towed his boats down to the dock to get them running around the lake. It wasn’t exactly warm since it is spring, but it was at least not freezing cold like it has been so far this year.

My aunt and uncle enjoyed an afternoon of racing around the lake. They had a lot of fun playing around on an almost entirely empty lake, since there were only a few other people who were willing to risk the weather. He says that that day alone was worth all of the preparation and Yamalube 2W that he has put into the WaveRunners.

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A New Season to Try Out Yamaha 2M Oil

domo online blog 4-7-14One of my friends has used generic oil in his boat for the last several seasons because after spending the money on the boat as well as getting it launched, there wasn’t much cash left for oil. At the end of last season, his motor was starting to sound odd so he took it in to be prepared. It turned out that the motor was pretty gummed up from the generic oil.

He ended up having the motor de-carbed and started to use Yamaha 2M oil. This year he is finally going to get a chance to run his engine with the new oil that he is trying. He is hopeful that the oil will work a lot better, since in the long run, he spent more on the repairs than he did on the oil.

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Spring Sailing with Backup Mercury Outboard Oil

domo online blog 3 4-7-14One of my friends owns a large sailboat that he loves to take out in the spring and summer. Since he’s an intelligent sailor, he also has an outboard motor that he keeps in top condition, just in case something terrible should happen to his sailboat. He used to do minimal maintenance on the motor, but one time it wasn’t working when he needed it.

He had a day out on the water where the wind died quickly. He was far out from the harbor so he had to use the motor. Of course, somehow the motor failed to sputter to life and he was stranded and had to call the coast guard. Now he uses Mercury outboard oil to keep the motor in excellent shape so it doesn’t break down when he needs it.

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A Mercury Oil 55 Gallon Drum for Home Oil Supply

domo online blog 2 4-7-14While I might take my car in to a place that does oil changes in order to get my oil changed every few months, I don’t have to take my boat in to have the oil changed on my two-stroke outboard engine. I just have to have oil to keep the tank full and I am good to go.

To make this even more affordable, I split the cost of a Mercury oil 55 gallon drum with a couple of my friends every few years. We all use the oil during the years that we have each drum and pay proportionately for the amount of oil that we use. So far it has been a good way to save us money in the long run.

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A Tradition in Evinrude Johnson 2 Stroke Outboard Oil

domo online blog 1 4-7-14When I was growing up, the technology with boats and their engines was a little bit different. I remember the old depth finders that were a lot less accurate and didn’t necessarily give you the best readings. We didn’t have cool things like single lever control for the speed of a boat or a control system with a bunch of buttons to press.

Even back then with less technology, my uncle still relied on the Evinrude Johnson brand. He didn’t trust any oil other than Evinrude Johnson 2 stroke outboard oil to keep his engine clean and running well. To this day, he still relies on the oil that he has used for boating back then, because it has never failed him.

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Yamaha 2w Oil for a Summer of WaveRunner Adventures

domo online blog 5 3-31-14Last summer, my brother bought himself a WaveRunner to take out the lake that is a couple of miles from his house. He spent a lot of time taking his girlfriend out on the lake and enjoying the cool spray of the water while they raced around. Of course at this point his boat has been winterized for a long time.

Next weekend, he is thinking that he will work on his WaveRunner to get it ready for the new season. The weather has been getting a lot better and spring is definitely here. He has already bought some Yamaha 2w oil for his Yamaha WaveRunner. He just needs a warm day to take the WaveRunner out on the lake again.

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The Right Outboard Motor Oil Requires Research

domo online blog 4 3-31-14When I first got my own outboard motor for my little speed boat, I just assumed that maintenance of this motor would be fairly simple. I would just read an owners’ manual and know what to do right away. Of course, my father would never let me do this because as an experienced fisherman, he knew quite a bit about boats.

He told me that before I chose an outboard motor oil brand or did any kind of maintenance on my motor, I would have to do a lot more research. He explained that getting the opinion of people who had been working with the same motor for years or those who were more experienced was invaluable. I’m glad I listened to him, since I know a lot more about my boat now.

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Cycling in Mercury 2 Cycle Oil

domo online blog 3 3-31-14Whenever my uncle went out to the marina, my cousin would go with him. After several times of going out on the water, he started bringing his bike with him to the marina as well. This was because once they got the boat in the water his father would often realize that he’d forgotten something. He would then send his son to go get it.

His dad didn’t want him to get the things from the marina store, because the items were a lot more expensive. Instead, my cousin would have to go much further away to get a good price. He would take his bike and pedal down the road to pick up his father’s Mercury 2 cycle oil or fishing bait or whatever else his father had forgotten that he needed.

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Stuck Storing Bulk Outboard Motor Oil for a Second Time

domo online blog 2 3-31-14My friends and I buy motor oil in bulk, because it is far cheaper than just going and getting the amount of oil we need. We buy it together in very large quantities to get the best deal possible. Of course, this means that there is usually a lot of oil still left to store once the season has ended and the boats are stored away for the winter.

Each year we make a bet or a competition to decide who will have to store the bulk outboard motor oil for the next year. This year the bet was based around the number of gold medals that the USA would win in the Olympics. I was the one who guessed a number furthest from the truth, so I get to store the oil for the second year in a row.  It actually works out well, though, because then I have access to it anytime I want and don’t have to wait on someone else to dig it out of their garage or shed in the spring!

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