Buying Yamalube 2M in Bulk to Save Dollars Over Time

domo online blog 5 9-29-14When I first bought my boat I was constantly looking for ways to save money on boat operation costs, since I was trying to make payments on the boat more easily. I figured that every dollar that I could save on marine oil and gasoline would be another dollar I could put toward paying off the loan that I had gotten so that I could buy a larger boat than I could afford right away.

I discovered that when it came to outboard oil, the best way for me to save was by buying the oil in larger amounts. When I bought several gallons of Yamalube 2M at a time, I was able to save at least a few dollars per gallon. In the long run, this would add up to some serious savings. In the first years of owning my boat, I built some habits that still save me money on operating costs.

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